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Truck Stops Database Content
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Truck Stops Database Content
Truck Stops Database Content

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A truck stop is a spot that can often be found on a busy road. As the name implies, it is a place where trucks can stop and park. Basic truck stops must have a fuel center and a convenience store where drivers can pick up supplies and refuel their trucks. It is also essential for the area to be capable of holding a minimum of five trucks. It is not uncommon for large truck stops to hold as many as 100 trucks. Elaborate truck stops may offer a number of other features, and these are designed so that truck drivers may groom themselves. Truck drivers are requires to spend a certain period of time resting, and truck stops are the designated location for this purpose. Many truck stops will have telephones that can allow truck drivers to make calls.

Newer truck stops offer a number of impressive amenities for drivers. Many have places where drivers can access the Internet through their laptops, and bathrooms and showers may be available as well. To earn a business from truck drivers, many restaurants owners have strategically built their establishments near truck stops, which insures their continual business from drivers who are assigned to the route. It is also common to find many motels that are near truck stops, and they are a frequent target for fast food restaurants. Because truck drivers are on the road for extensive periods of time, a number of stores will sell them important supplies such as CB equipment, audio books, and batteries.

A truck stop is a place that has a fueling station and a convenience store. This is the most basic of truck stops and many nowadays offer more for the trucker to relax and refresh him or herself. Along with a double fuelling station for the trucks, truck stops have special areas dedicated to truck drivers where they can eat in a restaurant, take a shower, use the Internet and generally rejuvenate.

Some truck stops include phones, video arcades, movie theaters, and fast food joints to cater for all needs. They are not just limited to truck drivers, and welcome regular car drivers or 'four-wheelers' as they are known amongst truckers, although there are separate areas for them within the truck stops. The larger truck stops that offer retail stores are very well equipped and they have many things that are aligned with a trucker's interest. These items include maps, 24-volt products such as coffee makers and frying pans. Due to advances in technology; satellite radios are becoming more popular.

The majority of truck stops are clean, safe, and enjoyable for people. Those seedy and dangerous truck stops traditionally depicted have since been long gone and now these stops, and more recently travel centers, are a home away from home for these truckers. Spending a lot of time on the road and away from one's family and friends can be grueling for truckers, making truck stops that one bit easier to deal with driving long distances.

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Sample Data 2,085 Total Records

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Records Information

Truck Stops in AL - 56
Truck Stops in AR - 57
Truck Stops in AZ - 48
Truck Stops in CA - 84
Truck Stops in CO - 48
Truck Stops in CT - 8
Truck Stops in DE - 2
Truck Stops in FL - 69
Truck Stops in GA - 85
Truck Stops in IA - 51
Truck Stops in ID - 30
Truck Stops in IL - 62
Truck Stops in IN - 76
Truck Stops in KS - 72
Truck Stops in KY - 74
Truck Stops in LA - 84
Truck Stops in MA - 7
Truck Stops in MD - 12
Truck Stops in ME - 10
Truck Stops in MI - 45
Truck Stops in MN - 36
Truck Stops in MO - 79
Truck Stops in MS - 58
Truck Stops in MT - 22
Truck Stops in NC - 38
Truck Stops in ND - 17
Truck Stops in NE - 46
Truck Stops in NH - 10
Truck Stops in NJ - 29
Truck Stops in NM - 43
Truck Stops in NV - 31
Truck Stops in NY - 45
Truck Stops in OH - 77
Truck Stops in OK - 67
Truck Stops in OR - 26
Truck Stops in PA - 66
Truck Stops in RI - 2
Truck Stops in SC - 36
Truck Stops in SD - 33
Truck Stops in TN - 62
Truck Stops in TX - 86
Truck Stops in UT - 32
Truck Stops in VA - 34
Truck Stops in WA - 34
Truck Stops in WI - 56
Truck Stops in WV - 5
Truck Stops in WY - 34
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