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Newbies: Buying and Selling Text Links

So you are looking into the text link market, and aren’t too convinced that you are chasing the right deals? Well, this can be a problem for buyers and sellers in this market. When buying and selling text links you have to pay attention to the traffic, content, and price. Now let’s not waste any time and get you started right away!

Traffic is the number of people who are visiting the site; however traffic can be a confusing issue. The two types of traffic unique and not unique; in theory a unique visitor is a viewer that is new to your website while a visitor that is not unique is a visitor that has already visited your website. Now, you know that you can’t always follow a theory as there may be exceptions such as public computers, static IP addresses, and more. Your main concern though will lie on the theoretical amount of visitors in which you will learn about the correct price.

Content is the information that is contained on the website where the text link will be located. You want to make sure that you are projecting your advertisement to the correct audience. You should try to target an audience that is generally related to your to websites topic, but you should also target an audience that is specifically related to your topic when buying text links. When selling text links, you can often receive a faster and more valued sale when advertising your sale on a forum or other related communities.

Pricing your text link can be hard as you might not know what your boundary should be. A rough equation that you may use to try and determine the amount a text link for one month is the number of average unique visitors in a day multiplied by thirty and times .001. Essentially you are paying one tenth of a cent for every unique visitor, which is about the average rate for an impression. Now, if you wish you may use this as a guideline, but you also want to consider the relevance of the website to your website. Larger sites will generally receive a larger pay for each unique visitor.

When you do decide to buy or sell a text link you should try to take your time with the marketing process. Sometimes it takes a while for the perfect buyer to come around. If your site is new and you are expecting the number of unique visitors to increase rapidly, you can sell text links, but make sure that you offer a short term lease period so you don’t entangle yourself in deals where your links incredibly expensive when your site is just starting and at the same time insanely cheap when your site progresses.

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