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Recipes Deluxe Database Content
Recipes Deluxe Database Content
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41,692 Recipes

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This database includes 41,692 recipes. This is one of the largest recipe databases available. This is the perfect solution to quickly expand your recipe collection, or to create a huge reipe directory in minutes.

Get Cookin' in No Time

With the Food Network's mass growth in popularity, everyone in the U.S. is taking a shot at cooking up a tasty meal. Trying to follow along with the pros, though, is extremely difficult, especially with their quick use of ingredients without exact measurements. Fortunately for you and many others, we've compiled the best recipes we could find into a quick and easy download. The Recipes Deluxe Database will get you cooking in no time. You never know; you could be the next Emeril!

Perfect Resource for Web Designers

The Recipes Deluxe Database is perfect for Web designers looking to develop a thorough online collection of recipes. It's difficult to scrounge up this many recipes in a timely manner. Focus on developing your Website and less time finding recipes for your visitors. We guarantee these are some of the most popular recipes that will help increase your Web traffic. We have collected over forty thousand recipes that you can simply add to your Website search engine or recipe directory. Think of how much content will be available to your visitors.

A Massive Computer Cookbook for Personal Use

Maybe you just want to cook up some quality meals for yourself, family, or friends; well look no further than the Recipes Deluxe Database! This database of recipes is perfect for anyone wanting to cook up some good meals. It's basically a 40,000 page book of recipes neatly contained on your computer. Now you won't have to carry around a massive cookbook; simply print off the recipe you want to cook and take it to the kitchen.

41,692 Recipes Records
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Sample Data 41,692 Total Records

A few sample recipes have been listed here for you to view: Recipes Deluxe Database

Recipes Records Information

Appetizers Recipes - 2037
Baked Goods Recipes - 8473
Barbeque Recipes - 763
Basics Recipes - 29
Beans and Grains Recipes - 2813
Beef Recipes - 2159
Beverages Recipes - 444
Breads Recipes - 666
Breakfasts Recipes - 926
Cake Recipes - 1376
Candies Recipes - 439
Canning and Preserving Recipes - 10
Casseroles Recipes - 432
Cheese Recipes - 2421
Chicken Recipes - 956
Chocolate Recipes - 648
Condiments Recipes - 219
Cookies Recipes - 592
Crock Pot and Slow Cooker Recipes - 130
Desserts Recipes - 1181
Duck Recipes - 42
Eggs Recipes - 241
Fruits Recipes - 314
Grains Recipes - 8
Herbs and Spices Recipes - 8
Holiday Recipes - 134
Hot and Spicy Recipes - 485
Jellies and Jams Recipes - 83
Kids Recipes - 67
Lamb Recipes - 591
Liquor Recipes - 171
Main Dish Recipes - 4082
Mexican Recipes - 796
Nuts Recipes - 132
Pasta Recipes - 1757
Pets Recipes - 4
Quick and Easy Recipes - 29
Recipes for Pets Recipes - 8
Regional Cuisine Recipes - 348
Rice Recipes - 1782
Salad Recipes - 756
Sauces Recipes - 461
Sausages Recipes - 95
Seafood Recipes - 155
Side Dish Recipes - 181
Snacks Recipes - 59
Soups Recipes - 943
Stews Recipes - 171
Stuffings Recipes - 52
Sweets and Desserts Recipes - 4
Vegetables Recipes - 721
Vegetarian Recipes - 222
Wild Game Recipes - 76
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