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UK Nursery Schools Database Content
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UK Nursery Schools Database Content
UK Nursery Schools Database Content

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Children in the United Kingdom will begin attending nursery schools once they reach the age of three. Many of these children will continue attending nursery school until they have reached the age of five. The process of attending nursery school is commonly referred to as being the Foundation State. The students will attend school both full time and part time. When the student is first starting nursery school, they will go through a class that is set up by the LA, or Local Authority. Independent schools may be responsible for this as well. Once the child is in the advanced stages of Foundation, they may begin attending what is called a Reception class.

The curriculum for nursery schools in the United Kingdom will consist of activities that are design for basic learning. The curriculum must be able to meet the goals of the children. The primary goal for this stage is to get the children into a structure where they can begin learning various subjects. Different children in the class will be at various stages of learning, and this is dependent on a number of factors, including their age. It is important for students to develop their mathematical abilities, and the teachers will also promote social well being. It is also expected that the students will begin to have an advanced understanding of the world around them. One of the most important goals of nursery schools is to teach children the importance of creativity and their communication skills.

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