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BBCode Converter - BBCode to HTML and Back (Forum Code)

BBCode Converter Convert BBCode to HTML or HTML to BBCode. Our Live Bulletin Board Post Converter will allow you to quickly convert your Forum Post Formats on the fly.

At some stage you will probably want to post messages into various forums and bulletin boards on various web sites that you are visiting. Some of these boards will allow you to use HTML code while others use a modified version called bbCode (for example Bravenet forums can allow HTML while PHPbb and vBulletin forums use bbCode). Depending on the board you may not get the result that you want if you are pasting content from a web page or other pre prepared source.

Novice webmasters will probably notice this most if they are trying to get help with HTML code from their web page and paste a copy of the code into a forum that allows HTML input. They will find that instead of displaying the code as text that the code is treated as part of the page content. Pasting the code into the below text box and pressing the "HTML to Text" button will solve this by converting the code into text that can be pasted into such forums.

More advanced users who regularly visit forums to help out other users (and advertise their site via a signature link at the bottom of their posts) may have pre prepared answers to frequently asked questions. They may have prepared these using either HTML or bbCode in order to bold certain sections or to include links to web pages. In order for these to display correctly when pasted into a forum they need to use the appropriate coding method used by that forum.

BBCode Input
HTML Output

Notcy says:

Jan 19th

Great!Thank you for this!

wided djendoubi says:

Aug 24th

It is an amazing tool

Peter Sommers says:

Sep 16th

First converter, from 3 versions found online, which can support Color-Style in text - THANK YOU!

Billal Hossain says:

Aug 1st

This is an excellent tool. Thanks

Si Gn Software says:

Nov 18th

i'm working about sms marketing, and my works needs this software, it's very good with me.

Sam says:

Jan 27th

The forum I was posting in decided to screw up and convert my entire BBcode post to HTML. This helped me fix that up, thanks a million!

Tcll says:

Nov 1st

looking for BBC to HTML src to put into a forum plugin...
not what I expected...

Yegor says:

Aug 13th

Very good tool!
But, it cannot convert bbcodes with capital letters, like [/URL]. Some forums are using this bbcodes.

AK says:

Aug 7th


Judd says:

Jul 30th

This is just an excellent tool. Thanks

Mindblade says:

Sep 16th

Doesn't work with table tags, e.g., etc.

Rina says:

Jul 11th


KleptoKat says:

Jun 28th

Excellent. Saves a lot of time replacing things with notepad.

.... says:

May 4th

So it'll give me the preview, but not the code?

angelo says:

Apr 26th

good tool :)

Burt says:

Mar 15th

Works in preview mode

The Soulless says:

Feb 24th

Thanks ^^

FelixVeilands says:

Feb 14th

nice! Thank you!

andy says:

Nov 23rd

very good

Phm Thnh says:

Aug 19th


Chaz says:

Aug 4th

pretty usefull

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