Web Development

If you are in need of web development services, from complete sites and scripts, a site redesign, or a fully customized CMS to run your business, our web development team can get it done. We work as if we are a part of 'Your Team'. If you are looking for a long term technology parter who actually cares about the end result, and not just a paycheck, then we are a match for you. read more

Software Design

Unlike many software development firms we do not spread our developers across all areas. Our specialists are professional in what they do and can we successfully develop the most sophisticated software packages needed. Our clients include entrepreneurs, small business, and Fortune 1000 companies. Don't conform to a software box, customize the software for your needs. read more

Automation Solutions

Let us automate your life and business. From collecting online information, responding to email, phone and web events, automating web site updates and changes saving and entering information, we will automate it for you. From basic Web tasks to more advanced scenarios, a custom automation solution will save you time and money, increase efficiency, and bring an ROI that cannot be argued. read more

About Python

Python is a programming language that uses an interpreted system. It was first designed by Guido van Rossum in 1990. It is dynamically typed, and it also has a number of features that can be found in programming languages such as Ruby and Perl. Python uses an automatic memory management system, and it is an open source programming language. The Python software can be downloaded via internet, and the program is offered by the Python Software Foundation. As of this writing, the latest version of Python was introduced in 2006.

Python is a powerful programming language that has been used to create a number of popular software applications. Perhaps one of the most popular is BitTorrent. Python places an emphasis on the skills of the programmer rather than the computer, and it has abandoned many of the features that are commonly seen on the older programming languages. While Python may seem limited at first, it has a large number of extensions that are offered through the standard libraries. While the primary standard for Python is the CPython system, a number of other implementations are available.

Python is the predecessor to the ABC programming language. Guido van Rossum has continued to play an important role over the development and evolution of Python since its creation. After the release of Python 1.2 in 1995, Rossum decided to continue work on the language at the CNRI in Virginia, and he released newer versions of the software from this location. The Free Software Foundation soon decided to make changes to the software license for Python that would allow the language to be compatible with GPL. Python 2 was released in the year 2000.

The power of Python has allowed it to be used for a wide variety of different purposes. It is used in academic as well as industrial circles, and one of the most powerful uses of the programming languages was for the development of the Zope server and the Mnet file sharing program. In addition to this, Google has used the programming language for a number of different projects. Python is a programming language that is highly readable. It does not use a layout that is highly cluttered, and while most programming languages place an emphasis on punctuation, Python places an emphasis on using keywords from the English language.

Python will also use indentation for the purpose of delimiting blocks. In addition to this, it uses both the "if" statement and the "while" statement." All of the statements that can be produced in Python will feature their own semantics. However, continuation is not supported by this programming language. The type system that is used for Python is duck typing. The constraints will not be reviewed when the code is compiled. Instead, the operation will fail, and this is a sign that the object is not correct for a particular use. Python will not allow operations that do not make much sense. This is a sharp contrast to many other programming languages, which may try to work with the operations.

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