Subscription Services

Oddity Software offers many subscription based data and automation services from new and updated business databases, automated forum and blog posting, Data Transformation Services and much more. Just complete the form to the right to get more information or to start up one of our service packages.

Maybe you want to have the top news headlines posted to your site daily based upon your keyword or search term selection. Or have custom articles written and posted for you on a sceduled basis? Even if you are looking for a custom posting / content update service written specifically for your website?


Custom Posting Solutions

Maybe you are looking to post your content to other sites in your network, or process submission forms on other sites and directories with teaser posts, links or preform social network submissions each day or every time you add new content to your site?

Preforming these tasks can become overwhelming and are prone to error and forgetfulness. Creating a customized script that will perform just about any action you can think of might be the right solution for you. Just think, every time you post something new you can automatically update your Twitter feed, Post on your Facebook account or any social or business network, submit news releases, post to relevant directories or link dump sites, and dump a post on Digg or Stumble the link. All in one automated hands off task. Imagine the savings and return on investment!

Do you have a slow moving forum or blog, or a new one that you would like to get off to a great start? Or maybe you have added new categories to your forum and would like to get some content threads quickly? Our custom forum posting software will be designed to work with your forum with perfect integration. It does not matter what type of forum you have. Each application is tailored to work with your setup.

The customized posting application will allow you to make scheduled or on demand posts to any section on your forum. Each posting job can be configured to use specified user credentials to post with. The application interface is completely scriptable, giving you full control over each piece of functionality included. Our Integrated Feed catalog manager will also allow you to set up and monitor feed locations for new data, and have those items posted tour your forum via one of the automated posting tasks.

Each posting task that you set up can be managed and preview at any time. Notification dialogs can let you know when new content has been found and downloaded, along with how many items were posted during each task. The maximum number of threads to post could also be designated for each task item. The Options Are Endless

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Automated Posting Services

If you are not in need of something customized, choose from one of our standard posting services.

Headline Posting

Have the top news headlines based upon your keyword or search term selection posted to your forum or Blog daily with out News Automated Posting Service. With our Headline News automated forum posting service you can pick your content categories or keyword(s), and have a thread rich forum or Blog in no time.

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RSS Feed Posting

Getting started is simple, select any available RSS feed available on the net, or a whole bumch of them. Any properly formatted XML/RSS feed will work. If you don't know of a feed your interested in, try browsing the feed categories at feedster. With literally millions of available content feeds available you should have no problem finding several to fit within the topics of your forum. With our RSS Feed posting plan we will monitor the feeds you choose several times a day. if an update is made to that feed, we will post the new content to your forum, blog or custom CMS back-end.

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Custom Article Posting

Members of our Article Posting Service Club can take advantage of our SEO Content Writing Service with Posting. You can have articles automatically posted to your site whenever you would like on a recurring basis. We can write content weekly, monthly or every few days. Talk about great content for search engines too. All content will be written based on your target audience and your subject matter. All content written is custom, and never re-used, it is 100% unique, just for you. Just let us know the subject matter you need, how often you would like articles / posts written and published, along with the content length you would like for each post.

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Business Data New and Changed Business Contacts and Locations

There are more that 2,000,000 updated business record filings every month. Our updated business download database subscription gives you full demographic, geographic, and contact information for each of the these businesses every month.

The information contained in these updated business databases contain key fields such as ID, Mailing Address, City, State, Zip code, Carrier Route, Delivery Point, County, Phone Number, Fax Number, Website, Owner First and Last Names, Contact Title, Owner Sex, Employee Count, Annual Revenue, Sales Volume, Primary and Secondary SIC Codes, SIC Descriptions, Headquarters Type, Firm Type, Metro Area, Office Size, Office Square Footage, and Franchise Information.

File access and delivery for these business databases is available in two forms. You can retrieve your updated files from our servers via FTP at any time, or we can deliver these databases to your server via FTP every month as well. Our delivery routines can even accomodate data merging within an existing data source you have that is web accesible. Just let us know your needs.

There are two different subscription models to choose from as well, yearly and monthly. The yearly subscription provides the largest discount, and with either database subscription plan you can cancel at any time, and you have full control over you account details. For each subscription model you can also pick the data license that best suits your needs for usage.

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