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Canada Executives Email Database Content
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Canada Executives Email Database Content
Canada Executives Email Database Content
Canada Executives Email Database List

Canada Executives Email Database v.1.0.4

189,646 Executives Contacts

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Our Canada Executives Contact Database contains lead and information records for Executives and Decision Makers for companies throughout all Canadian Provinces. If you're looking to market to executives in Canada, your choices may seem limited. You could advertise in a trade magazine, but the cost of buying advertising space is usually prohibitively high. You could start a Twitter campaign, but your company's message may get lost among the billions of Tweets, never to be seen by the executives you are trying to target. Or you could try phone, direct mail, and email marketing campaigns.

With so many social media tools available, these forms of marketing may seem dated. And the increase in telemarketing, junk mail, and spam have given phone, direct mail and email marketing campaigns a bad name. But these methods of marketing remain one of the best ways to find new customers and clients; they are not just effective, but cost-effective as well. You can find a new customer for the cost of a single stamp or a phone call. And by targeting your campaign to executives working at the companies you want to do business with, you'll avoid being relegated to the spam folder and increase your chances of making a sale.

Behind every effective marketing campaign is a good list. When you're marketing to executives, you'll need to know some basic information: the name of the executive, along with a title or position; a business name; and contact information, like a phone number, an email address, and a physical address. An up-to-date list, like Oddity Software's Canada Executives Email Database, is key. Older databases may list companies that have shut down and executives that have retired - or worse, executives that were fired. Addressing email or direct mail to the wrong executive will give the impression that your company relies on mass mailings and spam to find customers, casting doubt on the integrity of the product or service you are selling.

Before making any calls to executives, write a script. Executives are time-strapped, so don't start the conversation with a long, detailed history of your business. Let them know what you're selling, and explain to them how your product or service will benefit them. Figure out what you want to achieve from the phone conversation. Do you want to set up a future meeting, add their email to your mailing list, or make an immediate sale? Whatever your goal is, ask the executives to fulfil it. You will never get a future meeting if you don't ask for one.

Mailed flyers are often sorted into the garbage bin, so don't design your marketing materials to look like junk mail. Package your letter of introduction or sales brochure into a business-sized envelope. Address the envelope directly to the executive; otherwise, your marketing material won't make it out of the mail room.

When you're emailing executives, aim for an even balance between text and pictures in the body of the email; messages with too many pictures or too much written text are often flagged as spam. As with over-the-phone marketing, clearly state at the top of the email message what you are selling. Never hide your product or service in the middle or end of the message, because most executives won't scroll to find it.

Mailing emails and flyers to random addresses and cold calling executives from dated lists is a surefire way to ruin your business's reputation. You might find one or two new clients, but the sheer scale of these types of marketing campaigns means that hundreds of executives will come to associate your business with telemarketing, junk mail, and spam. These hundreds of executives will be reluctant to do business with you in the future. To increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, use a list to target executives who need your product or service.

189,646 Executives Contacts Records

Table Schema Database Field Statistics

id189,646100%int(11)Unique Identifier
biz_name189,646100%varchar(150)Business Name
con_full_name161,60585%varchar(100)Contact Person - Full Name
con_title161,65585%varchar(255)Contact Person - Title or Position
biz_email186,31298%varchar(75)Business Contact Email Address
biz_phone189,619100%varchar(20)Business Phone Number
biz_phone_ext20,79411%varchar(8)Business Phone Number Extension
e_address189,646100%varchar(100)Physical Address
e_city189,627100%varchar(50)Physical Address City
e_state189,646100%varchar(20)Physical Address State / Province
e_postal189,644100%varchar(7)Physical Address Postal Code
e_country189,646100%varchar(20)Physical Address Country
loc_area_code187,15499%varchar(3)Physical Address Area Code
loc_TZ187,49499%varchar(6)Location Time Zone
loc_DST189,646100%enum('Y','N','U')Daylight Savings Time (Yes, No, Unknown)
loc_LAT_centroid187,49499%varchar(15)Latitude (Centroid Based)
loc_LONG_centroid187,49499%varchar(15)Longitude (Centroid Based)
Executives Contacts Records Information
CANADA Alberta 23,793 Executives Contacts
CANADA British Columbia 26,159 Executives Contacts
CANADA Manitoba 6,836 Executives Contacts
CANADA New Brunswick 6,793 Executives Contacts
CANADA Newfoundland And Labrador 1,794 Executives Contacts
CANADA Nova Scotia 6,050 Executives Contacts
CANADA Northwest Territories 1,279 Executives Contacts
CANADA Nunavut 93 Executives Contacts
CANADA Ontario 87,054 Executives Contacts
CANADA Prince Edward Island 1,521 Executives Contacts
CANADA Quebec 21,907 Executives Contacts
CANADA Saskatchewan 5,527 Executives Contacts
CANADA Yukon 840 Executives Contacts
This is NOT an email marketing list
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