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Using Live Support Software to bolster visitor confidence

Want to offer your customers a little something extra for their e-commerce websites? Something that will increase the quality of their website, impressing their customers by providing direct contact with your sales and support teams? Provide Support’s live chat program offers an outstanding return on the initial investment – both for you and your clients. What’s more, it is incredibly easy to sell, as the benefits are obvious to all involved. Your clients will benefit from an increase in sales and satisfaction from their customers, while you will be quite surprised at your own rapid increase in profits.

The live chat system offered by Provide Support is incredibly user friendly. It implements a Live Assistance feature on the website. When surfers press this button, a new, private message window opens up featuring blank information fields. The surfer inputs a question and clicks on “Start Chat.” The information is reviewed by the webmaster, who then accepts the request of the surfer, and real time text messaging is used to enable communication between the two parties.

Of course, the Live Chat component is but one aspect of the overall package. Bonus features include multilingual support, traffic monitoring, a spell checker for five different languages, chat transcripts, call transfer, pop-ups and sound alerts, multilingual user dictionaries, proactive chats, operator profiles, idle detection, canned responses, and a whole lot more. Live Chat is used in numerous industries around the world, owing to its inherent flexibility.

What’s more, Provide Support offers an attractive affiliate program. Once you join up, you’ll receive 30% of the first payment for all accounts created via your referral. You then receive a further 30% of all subscription payments by the particular client. So if a client you refer signs up three operators, making a total of $70 for three months, you get 30% of that -- $21. The payments will continue for the length of that client’s subscription. You can readily monitor your referrals utilizing the accessible built-in tools on the Provide Support website. Your referrals can sign up by simply adding the name of your account after the website. For example: http://www.providesupport.com/partner/odditysoftware

Your own account is then permanently associated with that new, referred account. Now that you understand how it works, let’s look at some of the main benefits of becoming a Provide Support partner.

The main advantage, of course, is that you are simply providing a great, quality service that is much needed in cyberspace today – and getting to benefit financially from the sale – oftentimes in a major way. As popular as the Internet is these days, customers frequently demand personal assistance. Online shops are no different from real life shops, in this respect. Don’t let customers down by not being there when they need you – otherwise, they very well might end up taking their business elsewhere. After all, if your site isn’t providing live support, chances are great that your competitor’s site is.

We all realize that different websites have different needs. This is why we enable clients to customize their Live Assistance buttons, even uploading your own images in order to integrate it harmoniously with your website. This is why website designers love us!

What’s more, Live Chat is unbelievably easy to implement. Customers don’t need any special plug-ins or software. All you have to do is insert a tiny snippet of HTML in to the source code of the web page. The process of loading the web page will not be stalled by the process – it will occur at the same rate as usual.

Live Chat software comes equipped with numerous features that will make the process even more exciting and useful for business purposes. Automatic chat transcripts will be e-mailed to you, operator-to-operator chats are enabled, as is proactive chat invitation and pre-chat surveys.

This is a highly secure method of satisfying one’s clients’ needs. 99.9% uptime is guaranteed – we monitor the system around the clock to make sure that all glitches are eliminated. A private conferencing system can be set up for paying clients. Sensitive information can be protected with Provide Support’s industry standard SSL encryption.

This Live Chat program is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Chat requests can be managed and accepted from any location around the world. As long as your customers have a machine hooked up to the Internet, this system will work for them. Settings and customizations are stored in our database. You never have to worry about issues like bandwidth usage, server capacity, upgrades, or other technical issues – we’ve got it taken care of!

Finally, customers are always happy to discover how cost effective using Provide Support Live Chat software is as a sales tool. It’s an excellent method of lowering operating costs, boosting client loyalty, and increasing sales. And it requires minimal investment. For the incredible rate of $15 per operator per month, Provide Support pays for itself after one sale. The most you can spend is $396 a year for ten operators. And what you see is what you get. There are no hidden fees or extra costs. Provide Support is unlike the competition, because we do not charge you on a per chat basis, or based on the websites where the software is installed.

Who uses Provide Support Live Chat? This software has proven to be especially effective for web businesses operating in the following industries: real estate, travel, web design, education, car sales, web hosting, insurance, consulting, e-commerce, and Internet auctions. Basically any business that relies largely or wholly on the Internet as a primary source of income benefits tremendously from Provide Support’s Live Chat software. Within one or two months, you will notice a boost in sales thanks to this cost effective sales tool.

But don’t take our word for it. Look around on the Internet. Are your favorite sites offering live chat support? Chances are the more successful ones are. Why not give it a try?

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