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iNeedHits Site and Service Review

Ineedhits.com is a company that was founded in 1996. Its goal was to help small businesses become more productive by increasing the amount of traffic that came to their websites. Clay Cook, the founder of the company, realized that simply building a website and waiting for traffic did not create success. To solve this problem, Ineedhits begin offering a service that was commissioned based. Today, Ineedhits.com has become a leader on the online industry, and it has helped a large number of small businesses become successful. One of the most impressive things about this company are the submission services that they offer for MSN, Google, and Yahoo.

Traffic, Traffic, Visitors!

Website TrafficIf you are small to medium sized business that is looking to make money on the web, one of the first challenges you will be confronted with is how to drive traffic to your website. Since over 70 percent of Internet traffic comes through the search engines, small businesses must figure out how to get their websites listed in the top search engine directories. Most importantly, they must figure out how to do it for an affordable cost. Ineedhits is impressive because they offer these businesses a money back guarantee. This is quite impressive for a business person who is looking for rapid results. However, the services offered by this company are beyond just getting your site listed in the search engines.

Once your site has been added, this company offers affordable optimization services. Getting your site listed in a search engine isn't enough to guarantee that your company will be a success. It is also important for a site to be optimized for the search engines. Because Ineedhits offers an affordable way to get your site listed, it can take some time for this to occur. However, the rewards of waiting will make the experience worthwhile, and you will save money. One service that the company is currently offering is pay per click advertising. Many customers have said that Ineedhits helped them more than most companies. I personally think that the company has built up a good image.

First Impressions

iNeedHits ReviewThe company logo is quite impressive, and the word "hits" conveys the idea that your website will receive "hits" by using the services that are offered by the company. I find the logo to be so impressive that it gives you a great idea of the level of service the company offers. In terms of the design of the company's website, they use a set amount of blue on each page. The menu has a gradient, and this gives the website a look that is sleek and smooth. The design and look for a company's website will determine whether or not customers will be interested in purchasing their services. Ineedhits has paid attention to this, and their site uses a design that is simple and sleek.

I like Ineedhits because of how fast it loads. Many people have said that the site loads fast even with dial up modems. This makes the website a sharp contrast to many websites today which use fancy flash graphics. The Ineedhits website will also use a lot of red, and the red colors will generally be used to specify important information such as advertisements or company news. The best thing about Ineedhits is that they do everything in moderation. There is not too much red, white, or blue on the pages. They blend together harmoniously in a way that makes the site exceptional and pleasing to the eye. After the design of the the company, the next thing customers will pay attention is the service the company offers.

Live Chat Integration

Live ChatIneedhits uses a live chat service to communicate with their customers. This is important for a number of reasons. First, it allows people from all over the world to contact customer service without having to call long distance. They can simply login from the comfort of their computers, and they can chat with a customer service representative to discuss any problems they may be having. Another important aspect of live service is that it allows Ineedhits to communicate with its customers for a low price. The customer service representatives seem to be very knowledgeable about SEO topics, and this shows that the company places an emphasis on the people it hires. When the customers inquired about this, they were told that the other pages would be optimized monthly for additional money.

Many customers have found this to be quite frustrating. While the site has great navigation, and the company has become a leader online, it is not perfect. A great emphasis is placed on marketing, and some people believe that this may dampen the service quality. However, it is nice to see that the homepage of the site doesn't have as much advertising as many other pages. Ineedhits has a site design that will appeal to many people who are not familiar with their services. This is important, because online companies must work hard to appeal to their customers. The best way to do this is to build a site that is professional in quality. However, the quality of the site design must be backed up with a great service. While Ineedhits has a great site design, I have heard a few complaints that have been made by their service. While this doesn't mean you shouldn't use them, it is important to look at the company from multiple angles.

Customer Service

Customer ServiceThe only downside I experienced with the live chat service is that the customer service representatives seem very interesting in selling you additional products. While this may be understandable given that it is a profitable company, even emails contain links to products and services, and some customers may find this to be slightly annoying. Some customers have also ran into problems with the Traffic Trifecta package. Some have paid $100 for optimization to find that only a few of their pages were optimized instead of the number promised. There are many people who have had great experiences with this company, and there are some who have had complaints. Overall, the company has been given a great reputation for their service and prices.

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Brendan McLeod says:

Nov 4th

A great company. I found them in 2002 when yahoo! still ruled. It was 1.99 for quick submit and my site was top 5 sites for a long time. I then was pulled away to phone book garbage. Big mistake. I am back and it is just as nice a service as it was.

I am curious if they own Namesecure as well, where www.kycrimlaw.com is hosted. That is my site, too, and the first one I have put up.

All winning here. I tell you, though, it is funny because I don't think their website has ever changed, but just some verbage and descriptions, ever so slight.

Way to go ineedhits.com. Louisville, Kentucky says hello.

EMFGroup.co says:

Jun 12th

This company offers several different types of SEO packages depending on the needs of the website owner. There are a lot of services out there that lack personal touch and can damage your business. Content, businesses with quality service can work just fine. Keep searching but avoid this one.

Robert says:

Nov 8th

The best way to know is to try them!

Nik says:

Mar 2nd

This site is a scam. Once they captured your credit card, they will charge you without permission from month to month. They do not refund money but cheat customers delivering no services

chris says:

Feb 17th

I am a new web site owner and looking for ways to increase the traffic to my site http://www.onlytvstands.co.uk
I was just about to sign up for the 1000 visits when the door bell sounded so went to answer the door, so the next day when back on the web looking for ineedhits and come across a lot of reviews and complaints about the company, after reading this very good blog I am not to sure if I should sign up or not? maybe the door bell was a sign???

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