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Here you will find an assortment of information and contact lists from the great country of Australia. Topics focus primarily on: Businesses, Independent Schools, Exporters, and Postal Codes. Many of your needs are covered under these four categories, whether you’re looking for a good school for your child or network with Down Under businesses, the Australia Databases section makes all the necessary information available to you in a simple download. Take a peak at what these databases offer and download sample data before purchasing.

Expand Your Business

Australia is a flourishing country, home to many growing and mature businesses that are often untouched by professionals outside of the country. If you are thinking of a new place to market your product or expand your network of contacts, Australia is a great country to start. With all of these business leads in several easy downloads, you’ll be connecting with thousands of the perfect companies that can launch your business to the next level. Stay ahead of your competition and reach out to Australian businesses.

Immediate Connectivity

Technology has allowed us to provide you with these valuable Australia Databases quickly and easily through the click of your mouse. You can start connecting with some of the best Australian businesses or gain access to all the postal codes within seconds. The databases are easy to manage and can be updated any time, right from your computer. Webmasters can get this information available to their visitors right away without scouring the Internet for up-to-date information. Invest in your future – Invest in Australia Databases!

Australia Data (4 Lists)

Australia Data

The databases in this category pertain to Australia and are available for immediate download after purchase. The available Databases include Australia Businesses and general Australia related content and information.
Australia Business databases are valuable for those looking to start a new business in Australia and contain great lists for marketing your own services. Our Australia Postal Codes database is an in-depth list and useful tool for marketing and building websites.

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Australia Businesses Database (30,443 Records)


Dowload Australia Businesses Database. All Business databases, content databases and lists available for instant download. Database download formats include MySQL, MS Access, CSV, and other Delimited Formats.


Company Name, Address 1, Address2, Locale, Postcode, State, Country, Postbox Information, Phone, Fax, Staff Number, Main Activity, Annual Revenue, Executive Name, Executive Title

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Australia Postal Code Master Database (16,571 Records)


Download Australia Postal Code Master Database.16,571 AU Postal Records databases, database download formats include MySQL, MS Access, CSV, and other Delimited Formats. Australia Postal Code Database list & Demographics and Barcode Data


Unique Identifier, Postal Code, City - Locale, State - Territory, Postal Area Notes - Comments, Postal Delivery Office Location, Presort Indicator, Parcel Zone, Barcode Sort Plan Number, Barcode Sort Plan Name, Delivery Category, Country

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Australia Independent Schools Database (2,861 Records)


This database contains a list of Australia Independent Schools. An independent school is a school which is not dependent upon national or local government for financing its operation and is instead operated by tuition charges, gifts, and perhaps the...


ID, School Name, Address, Locale, Postal Code, State, Country, Postal Box Information, Phone, Fax, School Level, School Type, Religious Affiliations, Enrollment, Co_Ed Flag, Exchange Students, Boarding Students, Contact Name, Contact Title

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Australia Exporters Database (7,405 Records)


This database contains a list of Australia company that have revenue from export sources. Exporter means any legal or natural person under the jurisdiction of the exporting Party [or State] who arranges for LMOs to be exported. Source: Convention on...


ID, Company Name, Address, Locale, Postal Code, State, Country, Postal Box, Postcode, Misc Postal Info, Phone, Fax, Staff Count, Main Activity, Annual Revenue, Import Revenue, Export Revenue, Executive Name, Executive Title

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