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Africa Geocode Data (31 Lists)

Africa Geocode Data

Africa is one of the Earth’s seven continents. It is the second largest continent and covers twenty-two percent (almost one fourth) of the Earth’s surface. The Sahara Desert in Northern Africa is the world’s largest desert. The Congo Rainforest is in the middle of the African continent. Africa’s major rivers are the Nile, the Niger, and the Congo.

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Algeria Geocode Database (56,810 Records)


This Geocode database for Algeria contains the geographic features of Algeria. Dataset Includes the Latitude and Longitude of Each Geographic Feature. This dataset is Perfect for Geocoding Applications. Database also contains all Feature Classification...


Region Code, Unique Feature Identifier, Unique Name Identifier, Unique Geospatial Reference Coordinate (GRC) Identifier, Latitude, Longitude, Universal Transverse Mercator, Joint Operations Graphic, Feature Classification, Feature Designation Code, Populated Place Classification, Primary Country Code, First Order Division, Full Name, Short Name, Description, Type. See Record Information Below for full field descriptions.

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