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The Truth About Education In The Face of The Internet

Many people fail to realize that the internet is changing more than just the way we get our information. It is literally changing the way we learn. A number of changes are taking place in technology that will change the face of education for years to come, and those who take advantage of these changes are very likely to find success. When you talk to most people about education, most of them will automatically assume that you are talking about going to college and getting a degree. However, this assumption is not quite correct. Many people mistakenly believe that "college" and "education" are synonymous. I don't agree with this, and society has played a role in this false belief.

Education and college are two completely different things. One can be educated without going to college. I recently got into a discussion about this with people at the Yahoo message boards. There was a big debate about going to college, and some people laughed at me when I told them that I only went two years in college. They bragged about how they were going for their masters degree in programming or engineering. However, they were silent when I told them that I'am an internet entrepreneur, and that not only have I built up excellent credit, I have actually begin hiring college students to work for me. The internet has changed the face of education, particularly in the fields of outsourcing. While outsourcing has traditionally been connected to fortune 500 companies, it can now be used by small businesses or even individuals to build their businesses.

Unfortunately, many fields such as programming, computer animation, engineering, and accounting can now be outsourced over the internet to countries such as India or China. It is no longer necessary to hire college graduates in the west who will charge fantastic amounts of money to offer their services. Many college students are graduating with engineering degrees only to find that many companies will not hire them because they can outsource projects instead. Whether or not you think outsourcing is right or wrong is irrelevant. The point I'm trying to make is that outsourcing is here to stay, and the advent of the internet has made it an affordable option for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

What this means is that any college students reading this should think carefully about their majors. If you are an engineering student, can you compete with a Chinese engineer who commands an average yearly salary of about $8,000? If you are a student majoring in computer programming, can you compete with a Serbian programmer who will charge $170 per project? If the answer is no, you will probably find it hard to get work once you graduate. The advent of the internet has given birth to KPO, or Knowledge Process Outsourcing, and those who understand this are the people who will be able to succeed in the global market. The internet has allowed almost everyone to access knowledge. It is what you do with the knowledge you have that will determine your success or defeat.

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