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This Database is updated every 120 Days. Master License holders can purchse updates for this database for $10.00.
Canada Postal Code Master Database Content
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Canada Postal Code Master Database Content
Canada Postal Code Master Database Content
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Canada Postal Code Master Database v.1.0.1

834,255 Postal Records

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Our Canada Postal Code Master Database contains 834 Thousand+ record listings for the postal codes of Canadian locations. Offering accurate postal code data for Canada, this database is a useful tool for business owners from all types of industries. This all-inclusive Canada Postal Code Master Database contains data for all thirteen provinces and territories including Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and Yukon postal records.

If your business is in need of up-to-date Canadian postal code data, you will be pleasantly surprised by the ease-of-use and value of Oddity's Canada Postal Code Master Database . Designed to provide an easy way to analyze Canadian postal code data, Oddity's Canada Postal Code Master Database includes every Canadian six-digit zip code along with the city name, province name, time zone, latitude, longitude, area codes, and daylight saving time information. All of the information contained on this database has been verified for accuracy.

Canada Postal Codes Content Accuracy

Oddity's Canada Postal Code Master Database is updated every 120 days, providing the most current data for Canadian postal codes. Since area codes are occasionally changed, it is important for you to obtain these modifications if you want access to the most recent data. Holders of the master license can purchase these updates for only ten dollars.

Useful as an aid for establishing time zones for customers from Canadian provinces, our Canada Postal Code Master Database offers a comprehensive selection of postal code data for easy review. The accuracy of the data is maintained by simple cross-checking of this information with a number of sources, including maps and phone companies. Additionally, obsolete postal codes are not included in this database, minimizing and potentially eliminating the possibility of sending postal mail via an inaccurate code.

Canada Postal Code Data Value

Oddity's Canada Postal Code Master Database offers an incredible value to business owners who ship packages or mailings to clients on a regular basis. With a simple check through this listing database, it is possible to fine tune addresses used for such mailings. In particular, a quick search identifies whether or not the correct postal code has been entered on the client's address listing.

This method of checking up on the accuracy of a client's physical-location numbers eliminates incorrect mailings and lost packages, saving a business money and frustration. Using Oddity's Canada Postal Code Master Database to check the accuracy of a client's postal code also assists in maintaining good customer relations since all mailings are received in a timely fashion. It's important to provide your customers with a sense of their importance to you. This is sometimes accomplished through speedy, accurate delivery of all correspondence.

This database is also compatible with distance software for other countries, enabling our customers to create one supersized master list for business use. Simply upload each postal code database to your server for easy access. It is available in a variety of formats including MySQL, Microsoft Access,Microsoft Excel, DBF, CSV, and SQL Server, XML & Customized File Formats.

Through the information contained on our comprehensive Canada Postal Code Master Database, our clients can easily recoup their initial financial investment in a short amount of time. It is easy to use, facilitating shipping once the destination address has been verified. The accuracy and up-to-date status of the physical locations contained within this broad listing of Canadian postal codes enhance its benefit to businesses that use it on a regular basis. Its affordability only enhances the value of this product.

834,255 Postal Records Records
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Table Schema Database Field Statistics

id834,255100%int(11)Unique Identifier
City834,255100%varchar(175)City Name
Prov834,255100%varchar(3)Province Abbreviation
ZIP834,255100%varchar(20)Postal Code
PreferredFlag834,255100%varchar(1)Preferred City Name Flag - USPS Indicator
AreaCode834,255100%varchar(3)Area Code
TimeZone834,255100%varchar(20)Location Time Zone
DST834,255100%varchar(20)Daylight Savings Time Flag
Lat834,255100%varchar(40)Latitude (Centroid Based)
Long834,255100%varchar(40)Longitude (Centroid Based)

Postal Records Records Information

CANADA Postal Records

80,783 Alberta Postal Records
115,475 British Columbia Postal Records
24,582 Manitoba Postal Records
58,602 New Brunswick Postal Records
10,874 Newfoundland And Labrador Postal Records
27,993 Nova Scotia Postal Records
517 Northwest Territories Postal Records
29 Nunavut Postal Records
276,926 Ontario Postal Records
3,321 Prince Edward Island Postal Records
212,275 Quebec Postal Records
21,910 Saskatchewan Postal Records
968 Yukon Postal Records
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