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Microsoft Challenges Google Earth With 3D City Maps

I was personally amazed when I used Google Earth for the first time. The concept of creating a digital 3D map that allows you to look at various cities and structures around the world is pure genius. When Google released Google Earth, they took another step towards information dominance as well as the dominance of the Internet. Microsoft has now challenged Google by announcing that they will introduce a 3D function that will allow users to get detailed maps of major cities around the United States. The name of this software program is Virtual Earth 3D. It will have a Live Search function built in, and users will have multiple perspectives of various structures.

Microsoft was quick to point out a few things about this new tool. They have stated that it will utilize current technology to collect photographs of various cities and present them in highly realistic 3D images that are rich with texture. As far as accuracy is concerned, Microsoft has also stated that it will be on the engineering level. Bill Gates, the chairman of Microsoft, has stated that Virtual Earth 3D will take the concept of search to a whole new level. I would just like to say that I'am not surprised by Microsoft's decision to release this function To be honest with you, they are pretty late. As usual, Google always seems to have an edge on Microsoft in the battle to collect and process information. Google just had another victory recently when they purchased YouTube for approximately $1.65 billion.

The only question that remains is whether or not Microsoft can overcome Google in this new search market. While it is impossible for me to see into the future, I believe that Microsoft will have an uphill battle. When it comes to 3D search maps, Google is a pioneer. For Microsoft to overtake them is like some new social networking site overcoming MySpace. While it is possible, it will be extremely difficult. In any event, I'm anxious to see what Virtual Earth 3D has to offer. The only way that it can truly surpass Google Earth is to introduce features that are not present in Google Earth. Whether or not Microsoft has done this remains to be seen.

One of the most impressive things about Virtual Earth 3D is that real time information will be presented. It is also possible for businesses to list information, and virtual billboards will be available as well. As of this writing, there are 3D models available for 15 cities in the United States, and most of them are major cities such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Seattle, and Dallas. It is likely that smaller cities will be added to future versions. Any webmaster who is reading this post should be able to see the potential of using programs such as Google Earth and Virtual Earth 3D. I believe that they will play a significant role in the evolution and enhancement of the Internet.

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