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Comic Book Stores Database Content
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Comic Book Stores Database Content
Comic Book Stores Database Content

About Comic Book Collecting

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Download Comic Book Stores Database Comic book collecting is the process of collecting comic books for the profit and financial appreciate of owning the work. The comic book industry became very popular in the US during the 1940s, and the primary reason for this was the introduction of characters such as Batman and Superman. Prior to the 1960s, there are two companies that have become prominent in this industry, and they are DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Both companies have been extremely successful, and have generated billions of dollar in the sale of books, movies, comic books, action figures, and other merchandise. It should also be noted that Japanese companies have recently become a powerful force in the comic book industry over the last decade, and manga has become very popular in the US.

The popularity of comic books led to a number of conventions being held in their honor. One of the most popular comic book conventions today is the San Diego Comic Con, and many celebrities are known to make appearances at this event. Comic book collectors will generally fall under two categories. There are those who collect comic books out of pure interest, and there are those who will collect comic books for the purpose of earning a profit. Due to the fact that many comic books are fragile, an industry have grown around selling products that can protect them. Most comic book collectors consider these products to be an investment. To find out the value of a comic book, a number of price guides are offered.

The three factors which determine the value of a particular comic are the demand, the condition of the manuscript, and the rarity of the item. The advent of the Internet has greatly contributed to the comic book collection industry. The comic book collection industry reached its highest levels during the 1980s. The release of the film Batman in 1989 also created a boom for the comic book industry. Traditionally, the most valuable comics are those which are old and in good condition. For example, the comic book which features Superman for the first time may be valued at thousands of dollars. Many comic book companies would cater to the niche market by offering special copies of any issue that would feature hologram covers or glow in the dark features.

Most comic book collectors will buy two copies of a comic book. The first copy will be used for their reading and enjoyment, and the other comic will remain sealed to be held in mint condition. The Wizard Magazine is a popular publication that is greatly responsible for fueling the speculator market. It would feature a list of popular comics that were listed in the top 10. Like any collection item, comic book collectors must be patient when waiting for their manuscripts to increase in value. Most of the comics produced in the 1990s have not yet became valuable, but this may be change in the next 15 to 20 years, as the copies become rare and harder to find.

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