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Hong Kong Companies Database Content
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Hong Kong Companies Database Content
Hong Kong Companies Database Content

Hong Kong Companies Database v.1.0.0

36,117 Database Records

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Business Directory with 36,000 business contacts in Hong Kong including company names, website, telephone, fax, address ,email, under hundreds categories for manufacturer companies , production businesses, import businesses, buyer and buying companies, sellers, exporters, and many more.

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Table Schema Database Field Statistics

  • ID
  • Company Name
  • Company Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address
  • Website
  • Business Classification
  • Business Category

Sample Data 36,117 Total Records

An Excel Spreadsheet has been created with some sample data from this database. You can download this sample spreadsheet here: Hong Kong Companies Database Sample

Records Information

Hong Kong Additive Companies: 81
Hong Kong Agricultural Products , Livestock & Poul Companies: 862
Hong Kong Agro-Chemicals Companies: 358
Hong Kong Ammunition & Weapons Companies: 20
Hong Kong Audio-Visual Products Companies: 528
Hong Kong Babies' Footwear Companies: 84
Hong Kong Baby Food Companies: 14
Hong Kong Baby Products Companies: 1515
Hong Kong Baby Toys Companies: 360
Hong Kong Cameras & Photographic Equipment Companies: 160
Hong Kong Cereals & Cereal Preparations Companies: 356
Hong Kong Chemicals ( incl Plastic Materials ) Companies: 307
Hong Kong Computer & Peripherals Companies: 730
Hong Kong Computer Animation Companies: 729
Hong Kong Computer Games Companies: 570
Hong Kong Consumer Electronics ( Misc ) Companies: 775
Hong Kong Digital Entertainment Companies: 212
Hong Kong Electrical Appliances Companies: 478
Hong Kong Electronics & Electricals Companies: 528
Hong Kong Electroplating Chemical Companies: 90
Hong Kong Environmental Protection Companies: 716
Hong Kong Essential Oil / Cosmetic Chemicals Companies: 194
Hong Kong Event Organisation Companies: 203
Hong Kong Film Companies: 70
Hong Kong Food & Beverage Companies: 890
Hong Kong Food Chemicals Companies: 227
Hong Kong Footwear Companies: 1050
Hong Kong Fruits & Vegetables Companies: 388
Hong Kong Garment, Textiles & Accessories Companies: 690
Hong Kong Gas Companies: 21
Hong Kong Giftware, Premium & Hobbies Companies: 302
Hong Kong Hardware, Building Materials & Facilitie Companies: 223
Hong Kong Health & Medical Care Companies: 282
Hong Kong Household & Home Decoration Products Companies: 427
Hong Kong Household Chemicals Companies: 542
Hong Kong Industrial Chemicals Companies: 1540
Hong Kong Information Technology Companies: 1360
Hong Kong Infrastructure & Real Estate Companies: 2
Hong Kong Jewellery (Fine & Imitation) Companies: 927
Hong Kong Laboratory Science Companies: 571
Hong Kong Lighting Products & Electrical Home Appl Companies: 974
Hong Kong Logistics & Transport Services Companies: 44
Hong Kong Machinery Companies: 92
Hong Kong Machinery - Agricultural Companies: 50
Hong Kong Optical (Eyewear) Companies: 922
Hong Kong Packaging Companies: 1286
Hong Kong Petrochemicals Companies: 331
Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Chemicals Companies: 336
Hong Kong Photographic & Optical Equipment Companies: 1070
Hong Kong Plastic Materials ( incl Resins Sheeting ) Companies: 1453
Hong Kong Professional Services Companies: 19
Hong Kong Raw Materials Companies: 406
Hong Kong Safety & Security Companies: 1996
Hong Kong Sporting Rifles Companies: 8
Hong Kong Sports Goods Companies: 498
Hong Kong Stationery, Books, Printed Items & Publi Companies: 218
Hong Kong Stock Lots Companies: 422
Hong Kong Telecommunications Companies: 2274
Hong Kong Textile Chemicals Companies: 399
Hong Kong Toys & Games Companies: 1105
Hong Kong Transport Equipment, Parts, Components & Companies: 1570
Hong Kong Travel Goods & Bags Companies: 760
Hong Kong Watches & Clocks Companies: 502
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