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Whitespace Remover - Clean Spaces, Tabs, Blank Lines

Whitespace Remover Whitespace removal eliminates unnecessary spaces, tabs, and returns your HTML for faster downloads.

Type or Paste your text / code below. Multiple Spaces, Tabs, and Line Feeds (CR - Carriage Returns, CRLF - Carriage Return and Line Feed, LF - Line Feed) are removed and trimmed based on the options you select. This tool will save your bandwidth and help page load times by removing extra white-space from HTML code.

Cleaned output is automatically updated as text and options change, if you right click and paste content, you may need to click the 'refresh cleaner' button to update the results.

Remove White-Space:
Carriage Return & Line Feed Removal (if selected)
Remove HTML: <!-- comment --> | <tag></tag> | <tag/>
Remove Javascript: // line comment | /* multi */
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Original Text/Code
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Fellyp S. says:

May 30th

Thank you so much!! Saved a lot of time!

Jessica says:

Mar 3rd

Thank you! Saved me.

Ayan Sengupta says:

Oct 8th

Thanks a ton! Saves hours of my time, regularly!!

aaa says:

May 27th

helped me save some time!

Arshad khan says:

Apr 15th

Thanks a lot .. Saved my time ..

Bob Did says:

Aug 18th

Should also have a download link for results because content is truncated when copying from the text box. Thx.

Bob Did says:

Aug 18th

Never mind my last comment, the problem is actually with my text editor. Since I removed all line breaks all the HTML was on a single line and it was too much for the text editor :)

Greg G. says:

Apr 26th

This rocks!!!! Saved my butt and loads of time. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!! I needed exactly this and use it to strip out all the "stuff" to be able use html in SharePoint workflow emails.

Nota Fakename says:

Jan 22nd


great tool! Thank you so much for creating it!

- Ilkka

Floyd Sears says:

Jan 17th

It did in fact clean the white space, which had become very troublesome. Cleaned HTML code re-loaded. Web form seems to work OK. Thank you.

Jana says:

Dec 7th

Brilliant tool! Thank you.

Jordan says:

Sep 23rd

Love this! Saves bandwidth. Pages load faster.
Thank you for this tool.

U4D says:

Aug 30th

Very handy thanks :)

Shifty says:

Apr 13th

Brilliant, nice time save there!

ak says:

Aug 21st

good software

Scotty G says:

Jul 7th

Great resource, always comes in handy now and again for cleaning up code especially. A note for IE users, if your running in 'Compability Mode' this tool does not work, so you will have to toggle it off.

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