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Music Lyrics Database Content
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Music Lyrics Database Content
Music Lyrics Database Content

Music Lyrics Database v.1.2.7

144,891 Lyrics

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This database contains lyrics to songs associated by song title to artist. Please note that the lyrics themselves are not for sale ar they are all copyright to their perspective artists/labels. The database includes lyrics from songs both old and new, and covers many different music genre's. There is defiantly enough records available to get a new lyrics site off the ground. It would also make a great addition for any music related website that is looking for more content to keep their visitors around.

music lyric site database Thousands of Lyrics in Quick Download

With the music technology available today, people around the world are using the Internet every day to find more information about their favorite songs and artists, especially when it comes to singing along with their favorite tunes. Now you can put thousands of lyrics right on your computer with our Music Lyrics Database. Whether you are just a music junkie or hosting a big bout of karaoke, we have your needs covered with this downloadable lyrics database.

music lyrics list Organized Lyrical Data

The Music Lyrics Databases houses over 200,000 lyrics to get you singing along in no time. The download list will be available to you immediately. No need to search the Web any longer for your favorite artist's lyrics. We have done the work for you, compiling thousands of lyrics in a neatly organized and manageable database. You can easily search the database by song or artist, add new lyrics or change the content. We put the control in your hands with this downloadable database!

music lyrics database Great for Building a Lyric Search Engine

Webmasters - this database is perfect for your music lyrics project. Collecting lyrics takes a long time, so there's no better way to get started than by using the Music Lyrics Database. Your Website will have thousands of songs available almost instantaneously, launching new content to get visitors hooked to your site. We've made it easier than ever to get this content up and running. Your search engine or lyric directory will prosper, and so will you. Save time, and make money using this lyrics download list.

download music lyrics Take Advantage of Our Legwork

Whether you are using the Music Lyrics Database for pleasure or business, it is a great investment for any music lover. Our content is up-to-date with thousands of artists' lyrics. This kind of organized content is hard to find, so take advantage of our legwork, and get your lyrical needs taken care of today.

144,891 Lyrics Records
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Table Schema Database Field Statistics

id144,891100%int(11)Unique Identifier
a_name144,891100%varchar(150)Artist / Band Name
a_tag144,891100%varchar(1)Artist Tag
a_album143,03999%varchar(150)Album Name
a_album_year141,85898%varchar(4)Album Year
a_song144,891100%varchar(150)Song Title / Track Name
a_lyrics144,890100%textSong Lyrics

Lyrics Records Information

Music Lyrics - # 1,699 Records
Music Lyrics - A 10,548
Music Lyrics - B 16,886
Music Lyrics - C 12,182
Music Lyrics - D 9,454
Music Lyrics - E 5,851
Music Lyrics - F 5,011
Music Lyrics - G 6,211
Music Lyrics - H 3,788
Music Lyrics - I 2,525
Music Lyrics - J 7,735
Music Lyrics - K 4,819
Music Lyrics - L 6,269
Music Lyrics - M 10,372
Music Lyrics - N 4,761
Music Lyrics - O 1,834
Music Lyrics - P 5,187
Music Lyrics - Q 338
Music Lyrics - R 5,452
Music Lyrics - S 10,552
Music Lyrics - T 6,579
Music Lyrics - U 1,073
Music Lyrics - V 1,594
Music Lyrics - W 2,611
Music Lyrics - X 250
Music Lyrics - Y 682
Music Lyrics - Z 628
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