Web Development

If you are in need of web development services, from complete sites and scripts, a site redesign, or a fully customized CMS to run your business, our web development team can get it done. We work as if we are a part of 'Your Team'. If you are looking for a long term technology parter who actually cares about the end result, and not just a paycheck, then we are a match for you. read more

Software Design

Unlike many software development firms we do not spread our developers across all areas. Our specialists are professional in what they do and can we successfully develop the most sophisticated software packages needed. Our clients include entrepreneurs, small business, and Fortune 1000 companies. Don't conform to a software box, customize the software for your needs. read more

Automation Solutions

Let us automate your life and business. From collecting online information, responding to email, phone and web events, automating web site updates and changes saving and entering information, we will automate it for you. From basic Web tasks to more advanced scenarios, a custom automation solution will save you time and money, increase efficiency, and bring an ROI that cannot be argued. read more

About Javascript - A cross-platform scripting language

Javascript is a programming language that was introduced by Netscape. It is a scripting language that places an emphasis on prototypes. Most people have encountered Javascript when visiting websites on the internet. However, it is used for a number of other applications as well. It can provide scripting access to objects that reside within various software programs. When many people first hear of Javascript, they believe that it is a variation of Java. However, there are few similarities between these two languages. The primary thing they have in common are their connections to the syntax that is used in C.

Even though the trademark for Javascript is held by Sun Microsystems, it was actually created by Netscape. Netscape used Javascript with the Netscape Navigator web browser. It was first released at the end of 1995. However, Javascript is also used with Internet Explorer in a version that is called JScript. As of this writing, the latest version of Javascript is 1.7. Javascript is a programming language that does not have constructs that are connected to either input or output. It uses the JavaScript engine to deal with these issues. The JavaScript engine will be dependent on what is called a host environment.

One of the primary uses for Javascript is the creation of functions that are housed within HTML pages. These functions will make a connection with the DOM, or Document Object Model. They will carry out processes that HTML cannot carry out. One example of Javascript is pop up windows that allow the user to control the size and look of the interface. Javascript is also used to review a web form to make sure they are correct before sending them to the server. This will always take place within a given period of time. Javascript is also responsible for the changes that occur in images when the mouse cursor is moved over them.

Many website designers find this to be an impressive feature, because it allows them to highlight important links or buttons. This feature is commonly called the "rollover" effect. It can be used with a number of different browsers, and CSS can be used to implement it as well. In addition to being a visually impressive feature, it can also be used to help people who may have vision problems. Javascript also offers support to a large number of browsers that may not be compliant with the standards that are set in place by W3C. This is useful for cell phones, browsers that don't support Javascript, and those who have Javascript disabled.

Javascript is also used in situations where calls need to be made to web servers once a page has successfully loaded. These calls can be used to gather new data, and Javascript can connect to the DOM of the page. In addition to the web, Javascript is also used with PDF files and Adobe Acrobat. Mozilla is also known for using Javascript to for the transaction logic of a number of different elements. It has become one of the most well known programming languages in existence today.

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