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Dictionary Domain Names Expiring Oct 31, 2013

This list contains all of the domain names that are scheduled to delete on October 31st, 2013 Preform special actions, and do research related to each domain name using the tool links provided.

October 31st, 2013 Droplist Statistics

Total Domains 86,202

Dictionary Listed 122

Page Ranked 5,512

Alexa Ranked 1,840

Clean Domains 68,191

Has Numbers 9,810

Has Hyphens 9,605

.asia 201

.biz 1,853

.com 59,477

.info 9,101

.mobi 612

.net 8,360

.org 5,465

.us 1,133


Some of the most valuable and sought after expired domains are dictionary domains. These deleted domains are all words that can be found in the dictionary. This makes them very broad in scope and much more appealing to a wider audience of potential buyers and developers. These domains tend to be some of the easiest to sell simply due to their memorability.

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2013-10-31 Dictionary Expired Droplist


SEARCH LIST seaches the full list - non filtered

Search List

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Domain Alexa Dict PR Tools
advisable.info n/a Y
assails.info n/a Y
baptists.org n/a Y
bosporus.biz n/a Y
brutishness.com n/a Y
bubs.biz n/a Y
buries.info n/a Y
calabashs.com n/a Y
callowness.com n/a Y
cantankerousness.com n/a Y
censoriousness.com n/a Y
chivalrousness.com n/a Y
churlishness.com n/a Y
cliquishness.com n/a Y
clownish.info n/a Y
colorlessness.com n/a Y
confederating.com n/a Y
convivial.us n/a Y
credulousness.com n/a Y
deconstruct.us n/a Y
disconcertingly.info n/a Y
dissident.us n/a Y
distrust.info n/a Y
dogmatize.info n/a Y
effeteness.com n/a Y
enfold.org n/a Y
ethereally.com n/a Y
eventuate.biz n/a Y
expectorations.com n/a Y
expressing.info n/a Y
faddy.info n/a Y
fagin.info n/a Y
fatuousness.com n/a Y
favored.net n/a Y
ferny.info n/a Y
fetidness.com n/a Y
fetor.info n/a Y
fined.us n/a Y
furtiveness.com n/a Y
garrulousness.com n/a Y
gauntness.com n/a Y
glibness.com n/a Y
greengrocer.us n/a Y
hamlet.info n/a Y
harmonizer.net n/a Y
hassle.biz n/a Y
honorableness.com n/a Y
hookah.us n/a Y
ignitions.net n/a Y
impersonated.net n/a Y
inconsiderateness.com n/a Y
incontrovertibly.com n/a Y
incumbent.us n/a Y
insufficiently.info n/a Y
intricate.info n/a Y
jefferson.asia n/a Y
knickknack.us n/a Y
lifer.biz n/a Y
lugubriousness.com n/a Y
makeweight.net n/a Y
martinet.asia n/a Y
misted.info n/a Y
monotonousness.com n/a Y
muppet.info n/a Y
muslin.us n/a Y
obdurateness.com n/a Y
outbalance.net n/a Y
ozs.asia n/a Y
parasols.us n/a Y
pastiness.com n/a Y
poly.asia n/a Y
pouts.info n/a Y
psoriasiss.net n/a Y
quarrelsomeness.com n/a Y
remorselessness.com n/a Y
renewable.asia n/a Y
restiveness.com n/a Y
rigorousness.com n/a Y
ruefulness.com n/a Y
salamis.info n/a Y
segas.us n/a Y
setups.info n/a Y
shackles.us 9,200,052 Y
shaky.us n/a Y
siemens.info n/a Y
signature.asia n/a Y
skunk.asia n/a Y
skunks.asia n/a Y
skunks.mobi n/a Y
slavishness.com n/a Y
smelling.info n/a Y
softy.mobi n/a Y
spigots.biz n/a Y
spuriousness.com n/a Y
staidness.com n/a Y
standpoints.net n/a Y
steeliness.com n/a Y
stoniness.com n/a Y
strenuousness.com n/a Y
subatomic.us n/a Y
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