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HTML Optimization Techniques - Search Engine Optimization

HTML Optimization Techniques – Arrest Attention Of Your Web Traffic With Us.

Vying for commercial success, websites wedge hefty amounts in their budgets for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), realizing little that their website may fail in terms of business despite an enviable ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages)! This may sound harsh news, but the bitter and prevalent truth remains that most websites on world wide web are NOT optimized for a successful run for their investment, or to put it in simpler terms – the websites are not designed for optimized ROI (Return On Investment). And why and how is that? It is pretty plausible and schemed string of logics.

Why Optimize HTML files size?

To begin with, it is universal that when you order for designing your website, you wish for looks with speed. But what you actually get is a website with just looks – attractive appearance – but lacking speed to lend it punch and pepper for the first-time browsing net user! And that is injurious to the health of business for any website on the face of the web. This outlines that all SEO and designing efforts go wasted, as potential sales are lost without knowledge.

Authentic studies of human factors research have revealed, as well as, it can be easily empathized that users have a very short attention span. Not many users have the patience and fanaticism to wait for more than 8 to 10 seconds for your website to reveal. Since the current bandwidth of an average 56 Kbps does not support the ideal response rate of a few milliseconds, a crafty web designer interminably endeavors to achieve minimum response rate by optimizing web page size with tips and tricks, together termed as ‘HTML Optimization Techniques’.

What is HTML Optimization?

HTML optimization is the process of minimizing HTML file size to maximize page display speed. Ideally speaking an attitude towards web designing, HTML optimization calls for counting every byte and comprises of exhaustive logical methods towards actualized trimming of the HTML file size, such that the pages that appear good also display quickly. For example, typical web pages include comments, spaces and returns, which add to the website in terms of size only. In other words, it is completely safe to remove these redundant attributes without adversely affecting the appearance of the website. Thus, a HTML optimization technique cuts down the HTML file size of the website.

Our Role

Our professional team utilizes their experience and tact to render you an improved website in terms of higher Search Engine Ranking, as well as, an enjoyable over all browsing experience for an average net user.

With our unique comprehension of the entire scheme of things detrimental to your website’s success, we implement tailor-made SEO and HTML Optimization techniques for your website, so as to deliver faster and reliable results within your budgetary constraints.

Following are some HTML Optimization techniques up our sleeve to achieve desired results for your website:


A baby of HTML and XML, we implement XHTML for your website while designing for its stricter approach to documentation than HTML, including mandatory proper nesting with closing tags for all elements, complete and quoted attributes and all tags and attributes in lower case only.

Writing Meta Tags – Minimize HEAD

Minimizing the size of page’s HEAD is an effective means to achieve quicker parsing of the HEAD, followed by the rest of the content of your website, in equally quick succession. The conditional SSI META tags with 200 characters or less and HTML lines with maximum 255 characters fetch favorable search engine results by saving space for browsers visiting your site. Further, there's no need to use commas to separate keywords, as search engines ignore the commas.

CSS Layouts

Presenting a separate file devoid of details of web page’s appearance including fonts, colors, and table layout is called a Cascading Style Sheet. CSS results in smaller file sizes due to short style names, inline forms, styled DT, etc.


Optimization of JavaScript is achieved with short variable names and no spaces etc, which speeds up the display of WebPages.

Tables and CSS2

A better way to layout pages than tables, CSS2 achieves table like look for your website without tables.

Our HTML optimization techniques for tables include the following:

1) Simplify Complex Tables: Go for the least number of nested tables in your website, to speed up display, as well as, avoid long page displays.
2) Layered Tables: Break up your tables into separate tables with a simple fast loading table at the top and subsequent tables underneath.
3) Fast Table Rendering: Set “fixed” table layout (by fixing column widths and optionally column heights) with CSS2’s new table-layout property, supported by all latest browsers. The “fixed” table property facilitates parsing and enhances performance of WebPages.
4) Colored Cells: Save space and trip to server using colored cells instead of background or inline images.
5) Inline Comments: Insert inline comments inside table tags rather than having them inside your WebPages.
6) Table and Returns: Remove as many returns, spaces and tabs from the home page and sticking to a maximum limit of 255 characters per line.
7) Use optional closing tags and minimize attributes.

URL Abbreviation
By abbreviating URL using Apache’s mod_rewrite module, we achieve effective cut down to your HTML file size.

We omit all quoted attributes that are optional in HTML 4.01 and can be safely removed. This does not apply to XHTML.

Manual or Automatic Optimization?
Though HTML optimization programs like SpaceAgent, VSE Web Site Turbo, and WebOverdrive can remove excess spaces, tabs, returns, quotes, unnecessary attributes etc, and optimize Java Script and style sheets to render entire sites or directories optimized automatically with drag and drop ease, maximum control is struck by us through manual HTML optimization.

HTML Compression

Compressing your HTML using utility like mod_gzip, automatically cuts down size of the web page for as much as 40% bandwidth and thus speeds up the page display immensely.


In the prevailing World Wide Web scene, when web designers are churning out more eye-catching websites than functional ones in a clumsy bid to secure customers out of curious visitors, and all websites are more or less violating the delicate balance between beauty and bandwidth, our expert HTML optimization techniques pitch in to turn the tables in your favor.

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