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What Makes the Perfect Logo?

how to degign a logoA logo is not just a mere symbol, it is a representation of your company and all it stands for. A lot of well-known products are popularly known for their logos. The perfect logo makes up for good merchandising and can help you with your advertising. Louis Vuitton's monogram logo (the signature icon of the overlapped letters L and V) is much acclaimed in their monogram canvass bags, which is one of their best sellers. The 3 bar logo of Adidas and the Nike's swoosh are equivalent to quality sports goods.

A Logo is one of the key ingredients of branding. A good logo should catch the attention of your customers and should have a strong recall. It simply should create a strong impact. If you want to have a good first impression, a professional logo would make wonders for you.

If you were on the quest of creating the perfect logo for your business, the tips below would help you get started:

Keep your business in mind

Your logo should represent your business. Think about the products and services you offer. Create a slogan for your company. Keep these things in mind and think of a symbol that could coincide with your business' objectives and vision.

Be observant

When trying to create your own logo, it wouldn't hurt to be aware of your competitor's logo. Be observant of other company's branding within your industry. This way, you would make sure that you deviate from their logo so that yours would stand out and be unique.

Communicate using your logo

Your logo should not only be a simple graphic, it should convey a message. It should be something that your target audience can relate to.

Create a personality

Your business should have a certain character, so should your logo. If you have a website, it should coincide with your site's personality too. For instance, if you are a reseller of kid's toys, then your logo should play with bright colors and something that is related to children.


A good logo should be something that can be used a hundred times in a hundred different ways. This means that your logo should be versatile and you can use it in letterheads, business cards, website and headers or even in your delivery trucks. For your logo to be functional, it should be scalable. It should be recognizable even if you scale it down and use it as a favicon for your website. It should also look just as good if you enlarge it and use it in billboards or posters.

Choosing a logotype

There are several types of logo that you can use. The easiest one would be a font-based logo. The logos of Canon and Nokia used this logotype. Even if there are just text logos without an image, it still has a great impact and strong recall. You can also choose a logo that comes with a simple graphic. For example, if your company offers car repair service, a creative image of a car would suit you well.

Other geniuses can come up with great logo without attaching a meaning to it. Take for examples Nike's swoosh, it really doesn't mean a thing but because of the company's great marketing effort it has been synonymous to Nike and its quality sports products. If you have a start-up business, it is advisable to choose a logo that can talk to your customers. With just one look, your logo should define the products or services that you offer.

Choosing colors

Keep your colors at a minimum. Remember that printing a 2-color logo is much cheaper than printing documents with 5 or more colors. Also keep in mind that colors can dictate the mood of your logo. If you have a somewhat serious business, like offering medical trainings, you can go for dark colors. If you cater to kids or teens, warm and bright colors would suit you best.

Make sure that your logo would register well even if they are in black and white or grayscale. Remember that when your fax or photocopy documents with your logo, it would usually come without colors. It is advised that you make your logo in both black and white and full color.

Originality counts

What can you do to make your logo stand out and unique? Simple, just make things original. Clip arts are absolutely a no-no. If you use a clip-art, chances are you might have other a similar logo with other companies. Clip-arts are can also be easily copied and duplicated. Creating original art would absolutely make your logo unique and professional looking.

Stick to your original logo

The very reason why you should carefully choose your logo design is because you need to use the same logo for a long period of time. It is not advised to change your logo. Doing so would get your customers confused. When you create a logo, make sure to choose a design that is timeless and universal. A logo should last you about 10 years at a minimum.

Get professional help

The only way that you can get a professional logo, is to ask for professional help. Scouting for a good logo designer or a design company is not exactly a difficult task. You can look for them on the Internet or ask you friends to refer you to one.

When choosing a logo designer, the first thing that you have to do is to look at his portfolio. If you think what you have in mind is along the line of his work, then you might as well give him a try. Don't hesitate to shell out a good amount of money for your logo creation. Remember that you would use your logo for a long time, so take it as an investment. When working with a logo designer, make sure to coordinate your insights and your suggestions clearly. This would allow him to create your logo the way you want it.

Once you got the logo you want, make sure to guard it against duplication. Register it as your company trademark. With a good logo you would get instant recognition. The perfect logo is not just something that pleases your eyes, it should also embody what your company is all about.

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