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U.S. Churches Database Content
U.S. Churches Database Content

About Church of Christ Churches

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Download U.S. Churches Database The Church of Christ is a group of Christian churches that act independently of other organizations. Those who are members of this church express their believe in the original church that was founded by Jesus, which is much more simple than the highly elaborate institutions which exist today. In the United States, the existence of the Church of Christ is directly connected to what many call the Restoration Movement which started in the 18th century. The Restoration Movement was initiated by Alexander Campbell and his father Thomas Campbell. A number of attempts have been made throughout history to return to the original church structure that was established by Christ.

Unlike Catholics, members of the Church of Christ do not believe it is necessary to trace a lineage back to the original church that was created by Jesus. The reason why members of the Church of Christ believe this is because they see the church as being a spiritual institution rather than a secular institution. It should be noted that even the Church of Christ has been split into smaller groups due to disagreements that have occured due to different beliefs. However, there are a number of things that all Churches of Christ have in common. First, they do not believe in using creeds that do not originate with the Bible. They also do not practice baptizing infants. They will only offer baptism to adults of young people.

The congregations of the Church of Christ are only headed by elders who are male, and The Lord's Supper is also followed on a weekly basis. A number of studies indicated that the membership for the Churches of Christ was over 2 million in 2001, which makes it one of the largest Christian groups in the United States. Even though their are historical connections between the Church of Christ and the Presbyterian groups, those who are members do not refer to themselves as being Protestants. The reason for this is because the word "Protestant" is based on the word "Protest," and members of Church of Christ do not see themselves as protesting anything. While some would group the Church of Christ into a denomination, members do not consider themselves to fall under this category.

The goal of many members of the Church of Christ is to become members of the group of Jesus that is described in the New Testament. They are not interested in denominations because they feel the concept of a denomination is contrary to the goals of the original church. A number of debates have occured that deal with whether of not the Church of Christ should be considered a denomination. The Restoration Movement that led to the founding of the Church of Christ was itself and offshoot of the Second Great Awakening. The Church of Christ was fully established in 1832. While the membership of the church continued to grow after this period, it was halted by the emergence of the American Civil War.Church of Christ. One of the most distinctive things about the Churches of Christ is that they do not have a central headquarters.

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