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International Hotels Database Content
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International Hotels Database Content
International Hotels Database Content

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21,349 Database Records

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A hotel is an institution that provides paid accommodation to clients, usually on a short-term basis. Hotels come in a number of different sizes and shapes, and they are located all over the world.

Hotels, especially more nowadays, offer additional services to clients. These services can include restaurants, bars, laundry services, swimming pool, and gym. Due to the remote working technology boom, more and more hotels offer 24 hour Internet access (WiFi is particularly common in big cities), and high tech conference centers.

Hotels differ from motels in the sense that motels cater specifically to motorists, whereas hotels tend to be a little more up market and a car is not necessary to get to it. Hotels are more private institutions and generally cost more than motels.

The term 'hotel' generally signifies the same meaning all over the world, but can mean different things in different countries. For example, in Australia, a hotel can be an establishment that acts as a bar or public house without offering accommodation. In India, a hotel can be simply a posh restaurant where one can dine formally. The significance of this comes from up market hotels traditionally having equally up market restaurants in its vicinity.

A hostel is a cheaper variation of hotels that is more common nowadays, and they commonly cater to backpackers and students. Rooms are shared typically with between 3 and 6 others dorm style. Additional services are not usually offered, although some offer light, continental breakfasts at no additional cost.

Hotels and Accommodations Funeral Homes Fitness Centers Beauty Salons Jewelry Stores Smoke Shops

Table Schema Database Field Statistics

  • Hotel Name
  • Suburb
  • Currency Code
  • City
  • Country
  • Rating
  • (summary of hotel)
  • Address
  • Room Facilities
  • Hotel Facilities
  • Extra Information
  • location information
  • for ex. 5 km from airport)
  • Minimum Rate

Sample Data 21,349 Total Records

An Excel Spreadsheet has been created with some sample data from this database. You can download this sample spreadsheet here: International Hotels Database Sample

Records Information

Andorra Hotels: 47
Antigua & Barbuda Hotels: 2
Argentina Hotels: 140
Australia Hotels: 1067
Austria Hotels: 136
Bahamas Hotels: 17
Bahrain Hotels: 19
Barbados Hotels: 19
Belgium Hotels: 138
Bolivia Hotels: 30
Brazil Hotels: 192
Brunei Hotels: 6
Bulgaria Hotels: 25
Cambodia Hotels: 49
Canada Hotels: 313
Chile Hotels: 100
China Hotels: 1654
Colombia Hotels: 12
Cook Islands Hotels: 7
Costa Rica Hotels: 31
Croatia Hotels: 39
Cyprus Hotels: 48
Czech Republic Hotels: 187
Denmark Hotels: 76
Dominican Republic Hotels: 88
Ecuador Hotels: 8
Egypt Hotels: 38
Estonia Hotels: 10
Fiji Hotels: 38
Finland Hotels: 62
France Hotels: 1651
French Polynesia Hotels: 15
Germany Hotels: 450
Greece Hotels: 349
Grenada Hotels: 2
Guadeloupe Hotels: 3
Guam Hotels: 15
Hong Kong Hotels: 88
Hungary Hotels: 103
Iceland Hotels: 35
India Hotels: 150
Indonesia Hotels: 262
Iran Hotels: 4
Ireland Hotels: 325
Israel Hotels: 84
Italy Hotels: 1871
Jamaica Hotels: 12
Japan Hotels: 281
Jordan Hotels: 17
Kenya Hotels: 9
Kuwait Hotels: 13
Laos Hotels: 14
Latvia Hotels: 20
Lebanon Hotels: 23
Lithuania Hotels: 14
Luxembourg Hotels: 14
Macau Hotels: 22
Malaysia Hotels: 158
Maldives Hotels: 23
Malta Hotels: 30
Mauritius Hotels: 13
Mexico Hotels: 179
Monaco Hotels: 22
Morocco Hotels: 86
Myanmar Hotels: 37
Nepal Hotels: 34
Netherlands Hotels: 194
New Caledonia Hotels: 9
New Zealand Hotels: 481
Northern Mariana Islands Hotels: 5
Norway Hotels: 115
Oman Hotels: 14
Palau Hotels: 1
Panama Hotels: 20
Paraguay Hotels: 18
Peru Hotels: 115
Philippines Hotels: 76
Poland Hotels: 51
Portugal Hotels: 507
Puerto Rico Hotels: 13
Qatar Hotels: 5
Romania Hotels: 25
Russia Hotels: 298
Saint Lucia Hotels: 1
Samoa Hotels: 3
Saudi Arabia Hotels: 17
Seychelles Hotels: 10
Singapore Hotels: 97
Slovakia Hotels: 19
Slovenia Hotels: 15
South Africa Hotels: 104
South Korea Hotels: 143
Spain Hotels: 2112
Sri Lanka Hotels: 37
Sweden Hotels: 127
Switzerland Hotels: 159
Taiwan Hotels: 142
Thailand Hotels: 504
Tonga Hotels: 2
Trinidad & Tobago Hotels: 4
Tunisia Hotels: 39
Turkey Hotels: 166
United Arab Emirates Hotels: 95
United Kingdom Hotels: 1290
United States Hotels: 3161
Uruguay Hotels: 19
Vanuatu Hotels: 18
Venezuela Hotels: 15
Vietnam Hotels: 77
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