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data marletplace Listing your product on in our Database Directory is just a few steps away. Adding your data collection to our catalog is one of the quickest ways to gain exposure to your product and instantly reach a highly targeted niche audience that has a proven interest in Website Content Database, Marketing Leads, Reference and Resource Data Collections, Email Lists, Local Business Search Databases as well as Business and Consumer Location Data Products. To get started, simply complete the initial Data Consignment Form in the account management area. If you don't already have an account, you can register one here. Below are specifics on the Data Consignment process and the revenue sharing model.

FAQ Data Submission Facts

The information below should address any and all questions in regards to the data consignment service, and what to expect along the way. If there is anything we missed, please give us a call.

Process What is involved in the listing process?

Monotize Your Data!
First you need to have a client account registered. From there you can complete the initial Data Consignment form from the Contact section in your account. After initial review of your information and acceptance of the data brokerage contract, a data inspection and transformation process will adapt your data collection for suitable and compliant use within our Database Marketplace.

Your database will then be activated in our directory, email notification system and other advertising outlets. We manage the entire transaction, communication and delivery process with all buyers, just like any other item in our catalog. Just sit back and collect your revenue.

Payment How do i get paid?

Payments are made via in US Dollars via Direct Check, Bank Wire or via PayPal. Distribution or the 'release' of funds is done on a Net 60 Basis, which is 60 days after a sale is made. This allows time for funds verification, chargebacks, etc.

Revenue sharing is an 60-40 consignment. 60% of each sale to you as the seller, and 40% to us as the consignment. The revenue split is not on non-fee revenue (credit card processing fees for the transaction are deducted, of which the remaining balance is split)

Pricing Can I set Pricing and Licensing Options?

Yes, you can set the base pricing for each license type. We will however pass along recommendations based on effective and fair pricing that we have gained insight to and a pricing tier that fits within our typical price structures. Your database must however be sold under our standard license tiers (Usage, Publication and Master). And no, there are no exceptions to that rule, but you can pick the price for each license type.

Notifications How will I know when I've made a sale?

You will receive an email any time you have made a sale. Also, you can always view your sales hsitory and transaction details from your account dashboard in real time 24/7

Unacceptable Are there data sets that are inappropriate?

In general we are looking to be a comprehensive collection of all of the global data. There are however, some data sets we will remove after we find them in our catalog. Our process is to email the submitter of the data set before we delete their data set unless we have cause to delete it immediately.

Our data review process will automatically fail if your data set does not meet key requirements from a data integrity, quality control or proper encoding standards. We reserve the right to decline any content we feel does not belong in our collection, is of poor or inaccurate quality, or could potential harm our users experience on the site.

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