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Drinks and Cocktails Database Content
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Drinks and Cocktails Database Content
Drinks and Cocktails Database Content

Drinks and Cocktails Database v.1.0.9

16,351 Drink Recipes

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This database contains recipes, and instructions for mixed drinks, cocktails and the like.Consuming happy hour drinks and weekend barhopping are extremely popular activities for many Americans throughout the nation. Many people also enjoy a late night cocktail at home or serving drinks at a house warming party when the occasion arises. Whatever the case, cocktails and specialty drinks are being created and served every day, mostly learned from instructional resources like our Drinks and Cocktails Database. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of making quality cocktails, take a look at this database and explore your options.

Get Mixing With This Database

Our Drinks and Cocktails Database is neatly organized so you can get mixing in a flash. You can easily search and sort through your favorite drinks and find the best combo for your taste buds. You will be able to access these concoctions anytime right from the comfort of your computer and print off the instructions if you need to have them close by as you mix. Stop searching the Internet for drink recipes when you can simply download this cocktail database and get your drinks made today. As soon as this database is on your computer your parties will be filled with interesting drinks for your friends to enjoy, made especially by you!

Be the Best Bartender in Town

If you are looking for a great bartending tool, the Drinks and Cocktails Database is the perfect starting resource. We've included instructions and ingredients so you can start learning the ins and outs of cocktails and specialty drinks. You will be amazed at how fast you can learn from such a simple and valuable database. Impress the bar owners and invest in your future as a bartender.

Add Cocktail Recipes to Your Website

Web designers can make a great online database for visitors searching for drink and cocktail recipes. Our Website is filled with helpful databases to get your content up and running. The Drinks and Cocktails Database is filled with up-to-date cocktails recipes that your visitors will really enjoy. Increasing your Web traffic is essential to your income, and it has never been easier to add quality content. Simply purchase this download list and you will have content up in no time for millions of Web surfers to view!

16,351 Drink Recipes Records
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Table Schema Database Field Statistics

id16,351100%int(11)Unique Identifier
d_name16,351100%varchar(255)Drink Name
d_cat16,351100%varchar(255)Drink Category
d_alcohol16,351100%varchar(100)Alcoholic Beverage Flag
d_glass16,351100%varchar(100)Serving Glass Type
d_ingredients16,351100%textDrink Recipe (Ingredients)
d_instructions16,336100%textRecipe / Mixing Instructions
d_shopping16,351100%textShopping List

Drink Recipes Records Information

Drink Categories
Beer: 59
Cocktail: 9,998
Cocoa: 33
Coffee / Tea: 109
Homemade Liqueur: 52
Milk / Float / Shake: 146
Ordinary Drink: 2,303
Other/Unknown: 326
Punch / Party Drink: 386
Shot: 2,868
Soft Drinks and Soda: 71

Drink Glass Types
Any Glass: 1,088
Aperitif Glass: 13
Beer mug: 314
Beer pilsner: 66
Bottle: 12
Brandy snifter: 106
Bucket: 4
Champagne flute: 232
Champagne Saucer: 90
Champagne Tulip: 8
Cocktail glass: 3,430
Coffee mug: 126
Collins glass: 1,428
Cooler: 4
Cordial glass: 93
Coupe glass: 8
Cup: 132
Highball glass: 2,975
Hurricane glass: 606
Irish coffee cup: 170
Jug: 12
Margarita Glass: 195
Mason jar: 112
Mug: 33
Old-fashioned glass: 1,751
Parfait glass: 94
Pina Colada Glass: 68
Pint glass: 83
Pitcher: 63
Pousse cafe glass: 35
Punch bowl: 122
Red wine glass: 72
Sherry glass: 16
Shot glass: 2,383
Sour Glass: 86
Test tube: 7
Whiskey sour glass: 103
White wine glass: 128
Wine Goblet: 83
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