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Local Business Data

Our Website Database Directory provides a large selection of databases that you can download an a variety of formats including MySQL Database, CSV file, Microsoft Access Database, Microsoft Excel, SQL Server Backup File, and custom delimited file formats to fit your needs. If you are looking to build a dynamic database driven website, with a good foundation to start with, these website databases are what you need.

Business Marketing

Our business databases are a perfect for leads, new website development projects that you may need a content database for such as web directory database sites, local search data sites, business directories that offer yellow pages database type functionality, as well as for market research and competative analysis. Our business lists are a gret tool to use with your Marketing Strategy, and Market Research Campaigns as well.

Website Content

There are also other content databases available for download that offer website content for your niche site such as a recipe database, articles content database, zip codes database, jokes database and several others. If you already have a database structure in place for an existing website that you would like to incorporate a download database into, let us know and we can give you a quote for data conversion and merging.


databases This section is filled with 788 databases available for download to use for website content, marketing campaigns, local search data, and any other purpose that fits your needs. Below you can view some of the latest databases added in each of our database download categories, and browse web directory data, local search databases, as well as leads, contact & lists broken out by category reference.

You can take a quick look at the recent data updates and additions to the database repository, and be sure to sign up for our data update notification list in order to get email alerts for changes each week. If you missed out on a recent notification, check out the archives.

Advertising and Media Databases (8 Lists)

Advertising and Media Databases

There's no better way to get your company or product noticed than advertising. The download and marketing databases found in this category cover every aspect of advertising including television, radio, internet, billboards and print media.

The Advertising Marketing Contact Databases cover a wide variety of personnel and titles. If you are looking for ad leads for print media, there are detailed databases available for that as well. If you're in need of advertising for personal or business needs,expanding your own advertising content, our Advertising and Media Databases will provide all the tools you need.

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Print Services Advertising Contacts

All Other Databases (General) (35 Lists)

All Other Databases (General)

The databases in this category are all items that did not fall into any of the other website database, business database, or download database categories. There is a wide selection of general purpose content databases available which includes Articles, Music Lyrics, Diamond Comparison and many more.

Informational and educational based databases in this category include lists of data and facts about volcanoes, earthquakes, quotes and random facts. Informational databases not only expand your knowledge but can be used for educational purposes or your own general business needs.

Some of our detailed and organized lists of information contained in these databases are entertaining. Our Jokes Database can be used for a fun web based business which is sure to bring traffic to your site.

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Lyrics Baby Names Postal Records Historical Events Postal Records

Australia Data (4 Lists)

Australia Data

The databases in this category pertain to Australia and are available for immediate download after purchase. The available Databases include Australia Businesses and general Australia related content and information.
Australia Business databases are valuable for those looking to start a new business in Australia and contain great lists for marketing your own services. Our Australia Postal Codes database is an in-depth list and useful tool for marketing and building websites.

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Postal Records

Automotive Related Data (33 Lists)

Automotive Related Data

Each of the Content Databases available in this category is Automotive Related. Business lists and Databases include Auto related contents and records such as Truck and Car Parts, General Trucking Industry, Limousine, TV, Towing and several other Databases available for Download. Customers using this data for website databases can choose the MySQL Database Download Formats.

The use of automotive related data is endless from marketing or Web Development to your own personal website use. There are lists of information included in each database that will provide the tools and data needed for your automotive business needs.

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New Car Dealers Auto Dealers Auto Repair Services Used Car Dealerships Tow Truck Companies

Business-Other Listings Data (47 Lists)

Business-Other Listings Data

The Downloadable Databases in this Data Group are all Business Listing Databases that do not fall into other content categories. Each business database is available in several different formats, and contains key company contact and location fields, as well as Business Category Classifications.
Within this Business Database category you are sure to find useful contact data and information pertaining to businesses like Beauty Salons, Funeral Homes & Cemeteries, Storage Facilities and much more. The detailed and organized list of essential information is an asset for those in marketing and will save you a lot of time.

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Hotels and Accommodations Funeral Homes Fitness Centers Beauty Salons Jewelry Stores

Canada Business Lists and Data (35 Lists)

Canada Business Lists and Data

Each Canada Database is available for download and covers many different business categories. If you are looking for a Canada database to download, then the lists in this section are sure to fit your needs. If the Canada Business Database you are after is not listed, be sure to let us know, and we will get the Canada List you are in need of.

If you plan on starting a business in Canada, these Canadian business lists are great from marketing to Canada Businesses as well. Download one of our Canada Databases today and expand your Canada Business information and data with organized and detailed information.

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Canada Company Contacts

Clothing and Accessories (9 Lists)

Clothing and Accessories

Our Clothing and Accessories Website Download Databases include lists and records relating to Mens, Womens, Baby Clothing and similar type accessories. Please inquire if you do not find the Clothing Download Database you are looking for, and we will get it for you.
Clothing and accessories is not only a multi-million dollar industry but is expanding all of the time. Our clothing and accessories data listings include business names and contact information from Formal Clothing Wear to Used & Vintage Clothes Outlets.

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Screen Printers Women's Clothing Stores Men's Clothing Stores

Company Top Lists Data (19 Lists)

Company Top Lists Data

Each of the company and business databases that you can download in this section contain company top lists from around the world, as well as Fortune 500 type business ranking databases.

Expanding your contact lists with information and data pertaining to Top Businesses and companies is a positive direction to go in, especially with prosperous Top Businesses like Fortune 500.

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Top Companies

Computers and Tech Data (10 Lists)

Computers and Tech Data

The content databases in this section are all technology related. Many of these downloadable data lists are computer related such as our computer parts database, computer repair database, etc. If you cannot find the Technology Database that you are looking for, please let us know.

Detailed and organized Databases like these will save you time and money where marketing is concerned. Why browse the internet for contacts when you can have quality data lists right in front of you. We have many more Computer and Technology Download Databases available that are not listed in this online catalog.

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Education Data (9 Lists)

Education Data

These download databases all contain Education Related Records and lists such as schools, libraries, colleges and universities, as well as other professional schooling website and business data categories.

Many businesses cold-call colleges and universities to drum up business but finding them aren't all that easy. Our Universities and Colleges Database provides detailed and organized essential information that will make cold-calling a cinch.

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Public Schools Colleges Private Schools School Districts Junior Colleges

Email Contact & Marketing Data (8 Lists)

Email Contact & Marketing Data

The email databases in this group all contain email address collection lists for several different groups (commercial and specialty lists). An email address is made up of several parts. The first part of the address, the username, identifies a unique user on a server.
The @ symbol separates the username from the host name. The host name uniquely identifies the server computer and is the last part of the Internet email address. The three-letter suffix in the host name identifies the kind of organization operating the server.
Any and all applicable governing laws for SPAM/etc still apply. Email addresses can be hard to come by but they are essential in terms of email marketing. This category includes Churches and Clergy Email lists as well as Insurance Companies & Agents Email lists.

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Executives Contacts Plumbers

Entertainment and Leisure Databases (21 Lists)

Entertainment and Leisure Databases

This collection of data is organized by databases that fall into the Entertainment and Leisure area. Most of the data contained in the download lists are recreational in nature such as our Bars, Clubs, Nightclubs, Travel Agencies, and other business databases.

Whether you are in marketing or sales and you want to expand your business leads and contacts you are sure to find a database that fits your needs.

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Clubs and Entertainment Nightclubs Movie Theaters Travel Agencies

Financial Services Data (12 Lists)

Financial Services Data

Each of the distributed databases in the financial database section relates to money or money matters. Popular items in this category include our Bank Routing Numbers Database, and our Financial Advisory Services Business Database.

Our organized databases contain lists of important contact information for credit unions, collection agencies, pawn brokers and more that you will find essential for your business needs.

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Routing Numbers Credit Counselors Financial Advisers Credit Unions

Food and Drink Related Data (27 Lists)

Food and Drink Related Data

All content databases included in this category relate to food, drink, eating or dining in some fashion. Our restaurant database, drinks and cocktails database, and download recipe database are some of the more popular items in this data collection.

If you are looking for Food, Drink, or dining related data that we do not currently have, be sure to submit a data request for a custom download or website database.

Whether you are in sales, marketing, or have your own web site related to food you will find the lists contained in these databases helpful with your business needs. With company names and contact information right at your fingertips there is no more need to search.

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Restaurants Drink Recipes Bars and Pubs Recipes Restaurant Profiles

Free Databases and Lists (36 Lists)

Free Databases and Lists

Sometimes you just need to save time. All to often as a developer you have a need for a list of states, or something to that effect that will only take an hour to compile. But an hour is precious with a schedule that's packed. The download lists on these pages are meant to serve but one purpose, and that is to make life a little bit easier. If you find a list you like or need feel free to download it. If you have a list of your own that you would like to contribute, send it our way and we'll post it.

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Genealogy Data (1 Lists)

Genealogy Data

Genealogy is the study and tracing of family pedigrees. This involves collecting the names of relatives, both living and deceased, and establishing the relationships between them based on primary, secondary and/or circumstantial evidence or documentation, thus building up a cohesive family tree.
This database contains important data pertaining to confederate soldiers that have died as well as cemetery records and much more.

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GIS Geocode Data (118 Lists)

GIS Geocode Data

In our GIS Data data directory you can view some of the latest geocode databases added in each of our GIS database download categories. If you would like to view the available geocode databases in any of the GIS categories, use the menu to the right to browse the available database packages in that group.

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Homes - Real Estate - Construction Data (15 Lists)

Homes - Real Estate - Construction Data

Real estate is a legal term that encompasses land along with anything permanently affixed to the land, such as buildings. Real estate is often considered synonymous with real property. This section contains download databases for businesses, services, and other collections of information that relate to Real Estate, Building or Construction.

The databases in this section provide all the information you need in one detailed list for those in the construction field of marketing or sales. There is a variety of organized and up to date information packed into each database covering every category necessary for sales or marketing leads from patio builders, construction machinery and equipment to resorts and vacation rentals.

Searching for detailed lists of information is time consuming, costly and mind boggling trying to find the exact list of data needed. Let one of our Homes-Real Estate- and Construction Databases take the wasted time, cost and craziness out of it so you have more time to increase your business leads and most importantly, your income.

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Roofers Construction Companies Apartments HVAC Contractors

Insurance Related Data (4 Lists)

Insurance Related Data

All Insurance Related Website and Business Download Databases are in this category. Home, Life, Health, Auto and other insurance agent data, lists, and files are in this database section.

Insurance is something we all have to have, it is a necessity. No matter what your insurance needs are whether it's for personal use or business leads our databases are up to date, detailed and organized.

Searching for insurance business leads and contact information couldn't be any easier.

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Insurance Agencies Insurance Agencies

Medical - Health Data (28 Lists)

Medical - Health Data

If you are looking for medical content databases, medical business databases, or other medical download databases, then they will be in this data collection. This section contains a wide range of medical data that is sure to expand your medical related business leads in marketing, sales or for your own online medical website content.

Our database listings include business names and addresses that will save you time searching for your medical contact leads.

Our wide range of medical records includes U.S. Daycare providers, medical equipment suppliers, pediatricians, hospitals and much more. There is no need to search any further for medical records and listings, our detailed medical and health databases includes everything you need to expand your data and medical related business leads.

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Hospitals Pharmacies Nursing Homes Retirement Homes Home Care Agencies

New Business Listings Data (2 Lists)

New Business Listings Data

Thousands of new businesses are established every month. The databases in this section reflect all new business entities formed for the given time period associated with each New Businesses Download Database. Key fields other than base business information contained in these lists include owner names and contact information as well as SIC Codes and descriptions.

Marketing to new businesses can be a very profitable approach as well, making these new business lists very effective. New businesses pop up all the time and if you're in sales you know how hard it is to keep up with them. Download our New Businesses Database today to keep your contact data and leads fresh.

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Overseas Data (20 Lists)

Overseas Data

If the geographic data area is defined as a unique database collection category, and is comprised of data records outside of the United States, then those download databases will be in this category.

If you are looking for business contacts that are outside the U.S. look no further because you will find detailed lists for overseas businesses here. Searching for overseas data is not always easy, our organized list of business contacts is a must have for those wanting to do business overseas or if you're looking to start one.

Our overseas database records are unique and detailed, download one today.

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South African Businesses

Pet Related Data (8 Lists)

Pet Related Data

This data category includes all pet related download databases such as pet names, breeds, etc. This data collection also contains business databases for pet related industries as well.

If you are in pet related sales updating your contact leads couldn't be any easier and is sure to increase your sales. Already have a pet related website? Download one of our pet related databases and increase your traffic with kennel or grooming locations and more.

Our detailed pet related information is perfect for anyone interested in creating a pet related resource application for the IPhone, just download one and get started.

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Veterinarians Animal Hospitals

Professions Databases (32 Lists)

Professions Databases

The Professions Database Category includes datasets that are comprised of records relating to professions. Many of these download business databases are very well defined down to professional sub classification. The more popular of these profession related download database include our Accountants Database, and the Lawyers Download Database.

This section of unique databases is a telemarketers dream. Our detailed and organized records include business names, location and contact information for a wide variety of professions. If your profession is in sales you will find lists of business leads in a wide variety of professions that will save you time and start making you money.

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Lawyers and Law Firms Dentists Real Estate Agents Dentists

Special Places and Organizations (22 Lists)

Special Places and Organizations

The Special Places and Organizations Data Collection has databases such as Post Office Locations, Banks, Police, Fire and Churches business databases. Be sure to check this section if you are looking to download a database of businesses or organizations that fall within specialty services.

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Churches Police Departments Attractions Banks Post Offices

Sports Related Databses (16 Lists)

Sports Related Databses

The sports database category contains content and website databases that are sports related in nature and do not fall within other defined data collections such as the golf data section.

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Golf Courses Stadiums Miniature Golf Courses Golf Suppliers

State Specific Data (34 Lists)

State Specific Data

Each of the business databases in this section are all state specific. If you are looking to download a complete database of for a city or state, then be sure to check out the content databases in this section.

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Georgia Lawyers

United Kingdom Related Data (19 Lists)

United Kingdom Related Data

Our United Kingdom Business Database collection is one of the most comprehensive and complete UK data collections available. Most of these UK databases are available for instant download and contain additional data fields not normally found in most standard download databases. If you plan on starting a business in the UK, these united kingdom business lists are great for Marketing to UK Businesses as well.

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Updated Business Listings Data (94 Lists)

Updated Business Listings Data

Millions of business update their company and officer datails every month. The download databses in the Updated Business lists reflect these businesses that have changed officers, phone numbers, addresses or other information associated with their business or corporate structures. Marketing to Updated Businesses is a great strategy being used by the most efective marketing firms today.

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White Pages Data (62 Lists)

White Pages Data

A white pages is a telephone directory listing of subscriber names, addresses, and telephone numbers. In the United States, the term white pages is commonly associated with the residential subscriber listings in the standard directory. Our residential white pages databases are available for download on a state by state basis.

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Florida Consumers California Consumers Virginia Residents Utah Consumers Kentucky Consumers