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The Online Video Revolution

With the advent of YouTube and Google Video, it has become clear that video is the next stage in the evolution of the internet. As many of you already know, much of the history of the internet has been comprised of text and images. While this still makes up a large portion of the internet, the increasing bandwidth and web technologies have made videos common. Google has recently added to its arsenal of paperclick advertising by introducing Adsense video ads. The advent of video has a lot of potential for those who are looking to become financially independent.

One of the most obvious applications of online video is to produce your own movies and then make money from building traffic from them. For example, when you upload videos to Google Video or YouTube, you can often list the URL of your website on the same page. This means if your video becomes popular and reaches the top 25, you can receive a large amount of traffic to your website, and this can allow you to make money through affiliate sales or advertising. In addition to this, those who are independent filmmakers can produce their own films for a low budget, and they can upload a "teaser" trailer onto Google video where people can preview their films. Their are endless possibilities for this technology. To show you the value of online video, I recently read that YouTube is worth $600 million.

Those who remember the success of the Blair Witch film can understand the true potential of internet video. No longer do independent filmmakers need to rely on Hollywood in order to become successful. They can build their own website and distribute their videos on the web. Even aspiring actors and actresses can star in their own movies, and they may even be able to become stars. With internet video, the sky is truly the limit. Some of you may be wandering what Hollywood is going to do in a situation like this. Well, I can tell you for a 100% certainty that Hollywood is shaking in their boots. As online video quality continues to improve, they will meet stiff competition.

However, Hollywood does have an ace up their sleeve. To fight against the new media of internet video, they will promote what is called holographic movies. As the name suggests, holographics movies will showcase holographic images to those who view them. As you can imagine, this technology will be expensive to implement, but Hollywood doesn't have much of a choice. If they wish to compete with the internet, they will need to invest in high end technology that is outside of the price range of most companies. However, their loss can be your gain. The internet is the new media, and those who take advantage of it will be the leaders of tomorrow.

Hollywood producers have made the mistake of underestimating the internet. Now that the video revolution is here, it will not die. It can only evolve, and those who wish to become successful on the internet will want to be a part of its evolution.

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