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Automation = Savings

Automating your business and daily activities is a road to time and direct dollar savings. No longer will you have to deal with human resource allocation, or be limited by the number of employees and hours in a day. Each and every task you do from maintenance, processing, data collection, data entry, file backups, communications, or anything else you do on a regular basis can be automated. Your computer is available 24x7, and does not charge for overtime. Start taking full advantage of your processing power today by having a customized automation solution developed for your exact needs.

Automation = Reliable

At some point all processes are inevitably effected by human error. Whether it is missing a step in a process, forgetting to do it, or not having enough time to get it done according to schedule. Automating your tasks and processes is an effective and guaranteed solution to all of these problems. Not only is the investment worth the added reliability for your internal organization, but timely, on target service tor your clients can pay untold dividends. Eliminating mistakes and redundant tasks without the worry of follow up will lead to a less stressful day, and more productivity.

Automation = Revenue

The idea of automating your daily tasks leads to new ideas and discoveries. Not being limited by the number of resources to get things done, and the associated daily costs for the support personnel allows you to expand and revisit every aspect of your business. The entire framework for some businesses can be totally automated and require no hands on requirements. For savvy business owners and entrepreneurs, the idea of work flow automation open brand new doors that can be very unique and lucrative. Automated business solutions can be a zero overhead business model.

Automation Solutions Task, Web & Workflow

automate tasks Do you have a task that you perform on a regular basis? It does not matter if the task is web based, pc, or network based. We can automate anything! In the multitasking age, people and businesses are expected to do more, provide more and integrate more with their clients and customers. The biggest issue that comes up when adding more tasks and chores to a daily routine is who is going to do them? Is it cost effective to continue to hire skilled and support staff to accommodate the ever growing need to get more done every day?

This is where our automated services come in. If it is something you can do, then why not have your PC and servers do it for you? It does not matter how small or complex a task or project may be, we can provide a custom tailored approach to automate it for you. In addition to the time and cost savings that automated solutions can provide, it also addresses the 'human error' element. Our automated solutions never forget to do their jobs, or skip a critical step in the process. And with full audit and reporting features, you will always know exactly what was done, and be informed of any issues or items you ask to have logged or watched.

There are no rules or boundaries to what can be done, or the logic that can be implemented in each task or job. Every solution is custom tailed to the exact process you need to have automated, so the possibilities are endless. If you would like more information, or a free consultation and project quote, please submit the details for your automated project.

Save Time and get instant ROI

save time on tasks If there is a task that you or your colleagues perform repetitively, We can do it for you, freeing you to focus on what's really important. Our custom software solutions can analyze data, write reports, conduct transactions and search for opportunities of all kinds. For tasks that require a human touch, we offer outsourcing coupled with software automation to lower your costs while increasing efficiency. We develop powerful custom workflow automation software and scripts that allow you to create complex processes and automate tasks such as interaction with websites or integration of new applications, systems and devices. Streamline workflow by accelerating tasks such as data migration and conversion projects and take advantage of our unique development capabilities including Web scraping, automated data processing and automated process management.

The benefits of business process automation include the elimination of human error, dramatic increases in transaction speeds and consistent and repeatable performance of business processes. In short, business processes can be performed faster and more accurately resulting in lower cost and increased business capability. We automate tasks that can interact with multiple applications, the Internet, and data simultaneously.

Web Scraping Data Mining Services

data mining Want to extract data from dynamic web pages on your targeted websites and save the content into your own databases or text files? Tired of copying the contents from thousands of web pages and pasting them to your own file one by one? Wasting too much time and money to manually collect information from the Internet? We can help your technology organization become dramatically more effective. We have the solutions and the consultants to get you there. Effective web data extractors to get any content you want.

Our web data extraction model has been perfected of years of work, the only job left for a specific project is simply to modify several modules in the program: locate to the targeted website address, identify the appropriate fields to be extracted and debug the software to save the correct content to the database or text file. Therefore, the software modification job for a typical data extraction project normally lasts no more than two or three days and then the program is available for the user to extract the desired data to the output files. Our clients really like this approach because our software generates the most accurate results and works extremely well under their own system platform. And the program or the output file won't be submitted to the clients before the customized software can extract the correct results. Project-based customization service on each data field. We are able to extract content from nearly all different web pages, but it must be customized for the assigned websites before it can extract the expected information. This means to get the accurate data from web pages containing the desired content, we will customize software to fit the specific requirements to collect data from the targeted websites.

Task Scripting Customized Flexible Solutions

automation scripts Other out of the box software solutions on the market are declared applicable to extract data from any website by using the same software without modifying the source codes to fit for data extraction from different websites. Actually many customers could not get the accurate result by using those software products. The reason is very simple: websites are programmed in different languages, built under various Internet technologies, and developed by enormous programmers. Therefore, it is extremely difficult or even impossible for a program to suit the needs on web data extraction for all websites. Rather, we provide the customized solutions to our clients for their targeted websites from which they can correctly collect the desired content. Our success proves that our customers get the most satisfactory solutions by receiving the accurate result rather than spending a lot of time to learn how to use the software, fight the bugs, and contact those providers whose programs are not flexible enough to suit the customers' real needs.

Automate Tasks Customized Flexible Solutions

deploy automated tasks We develop products and solutions aimed at simplifying the management of IT infrastructure, freeing up administrators to tackle bigger issues. In particular, Java's OpForce automates many of the tasks associated with managing networks, including conducting software and hardware inventories, tracking licensed software, provisioning servers, and setting up storage. Whether you need to automate your email collection, just simplify a few key presses and mouse clicks at home, integrate disparate systems across your enterprise, perform SQA testing, or automate your business processes, We can provide solutions for Microsoft Windows operating systems, as well as remote and cloud based distributions.

Respond actively to business events

Companies can mitigate operational and financial risks by implementing processes that react immediately to changes in the business environment. Our customized and extensive event detection and response systems empowers companies to react swiftly, effectively, and in accordance with best practice procedures to changing business conditions. We can develop Wizard-based event detection and response features that make set-up fast and easy to deploy and maintain.

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