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Company Plans to Combine Wi-Fi With Cell Phone Technology

While many people have debated it with me, I have always believed that there would eventually be a marriage between Wi-Fi technology and cell phones. It is pretty logical when you think about it. Cell phones are responsible for transmitting information without wires, and Wi-Fi functions in the same manner. The primary difference between the two is that Wi-Fi currently deals primarily with the Internet. A company called Aruba has recently announced that they will be working towards getting users to make VoIP calls via wirless technologies rather than the existing methods. Currently, most people use VoIP to make phone calls through their computers over the Internet, but the technology is not mobile. Currently, VoIP is merely a digital version of the landline phones that most people used five years ago.

The biggest problem with contemporary VoIP systems is that you can't receive phone calls while you're away from your computer. However, many technology companies are now realizing that cell phones are basically miniature computers within their own right, and it is very likely that their functions will continue to become more advanced in the future. By using the wireless Internet to transmit voices digitally, traditional cell phones which use radio waves can be largely replaced. This is the way that I've always thought telecommunications would evolve, and it has become apparent that Aruba plans on doing this. The first step that the company will take is to place a special line of code in its wireless LAN products. This will provide support for various standards that will greatly improve mobile phones.

Once Aruba has made the necessary improvements to its WLAN system, they will next work with technology vendors to seamlessly blend VoIP with traditional cellular phone technology. There are a number of reasons why this is important for webmasters. Once VoIP technology is seamlessly blended with cell phones, the Internet will become much more distributed. Yes, it is true that many advanced cell phones can now allow users to access the Internet. However, by using Wi-Fi to make calls via the Internet, I firmly believe that the communications industry will be revolutionized. Most importantly, the dominance of the traditional telecommunications comapnies may be weakened.

At this time, there are only a few companies that dominate the cell phone market, and it is hard for small companies to break into the telecommunications field. The combination of VoIP with Wi-Fi will open up new doors that will allow entrepreneurs with limited resources to break into a market that has been dominated by large corporations for decades. Once this happens, the costs involved with making wireless phone calls over the Internet will become substantially cheaper. I firmly believe that the large telecommunications companies will attempt to fight this move, but there is little they can do to stop it. The combination of Wi-Fi with VoIP is the next logical evolution of the Internet. At this time, the company is still working on the technology, and it will take a few years before this technology can be fully realized.

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Maryann says:

Apr 22nd

This is super cool. I've been wondering this very thing myself. I would love to combine my wifi with my cell phone data plan, and don't see why I can't. I'm not even a telecommunications expert but it just seems logical. Thanks for posting!

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