Data & List Appending and Scrubbing Services

If you have a database or list and you are looking to append field data to it, we have the solutions. Whether you need Location, Phone, Email, Address Appending, List Cleaning, DNC Scrubbing or Geocoding, we got you covered.


Data Append Services

Enhancing your customer or business database with current and up to date information that will help you increase effectiveness and the success of your target marketing campaigns. Match your database against the our vast and comprehensive data Repository. We have more than 243 million individuals and well over 182 million households nationwide. On the Business side of things, we have you covered as well with more than 280 Thousand independent data collections, 72 million license files as well as state and federal company level database sources.

Email Appending

You can increase sales and reduce costs by marketing to your current customers via email. We can maximize the accuracy of your list by updating and adding email addresses Our 700 Million unique opt-in consumer and company contacts email records database and matching technologies can get your list up to speed with quality direct email addressing. The great part is you only pay for the matched emails. So it we can only match 72% of you records with an updated email address that is all you pay for. Price per match is $0.15/ea

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Phone Number Appending

Increase your telemarketing efficiency with validated phone numbers. Quickly and accurately add, update, as well as verify your prospect list phone numbers. The business phone number append percentage varies depending on the accuracy of the names in your list. Your record must match our database record exactly in order to append a phone number, otherwise no match will be given. The average percentage appended is 48 to 65 percent. If you need DNC filters on the phone data we can scrub against the National Do-Not-Call registry. Pricing for the phone appending service is $12 per 1,000 Appended

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Fax Number Appending

Reach more B2B customers with our Business Fax Append service by adding or updating fax numbers to your lists. Our business fax database is maintained by an annual survey of each establishment to provide the most current and accurate fax information. Fax numbers are appended to your existing list of business names with delivery addresses. The average percentage appended is 10 to 30 percent. Pricing for the fax number appending service is $65 per 1,000 Appended

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Physical Address Appending

We can link your phone numbers, fax numbers, name or emails with the most accurate and up-to-date name and address information possible. Both Residential and Business entity lists can be done. A great resource for directing all your direct mail marketing campaigns. Identify your list and add names, companies and addressing to your list of businesses or consumers. Sources Include Yellow Page directories, White Pages, Annual reports, State and city RBOC Directories, Professional Licenses, Credit Headers and more. Pricing is $24 per 1,000 Appended

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Geocoding - Add Latitude and Longitude

So you need Latitude and Longitude appended to your lists? If you need your list Geolacted, we can provide both Precision Polygon as well as Centroid Based Geocoding, anywhere in the world. Keeping your lists up to date and compliant can be a large task, but well worth thre costs from both an ROI standpoint as well as a compliance proint of view. We can do the work for you! Our Geocoder offers superbly accurate address matching because it geocodes to the street segment level. It has the coordinates (latitude/longitude) for every section of every street so that it can pinpoint an address with extreme precision. Pricing varies based on locations.

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