Web Development

If you are in need of web development services, from complete sites and scripts, a site redesign, or a fully customized CMS to run your business, our web development team can get it done. We work as if we are a part of 'Your Team'. If you are looking for a long term technology parter who actually cares about the end result, and not just a paycheck, then we are a match for you. read more

Software Design

Unlike many software development firms we do not spread our developers across all areas. Our specialists are professional in what they do and can we successfully develop the most sophisticated software packages needed. Our clients include entrepreneurs, small business, and Fortune 1000 companies. Don't conform to a software box, customize the software for your needs. read more

Automation Solutions

Let us automate your life and business. From collecting online information, responding to email, phone and web events, automating web site updates and changes saving and entering information, we will automate it for you. From basic Web tasks to more advanced scenarios, a custom automation solution will save you time and money, increase efficiency, and bring an ROI that cannot be argued. read more

About Delphi

Delphi, which is also known as Object Pascal, is a programming language that was derived from Borland Delphi. Borland is known for selling IDEs that can be used to compile Delphi into a form that can be used with Microsoft Windows. In addition to Windows, Delphi can also be compiled for Linux and .NET. The programming language that came to be known as Delphi was first created by Larry Tesler and Niklaus Wirth. They both worked at Apple Computer, and the language was first developed in 1985. In a nutshell, they had taken the Pascal programming language and combined objected oriented extensions to it.

By 1986, Borland had created a number of extensions which were used for the Macintosh. By 1989, they were creating extensions for DOS. It was in 1994 when the name Delphi was first used, and the company placed an emphasis for development involving Microsoft Windows. One of the most powerful advantages to Delphi is that a large number of compilers are available for the programming language. While some are more compatible than others, it allows Delphi to be run on a number of different computer platforms. One of the most popular compilers is Borland Delphi. It is used primarily for Win 32 and .NET.

Delphi is an object oriented programming language that presents a visual environment. It is used for the rapid development of applications, and is used to create powerful programs for Windows 98, Windows 95, and Windows NT. One powerful advantage of this programming language is that it does not require a large amount of manual coding. Tools are laid out for the programmers which can allow them to create, test, and debug any programs they create. One of the most powerful advantages of Delphi is that it has a large number of design tools.

Free Pascal is a powerful compiler that will function with the vast majority of x86 systems. Some of these systems include Mac OS, Linux, and SPARC. However a number of changes are currently being made to the system. In addition to this, Borland Kylix works with the 32 bit Linux systems. Delphi is a popular programming laguage that is now being used by a large number of programmers. GNU Pascal is popular as well, but may not be useful for recompiling extensive amounts of code.

The goal of Delphi is to reduce the time that is needed to develop powerful software programs. In addition to software programs, Delphi can also be used for the creation of templates. It is these attributes that makes Delphi a powerful language to use by programmers. While it does not have the popularity of Java, it has a number of features that are similar. It is object oriented, and it has a large number of compilers that will allow the programs to be run on a large number of different platforms. Over time, Delphi has continued to evolve, and it now supports a number of advanced concepts such as 64 bit integers. In addition to this, dynamic arrays are available as well.

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