Web Development

If you are in need of web development services, from complete sites and scripts, a site redesign, or a fully customized CMS to run your business, our web development team can get it done. We work as if we are a part of 'Your Team'. If you are looking for a long term technology parter who actually cares about the end result, and not just a paycheck, then we are a match for you. read more

Software Design

Unlike many software development firms we do not spread our developers across all areas. Our specialists are professional in what they do and can we successfully develop the most sophisticated software packages needed. Our clients include entrepreneurs, small business, and Fortune 1000 companies. Don't conform to a software box, customize the software for your needs. read more

Automation Solutions

Let us automate your life and business. From collecting online information, responding to email, phone and web events, automating web site updates and changes saving and entering information, we will automate it for you. From basic Web tasks to more advanced scenarios, a custom automation solution will save you time and money, increase efficiency, and bring an ROI that cannot be argued. read more

About .NET

.NET is a structure developed by Microsoft which is a software system that can be combined with the Windows operating system. A large amount of default code has been developed, and this is useful for the standard features that are needed in most applications. When programs are written for the .NET framework, it can execute the programs. Microsoft developed .NET for programmers who want to create applications that are designed to specifically be used by the Windows operating system.

The default code that comes with .NET can be used to cover a number of basic needs that are relevent to programmers. This default code has been placed in the class library of the system, and some of the basic elements which comprise it are data access, algorithms, user interfaces, and cryptography. Programmers will take these functions and use them with newly created code to generate unique applications. Any programs which are designed in .NET will be executed within a software. The runtime environment plays an important role in this. A type of application virtual machine is available, and this reduces the need for programmers to worry about the processing power of the CPU.

It is the class library and the application virtual machine that make up the foundation of the .NET system. It is these two elements that give .NET its most powerful advantage. It was designed to make it easier for computer programmers to create applications and weaken the vulnerability that was present because of security issues. Compared to other programming systems, .NET is relatively new, and was first introduced in 2002. It has also been added to Windows Vista, and it can even be used on older versions of Windows. Many programmers have said that .NET is one of the most powerful tools released by Microsoft since the introduction of Windows.

The .NET system allows Windows to do things that were very difficult to accomplish prior to its introduction. One of the most powerful advantages of .NET is that no matter what programming language is used by the programmer, the behavior of the framework will remain the same. This is especially important when it comes to security issues. The introduction of .NET has also simplified the communication procedures that exist between programs. The .NET framework has a unique security system, which is known as Code Access Security. The CAS is useful for both validating and verifying information. It deals heavily with specific assemblies.

The CAS system will look at the available evidence to find the permissions that should be given to a piece of code. For example, a certain piece of code may request that it is given permission for a specific function. The .NET framework has become exceptionally popular in recent years. It has been used in a large number of different applications. Since its introduction in 2002, a number of changes have been made. Total 64 bit support is now available, and it can also support Generics as well. In addition to this, a number of enhancements have been made with ASP.NET.

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