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So you have been viewing the other database sections and just can’t find a particular download list? Well maybe you’ll find what you need in the All Other Databases section where we have listed everything that does not fit within the other database categories. The All Other Databases section holds various databases, varying from a Game Cheats Database to a Legal Glossary Database. If you’re looking for some interesting facts, this database section even has a Facts Database to get you caught up on your trivia.

Easy to Download

If you haven’t caught up with technology, now is the perfect time. Downloadable databases are being used all around the world, replacing antiquated Yellow Pages phone books and other clunky contact resources. Take advantage of a contact list that can be on your hard drive in a matter of seconds. If you are worried about the download database being too complicated, don’t worry; it’s easy enough for computer novices. No matter what level of computer user you are, these databases are a valuable investment.

New Opportunities

One of the most important aspects of any business professional is to have a great network of contacts. There are thousands of contacts neatly organized in the contact lists below. If you are a Web developer and use any sort of search engine, you will find a great deal of fun and interesting contacts under the All Other Databases section to include in your Website. No matter what kind of industry you are involved in, you can never have too many up-to-date contacts to add to your ever-growing network.

All Other Databases (General) (35 Lists)

All Other Databases (General)

The databases in this category are all items that did not fall into any of the other website database, business database, or download database categories. There is a wide selection of general purpose content databases available which includes Articles, Music Lyrics, Diamond Comparison and many more.

Informational and educational based databases in this category include lists of data and facts about volcanoes, earthquakes, quotes and random facts. Informational databases not only expand your knowledge but can be used for educational purposes or your own general business needs.

Some of our detailed and organized lists of information contained in these databases are entertaining. Our Jokes Database can be used for a fun web based business which is sure to bring traffic to your site.

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Baby Names Database (22,300 Records)


Download our Baby Names Database List. This database contains 22,300 Baby Names, Origins and Meanings. This Baby Name List can be downloaded in CSV, MySQL, Excel, MS Access and Others.


Unique Identifier, Baby Name, Origin of Name, Name Gender (Male, Female, Unisex), Name Meaning (Description / History)

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This Day In History Database (99,315 Records)


Download This Day In History Database. This database contains 99,315 historical records of information by date that can be used for 'This day in history' relevant information. The record types included are Famous Events, Famous Birthdays and Famous Deaths


Unique Identifier, Record Type (Event, Birthday, Death), Full Event Detail Information, Date of Event, Month of Event (Numeric 1 - 12), Day of Event (Numeric 1 - 31), Year of Event

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Music Lyrics Database (144,891 Records)


Download our Music Lyrics Database. This database contains 144,891 records. This Music Lyrics Database can be downloaded in CSV, MySQL and many other formats.


Unique Identifier, Artist / Band Name, Artist Tag, Album Name, Album Year, Song Title / Track Name, Song Lyrics

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Canada Postal Code Master Database (834,255 Records)


Download Canada Postal Code Master Database. 834,255 Postal Records databases, database download formats include MySQL, MS Access, CSV, and other Delimited Formats. Canada Postal Code Database list & Demographics Geocoded Longitude and Latitude


Unique Identifier, City Name, Province Abbreviation, Postal Code, Preferred City Name Flag - USPS Indicator, Area Code, Location Time Zone, Daylight Savings Time Flag, Latitude (Centroid Based), Longitude (Centroid Based)

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U.S. Zip Code Master Database (71,115 Records)


Download U.S. Zip Code Master Database. 71,115 USA Postal Records databases, database download formats include MySQL, MS Access, CSV, and other Delimited Formats. ZIP Code Database list & Demographics. Multi County Data, Postal codes, MSA codes, CBSA, etc


Unique Identifier, City Name, State Abbreviation, Zip Code, Area Code, Federal Information Processing Standard, County Name, Preferred City Name Flag - USPS Indicator, Location Time Zone, Daylight Savings Time Flag, Latitude (Centroid Based), Longitude (Centroid Based), Metropolitan Statistical Area, Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area, City Abbreviation, Core Based Statistical Area, Census Population, Country

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Game Cheats Database (64,000 Records)


Game Cheat Codes Database. Cheat codes are codes that can be entered into a video game to change the game's behaviour. It is unknown when this practice started, but the codes were implemented and used by game developers to playtest certain aspects of...


id, Game Title, Game System, Letter Identifier, Cheat Title, Cheat Code/Text

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Legacy Software Versions Database (Files Included) (948 Records)


This database serves the old versions of many popular freeware programs (such as MSN, DiVX, etc). The package contains the .sql file that builds the database, as long as a .tgz or .zip (your choice) of all the files that make up the database. Many people...


id, file name, software title, company name, company url, currect version, description

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Flash Games Database (Files Included) (1,877 Records)


This databse include over 1.6 Gigs of flash games. Each game is categorized, and contains a thumbnail image for the game as well. Game names and descriptions are also available in the database including proper width and height sizes for correct sizing...


id, game file name, game name, width, height, category, type, description, and more.

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Movies Database (800,279 Records)


If you are looking for a massive movies database for a new website idea or perhaps movie collection software, or some other need, our download movies database is what you need. There are over 800,000 title records available in the movies database, and it...


ID, Name, Year, Release Year, Type, Extra

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Diamonds Comparison Database (51,787 Records)


A clear transparent precious gemstone composed of pure crystallized carbon which has been highly compressed over millions of years. Diamonds are the hardest substance known to mankind, rating a 10 on the Mohs scale. They are valued because it is...


Stock Number, Shape, Price, Bank Wire Price, Carat Weight, Cut, Color, Clarity, Depth, Symmetry, Polish, Girdle, Culet, Fluorescence, Measurements, Length/width ratio

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