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About Metaphysical Churches

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Download U.S. Churches Database The Church of the Metaphysical is a branch of Christianity that was first established in the late 1950s. The founders of this church were Russell and Dorothy Flexer, a married couple who were the leaders of a group of ministers. The Church of the Metaphysical is a spin off of the Spiritualist Episcopal Church, and the first churches to be built were in Pennsylvania and Virginia. One importance concept of the Metaphysical church is the Shrine of the Master. This is a shrine that was designed to give people a higher sense of awareness. It is believed that a person can become aware the laws which are related to spiritual truth. The Church of the Metaphysical strives to teach these concepts in an everyday language.

Some of the most important parts of the teachings of this church involve Meditation, Vibration Energy, and the history of the Bible. There are not many things that the Metaphysical church shares with other Christian denominations. However, the goal of these teachings is to allow a person to live there life which is rich in fulfillment. As the name suggests, the Metaphysical church places an emphasis on the use of Metaphysics to describe its fate. Members of this church do not believe that death is the final end of a person. They believe that the person simply travels from one dimension to another. Because of this, many members of the Metaphysical church may not show normal signs of sadness upon the death of a member.

At the same time, life after death is something that many Christian denominations teach. However, the members of this church also believe in things such as the ability to communicate with the dead, along with telepathy, and this is something that separates them from the members of most Christian denominations. The teachings of the Metapysical church deal with a great deal of mysticism. The members of this church will also use hymns when they are in the process or providing worship. Like many religious organizations, the Metaphysical church has been responsible for the introduction of their own educational system. Those who are looking to study metaphysics have a number of options available, even though the school may not be accredited.

The Metapysical church is one that mixes a number of concepts into an cohesive whole. Some Christians would not agree with many of the things that this church teaches, and some would debate whether or not it is a Christian denomination at all. To some, many of the teachings of the Metaphysical church are directly connected to the occult, and has little connections to Christianity. In a nutshell, this religion is directly connected with the philosophy that attempts to explain the nature of reality. Members will be confronted with a number of concepts, and some of these may be related to ontology. Metaphysics is a subject that will also frequently deal with things that are not considered to be a part of physical reality. Some examples of this could be the topics of spirits or healing.

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