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Doctors & Physicians Database Content
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Doctors & Physicians Database Content
Doctors & Physicians Database Content

About Certified Nursing Assistants

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Download Doctors & Physicians Database Certified nursing assistants (CNA) are the people who work within the area of care giving. CNA’s are sometimes interchangeably referred to as home health aides, nurse’s aides, personal care assistants, and patient care technicians. They are usually employed at nursing homes, adult day health centers, hospitals, assisted home facilities, and even residential houses.

Certified nursing assistants work directly under the supervision of a registered nurse. They work closely with the patient and they are tasked to report all vital information regarding the patient’s condition. To become a CNA, one has to go through an intensive training process. The training programs are facilitated by professional nurses and may run anywhere from 2 weeks to a full month, with a series of actual hospital training to supplement it.

These trainings are offered through community colleges, the Red Cross, or by the medical facility itself. All the basics of a nurse’s duty are taught. These include dressing, bathing, feeding, toileting, and assisting patients. It is the job of a CNA to get the vital signs of the patient, perform Post Mortem care on them, and document all the care provided to the patient on a daily basis.

But these are not the most important task of a CNA. It is also their duty to ensure that their patient is very comfortable and is happy, despite their medical condition. Being a CNA requires genuine compassion and absolute patience. The job of a Certified Nursing Assistant is very challenging, as it requires both mental and physical skills. But it is quite a fulfilling job too – as they care for the people who are in need the most.

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