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Private Schools Database Content
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Private Schools Database Content
Private Schools Database Content

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28,347 Private Schools

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This database contains contains listings for Private Schools throughout the United States. Private schools are schools not administered by local or national government, which retain the right to select their student body and are funded in whole or in part by charging their students tuition rather than with public funds. In the United Kingdom and some other Commonwealth countries the use of the term is generally restricted to primary and secondary educational levels. It is almost never used of universities or other tertiary institutions.

28,347 Private Schools Records
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Table Schema Database Field Statistics

id28,347100%int(11)Unique Identifier
biz_name28,347100%varchar(150)Business Name
e_address28,339100%varchar(100)Physical Address
e_city28,347100%varchar(50)Physical Address City
e_state28,347100%varchar(20)Physical Address State / Province
e_postal28,347100%varchar(7)Physical Address Postal Code
e_zip_full1,5435%varchar(10)Zip +4 for US Physical Addresses
e_country28,347100%varchar(20)Physical Address Country
loc_county28,344100%varchar(40)Physical Address County
loc_area_code28,340100%varchar(3)Physical Address Area Code
loc_FIPS28,340100%varchar(5)Federal Information Processing Standard -
loc_MSA10,78538%varchar(5)Metropolitan Statistical Area -
loc_PMSA12,71545%varchar(5)Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area -
loc_TZ28,340100%varchar(6)Location Time Zone
loc_DST28,347100%enum('Y','N','U')Daylight Savings Time (Yes, No, Unknown)
loc_LAT_centroid28,340100%varchar(15)Latitude (Centroid Based)
loc_LAT_poly28,16699%varchar(15)Latitude (Precision Polygon Based)
loc_LONG_centroid28,340100%varchar(15)Longitude (Centroid Based)
loc_LONG_poly28,16699%varchar(15)Longitude (Precision Polygon Based)
biz_phone27,71998%varchar(20)Business Phone Number
grade_low27,75198%int(11)Low Grade Level
grade_high27,75198%int(11)High Grade Level
school_days26,34093%int(11)The number of school days in the year
school_hours27,23596%varchar(20)Classes - Length of School Day
f_lib28,347100%enum('Y','N','U')School Has Library Flag
enroll_ungraded1,4515%int(11)Enrollment - Ungraded
enroll_prek15,81056%int(11)Enrollment - Pre Kindergarten
enroll_k21,36075%int(11)Enrollment - Kindergarten
enroll_118,53565%int(11)Enrollment - First Grade
enroll_218,31765%int(11)Enrollment - Second Grade
enroll_318,18164%int(11)Enrollment - Third Grade
enroll_417,94263%int(11)Enrollment - Fourth Grade
enroll_517,77763%int(11)Enrollment - Fifth Grade
enroll_617,26261%int(11)Enrollment - Sixth Grade
enroll_716,24757%int(11)Enrollment - Seventh Grade
enroll_816,09857%int(11)Enrollment - Eigth Grade
enroll_98,27029%int(11)Enrollment - Ninth Grade
enroll_107,88228%int(11)Enrollment - Tenth Grade
enroll_117,53327%int(11)Enrollment - Eleventh Grade
enroll_127,32426%int(11)Enrollment - Twelfth Grade
enroll_total27,92899%int(11)Enrollment - Total (All Grades)
school_coed28,347100%enum('M','F','C','U')Student Sex (Male, Female, Coed, Unknown)
school_relig28,347100%enum('Y','N','U')School Has Religous Affiliation
school_religion28,235100%varchar(100)Religious Orientation
school_type27,76098%varchar(50)School Type or Program
Private Schools Records Information
USA Alaska 58 Private Schools
USA Alabama 374 Private Schools
USA Arkansas 158 Private Schools
USA Arizona 333 Private Schools
USA California 3,544 Private Schools
USA Colorado 379 Private Schools
USA Connecticut 367 Private Schools
USA District Of Columbia 84 Private Schools
USA Delaware 143 Private Schools
USA Florida 1,662 Private Schools
USA Georgia 601 Private Schools
USA Hawaii 123 Private Schools
USA Iowa 227 Private Schools
USA Idaho 119 Private Schools
USA Illinois 1,510 Private Schools
USA Indiana 725 Private Schools
USA Kansas 201 Private Schools
USA Kentucky 326 Private Schools
USA Louisiana 364 Private Schools
USA Massachusetts 803 Private Schools
USA Maryland 737 Private Schools
USA Maine 162 Private Schools
USA Michigan 835 Private Schools
USA Minnesota 534 Private Schools
USA Missouri 586 Private Schools
USA Mississippi 198 Private Schools
USA Montana 93 Private Schools
USA North Carolina 552 Private Schools
USA North Dakota 47 Private Schools
USA Nebraska 213 Private Schools
USA New Hampshire 288 Private Schools
USA New Jersey 1,234 Private Schools
USA New Mexico 167 Private Schools
USA Nevada 140 Private Schools
USA New York 1,827 Private Schools
USA Ohio 929 Private Schools
USA Oklahoma 161 Private Schools
USA Oregon 446 Private Schools
USA Pennsylvania 2,150 Private Schools
USA Rhode Island 167 Private Schools
USA South Carolina 358 Private Schools
USA South Dakota 75 Private Schools
USA Tennessee 463 Private Schools
USA Texas 1,342 Private Schools
USA Utah 134 Private Schools
USA Virginia 667 Private Schools
USA Vermont 117 Private Schools
USA Washington 581 Private Schools
USA Wisconsin 879 Private Schools
USA West Virginia 128 Private Schools
USA Wyoming 36 Private Schools
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