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How To Reduce Your Spam Emails

It is not a secret that spam has become a prevalent problem on the Internet today. If you are like most webmasters, there is a strong possibility that you have a lot of spam in your inbox, and you're trying your best to get rid of it. I've had so much spam placed in my Hotmail account that it is no longer useful, and I've been forced to switch to new email accounts. While it may seem simple to change your email address when it becomes flooded with spam, this may not always be easy. If you happen to have multiple websites, changing the email address for one of your sites could cost you money, especially if it is a technical support address.

It is first important to make sure you choose non-generic email accounts. Webmasters who choose to use an address like contact@mywebsite.com will be heavily targeted by spammers. It is best to avoid using these types of email addresses. Get created and use something the the spammers wouldn't expect. It will save you both time and headaches in the long term. It is also important to avoid having one email address that is used for multiple purposes. The less email addresses you use, the more likely you are to be targeted for spam.

If you are a veteran webmaster, it is likely that you already have a large number of email addresses. This is a good tactic that can help you avoid receiving spam emails. When you register your domain, it is very important for you to make sure you never use your email address. If you do, you will be setting yourself up to receive spam. Remember, sites like Whois.net will make you information available to the public, and if you submit your email address, the spammers will find it. If you want the visitors to your website to contact you, it is much better to use a form rather than an email address.

While the visitors to your website may have good intentions when contacting you, spammers will inevitably end up getting a hold of it. A form will allow your visitors to contact you while blocking spammers from accessing your email account. However, it should be noted that many spammers will use a technique called code injection. Code injection can cause your website to begin emailing your visitors spam emails, and this can destroy the credibility of your website.

It should also be noted that it is possible for you to have your email addresses encrypted. Many novice webmasters make the mistake of using a mailto: link when making their email address visible, but this will make you a target for spam. Using Java to encrypt your emails will make it much more difficult for spammers to pick it up. There are a number of encryption tools available, and you will want to look for them. While there is not cure for spam, following the tips in this post will make things a lot easier.

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