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Life Insurance Database Content
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Life Insurance Database Content
Life Insurance Database Content

Life Insurance Database v.1.0.16

48,863 Insurance Agencies

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This database contains Life Insurance Agencies and agents. Life Insurance is insurance that provides a financial remuneration on the premature death of the policy holder. By paying an agreed premium over a fixed term, the policy holder is entitled to receive a financial payout in the event that they die prior to the end date of the fixed term.

Put Your Money In Good Hands

Investing in life insurance is often a difficult decision without proper and adequate research. Never deal with life insurances agents and agencies that you don't feel comfortable with. Our team of professionals have gathered over 28,000 life insurance agents and agencies and compiled them into this Life Insurance Database to make your quest easier than ever. Sink your attention into this vast contact list and invest in your future.

Contact Life Insurance Agents within Minutes

If you are really serious about finding a great agent to handle your life insurance needs, look no further than this database. The life insurance download list contains thousands of top-notch agents and agencies in your area and nationwide to take care of all of your needs. Best of all, it's downloadable, so it is immediately accessible right from your computer. You will be able to sort and search through the contact list to find agents anywhere in the United States. Update the contacts as you network and make notes about agencies you enjoyed talking to. Your search will be super simple using the Life Insurance Database.

Add Extra Content to Your Website

Web designers have really found our databases to be extremely useful when building niche directories and search engines. Using the Life Insurance Database, you can add thousands of life insurance agents and agencies to your search engine results. You will increase your content which ultimately leads to more traffic to your site. The layout of the database is very basic, resulting in trouble-free work on your end. We've done all of the research for you, now put it to work on your Website!

Cover All of Your Needs with This Database

Life insurance is a great way to invest your money, but make sure you find a qualified professional to do the handling. Find the best rates from an agent in our Life Insurance Database and put your investment to work today. Web designers - make sure you take advantage of this simple solution to add extra content to your Web page. Whatever your needs may be for life insurance contacts, we guarantee you won't find this many quality contacts in one download database anywhere else on the Web.

48,863 Insurance Agencies Records
Insurance Agencies

Table Schema Database Field Statistics

id48,863100%int(11)Unique Identifier
biz_name48,863100%varchar(150)Business Name
biz_info20%textBusiness Information and Description
cat_primary47,23097%varchar(75)Business Primary Category
cat_sub22,86947%varchar(75)Business Secondary/Sub Category
e_address48,13299%varchar(100)Physical Address
e_city48,863100%varchar(50)Physical Address City
e_state48,863100%varchar(20)Physical Address State / Province
e_postal48,863100%varchar(7)Physical Address Postal Code
e_zip_full31,84265%varchar(10)Zip +4 for US Physical Addresses
e_country48,863100%varchar(20)Physical Address Country
loc_county47,18797%varchar(40)Physical Address County
loc_area_code47,18797%varchar(3)Physical Address Area Code
loc_FIPS47,18897%varchar(5)Federal Information Processing Standard -
loc_MSA21,73344%varchar(5)Metropolitan Statistical Area -
loc_PMSA16,89435%varchar(5)Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area -
loc_TZ47,18897%varchar(6)Location Time Zone
loc_DST48,863100%enum('Y','N','U')Daylight Savings Time (Yes, No, Unknown)
loc_LAT_centroid47,18797%varchar(15)Latitude (Centroid Based)
loc_LAT_poly48,627100%varchar(15)Latitude (Precision Polygon Based)
loc_LONG_centroid47,18797%varchar(15)Longitude (Centroid Based)
loc_LONG_poly48,627100%varchar(15)Longitude (Precision Polygon Based)
biz_phone48,837100%varchar(20)Business Phone Number
biz_phone_ext00%varchar(8)Business Phone Number Extension
biz_fax8,57018%varchar(20)Business Fax Number
biz_email5,65312%varchar(75)Business Contact Email Address
web_url33,90269%varchar(175)Website URL
web_meta_title5,17111%varchar(255)Website Meta Title
web_meta_desc5,02410%varchar(255)Website Meta Description
web_meta_keys5,02410%varchar(255)Website Meta Keywords
Insurance Agencies Records Information
USA Alaska 73 Insurance Agencies
USA Alabama 1,189 Insurance Agencies
USA Arkansas 512 Insurance Agencies
USA Arizona 891 Insurance Agencies
USA California 4,217 Insurance Agencies
USA Colorado 1,155 Insurance Agencies
USA Connecticut 398 Insurance Agencies
USA District Of Columbia 72 Insurance Agencies
USA Delaware 183 Insurance Agencies
USA Florida 1,830 Insurance Agencies
USA Georgia 1,674 Insurance Agencies
USA Hawaii 79 Insurance Agencies
USA Iowa 613 Insurance Agencies
USA Idaho 325 Insurance Agencies
USA Illinois 2,647 Insurance Agencies
USA Indiana 1,364 Insurance Agencies
USA Kansas 750 Insurance Agencies
USA Kentucky 840 Insurance Agencies
USA Louisiana 1,091 Insurance Agencies
USA Massachusetts 175 Insurance Agencies
USA Maryland 1,175 Insurance Agencies
USA Maine 137 Insurance Agencies
USA Michigan 1,496 Insurance Agencies
USA Minnesota 1,252 Insurance Agencies
USA Missouri 1,374 Insurance Agencies
USA Mississippi 761 Insurance Agencies
USA Montana 232 Insurance Agencies
USA North Carolina 1,618 Insurance Agencies
USA North Dakota 125 Insurance Agencies
USA Nebraska 468 Insurance Agencies
USA New Hampshire 165 Insurance Agencies
USA New Jersey 691 Insurance Agencies
USA New Mexico 347 Insurance Agencies
USA Nevada 345 Insurance Agencies
USA New York 2,000 Insurance Agencies
USA Ohio 2,118 Insurance Agencies
USA Oklahoma 803 Insurance Agencies
USA Oregon 860 Insurance Agencies
USA Pennsylvania 2,236 Insurance Agencies
USA Rhode Island 113 Insurance Agencies
USA South Carolina 934 Insurance Agencies
USA South Dakota 160 Insurance Agencies
USA Tennessee 1,185 Insurance Agencies
USA Texas 3,218 Insurance Agencies
USA Utah 521 Insurance Agencies
USA Virginia 1,503 Insurance Agencies
USA Vermont 73 Insurance Agencies
USA Washington 1,253 Insurance Agencies
USA Wisconsin 1,080 Insurance Agencies
USA West Virginia 431 Insurance Agencies
USA Wyoming 111 Insurance Agencies
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