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D.C. Updated Businesses Database 01/07 Content
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D.C. Updated Businesses Database 01/07 Content
D.C. Updated Businesses Database 01/07 Content

D.C. Updated Businesses Database 01/07 v.1.0.0

47,634 Database Records

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This business database is available for immediate download and contains updated business listings for all District of Columbia businesses that filed changes of demographic, location or contact information for the month of January 2007. Complete D.C. marketing information is available for each of the businesses in this website content database. This District of Columbia download database can be purchased as a single item using the links provided or you can subscribe to our Updated Businesses Database Service.

Business development grew strongly in Washington DC during 2006. A number of statistics indicate that well over 30,000 jobs were added during the first quarter. By the second quarter of 2006, Washington DC experienced a growth rate of 1.5 percent. While it was a bit lower than the first quarter, it was still higher than the national average. The employment growth in this region continued to remain stable throughout 2006, outpacing many other states in the U.S. In addition to Washington DC, economic growth was particularly pronounced in the Bethesda metropolitan center. The businesses which grew the fastest were those related to research and development, as well as the service sector.

The unemployment rate for Washington DC was approximately 4.1 percent, which is lower than the national average. The businesses in the Washington DC area created approximately 62,000 jobs by August. However, it should also be noted that nearby states such as Maryland have experienced a deceleration in job growth, and this may also be reflected in Washington DC. Real estate has increased in this region, and the real estate market stood at 9%, much higher than the national average of about 7%. It should also be noted that the rental industry has become tighter. The sale of real estate has went from sellers to buyers.

Overall, the sale of single family homes fell in Washington DC. In contrast, the sale of condominiums have continued to increase. While the appreciation of housing is much higher than the national average, it fell to over 16% by the second quarter of 2006. In the Bethesda region, the appreciation of housing fell to below 12%. The price of housing will continue to be heavily dependent on employment and interest rates, as well as the cost of the homes. These factors will be effected by business growth in the region. While the housing market in Washington DC has become much slower, the rental industry experienced an expansion.

The performance of banks in Washington DC remained high during 2006. While the return on assets was 0.83% during the first quarter of 2006, it rose to 0.91% by the second quarter. While the cost of funding continued to increase, the banking industry dealt with these factors by working with assets that gave them higher yields. Because of this, the net margin for interest is a bit higher than 4 percent. The performance of loans remain high in Washington DC. The number of past due credit products experienced a decline in 2006, and the percentage for loans in default was approximately 0.79 percent.

Like many other states, the manufacturing industry was negative in 2006, sitting at -2.1 percent. At the same time, the service producing industry remained positive at 1.9 percent. The unemployment rate was 3.8%, and government jobs were relatively strong, which should be expected in this region. The sale of single family homes was one of the weakest business industries in the region, and the rate for 2006 was approximately -20.1 percent.

Table Schema Database Field Statistics

  • ID
  • Mailing Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zipcode
  • Carrier Route
  • Delivery Point
  • County
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Website
  • Owner First and Last Names
  • Contact Title
  • Owner Sex
  • Employee Count
  • Annual Revenue
  • Sales Volume
  • Primary and Secondary SIC Codes
  • SIC Descriptions
  • Headquarters Type
  • Firm Type
  • Metro Area
  • Office Size
  • Office Square Footage
  • Franchise Information

Sample Data 47,634 Total Records

An Excel Spreadsheet has been created with some sample data from this database. You can download this sample spreadsheet here: D.C. Updated Businesses Database 01/07

Records Information

Abdominal Supports (Wholesale) in D.C.: 1
Abortion Alternatives Organizations in D.C.: 7
Abortion Information & Services in D.C.: 6
Abuse Information & Treatment Centers in D.C.: 2
Accessories-Fashion in D.C.: 4
Accident Reconstruction Service in D.C.: 3
Accountants in D.C.: 239
Accounting & Bookkeeping General Svc in D.C.: 18
Acoustical Consultants in D.C.: 2
Actuaries in D.C.: 5
Acupuncture in D.C.: 22
Addressing Machines & Supplies (Whol) in D.C.: 1
Adhesives & Sealants (Manufacturers) in D.C.: 1
Adoption Agencies in D.C.: 9
Adult Care Facilities in D.C.: 6
Advertising Nec in D.C.: 11
Advertising-Agencies & Counselors in D.C.: 97
Advertising-Computer in D.C.: 10
Advertising-Direct Mail in D.C.: 5
Advertising-Directory & Guide in D.C.: 7
Advertising-Indoor in D.C.: 1
Advertising-Newspaper in D.C.: 4
Advertising-Outdoor in D.C.: 3
Advertising-Promotional in D.C.: 1
Advertising-Specialties (Wholesale) in D.C.: 22
Advertising-Television in D.C.: 6
Advertising-Transit & Transportation in D.C.: 1
Aerospace Industries in D.C.: 15
African Goods-Retail in D.C.: 8
Agricultural Consultants in D.C.: 9
Agricultural Products in D.C.: 8
Air Brushes (Wholesale) in D.C.: 1
Air Cargo Service in D.C.: 5
Air Conditioning Contractors & Systems in D.C.: 33
Air Conditioning Equipment-Repair in D.C.: 2
Air Conditioning Supplies & Parts (Whol) in D.C.: 1
Air Courier Services in D.C.: 2
Air Transportation-Nonscheduled in D.C.: 1
Aircraft Charter Rental & Leasing Svc in D.C.: 6
Aircraft Components-Manufacturers in D.C.: 2
Aircraft Equipment Parts & Supls-Whol in D.C.: 2
Aircraft Schools in D.C.: 3
Aircraft Servicing & Maintenance in D.C.: 3
Aircraft-Dealers in D.C.: 4
Aircraft-Manufacturers in D.C.: 3
Airline Companies in D.C.: 35
Airline Support Services in D.C.: 1
Airline Ticket Agencies in D.C.: 14
Airport Equipment & Supplies (Mfrs) in D.C.: 2
Airport Transportation Service in D.C.: 9
Airports in D.C.: 11
Alcoholism Information & Treatment Ctrs in D.C.: 25
All Terrain Vehicles in D.C.: 2
Alterations-Clothing in D.C.: 1
Alternators & Generators-Automotive in D.C.: 2
Aluminum (Wholesale) in D.C.: 1
Ambulance Service in D.C.: 5
Amusement & Recreation Nec in D.C.: 10
Amusement Park Rides Equipment (Whol) in D.C.: 1
Amusement Places in D.C.: 1
Animal Hospitals in D.C.: 6
Animal Shelters in D.C.: 1
Antennas in D.C.: 3
Anti-Freeze Compounds-Manufacturers in D.C.: 1
Antiques-Dealers in D.C.: 71
Antiques-Repairing & Restoring in D.C.: 7
Antiques-Reproductions in D.C.: 1
Apartment Finding & Rental Service in D.C.: 12
Apartment Rental Agencies in D.C.: 1
Apartments in D.C.: 656
Apparel & Garments-Retail in D.C.: 2
Apparel-Mens-Wholesale in D.C.: 1
Appliances-Household-Major-Dealers in D.C.: 11
Appliances-Household-Major-Repairing in D.C.: 10
Appliances-Household-Major-Used in D.C.: 1
Appliances-Household-Major-Wholesale in D.C.: 3
Appraisers in D.C.: 11
Arbitration Services in D.C.: 20
Archery Equipment & Supplies in D.C.: 1
Architects in D.C.: 378
Architects & Builders Service in D.C.: 7
Architectural & Constr Specifications in D.C.: 2
Architectural Consultants in D.C.: 4
Architectural Designers in D.C.: 2
Architectural Illustrators in D.C.: 1
Architectural/Ornamental Mtl Work (Mfrs) in D.C.: 5
Archives in D.C.: 2
Armored Car Service in D.C.: 2
Army & Navy Goods in D.C.: 2
Art Galleries & Dealers in D.C.: 152
Art Instruction & Schools in D.C.: 9
Art Publishers in D.C.: 2
Art Restoring in D.C.: 3
Artificial Eyes-Human (Manufacturers) in D.C.: 1
Artificial Flwrs/Plants-Mfrs Supl (Mfrs) in D.C.: 1
Artificial Limbs in D.C.: 2
Artificial Limbs-Manufacturers in D.C.: 2
Artists Agents in D.C.: 1
Artists Materials & Supplies in D.C.: 12
Artists-Commercial in D.C.: 7
Artists-Fine Arts in D.C.: 20
Arts Organizations & Information in D.C.: 24
Asbestos Removal Service in D.C.: 4
Asphalt & Asphalt Products in D.C.: 1
Asphalt Paving Contractors in D.C.: 1
Assembly & Fabricating Service in D.C.: 1
Association Management in D.C.: 15
Associations in D.C.: 2003
Astrologers in D.C.: 2
Athletic Organizations in D.C.: 11
Attorney Referral Service in D.C.: 6
Attorneys in D.C.: 4041
Attorneys Service Bureaus in D.C.: 20
Auctioneers in D.C.: 10
Audio-Visual Consultants in D.C.: 4
Audio-Visual Equipment & Supls (Whol) in D.C.: 2
Audio-Visual Equipment-Dealers in D.C.: 14
Audio-Visual Equipment-Renting & Leasing in D.C.: 10
Audio-Visual Equipment-Repairing in D.C.: 2
Audio-Visual Production Service in D.C.: 17
Audiologists in D.C.: 2
Auditoriums in D.C.: 2
Automated Teller Machines in D.C.: 2
Automation Consultants in D.C.: 1
Automation Systems & Equipment-Mfrs in D.C.: 1
Automation Systems & Equipment-Wholesale in D.C.: 1
Automobile & Truck Brokers in D.C.: 3
Automobile Accessories in D.C.: 1
Automobile Air Conditioning Equipment in D.C.: 1
Automobile Alarms in D.C.: 4
Automobile Appraisers in D.C.: 1
Automobile Body Shop Equip/Supls (Whol) in D.C.: 3
Automobile Body-Repairing & Painting in D.C.: 64
Automobile Customizing in D.C.: 2
Automobile Dealers-New Cars in D.C.: 22
Automobile Dealers-Used Cars in D.C.: 139
Automobile Detail & Clean-Up Service in D.C.: 16
Automobile Diagnostic Service in D.C.: 1
Automobile Dismantling/Recycling (Whol) in D.C.: 1
Automobile Electric Service in D.C.: 1
Automobile Inspection Stations-New/Used in D.C.: 2
Automobile Leasing in D.C.: 4
Automobile Lubrication Service in D.C.: 2
Automobile Machine Shop Service in D.C.: 4
Automobile Parts & Supplies-Mfrs in D.C.: 3
Automobile Parts & Supplies-Retail-New in D.C.: 38
Automobile Parts & Supplies-Wholesale in D.C.: 2
Automobile Parts-Used & Rebuilt (Whol) in D.C.: 18
Automobile Racing Car Equipment in D.C.: 1
Automobile Radiator Repairing in D.C.: 1
Automobile Radio & Stereo Systs-Sls/Svc in D.C.: 8
Automobile Renting in D.C.: 35
Automobile Repair/Svc-Equip/Supl (Whol) in D.C.: 3
Automobile Repairing & Service in D.C.: 185
Automobile Seatcovers Tops & Upholstery in D.C.: 2
Automobile Transporters & Drive-Away Co in D.C.: 1
Automobile Wrecking (Wholesale) in D.C.: 2
Automobile-Antique & Classic in D.C.: 1
Automobile-Manufacturers in D.C.: 2
Automobile-Purchasing Consultants in D.C.: 1
Aviation Consultants in D.C.: 6
Awnings & Canopies in D.C.: 3
Baby Accessories in D.C.: 2
Back Flow Prevention Devices (Wholesale) in D.C.: 2
Bagels in D.C.: 11
Bags-Burlap Canvas & Cotton-Mfrs in D.C.: 2
Bags-Plastic (Manufacturers) in D.C.: 1
Bakers Equipment (Wholesale) in D.C.: 1
Bakers-Retail in D.C.: 63
Bakers-Wholesale in D.C.: 11
Balloon Artists in D.C.: 6
Balloons-Manned in D.C.: 2
Ballrooms in D.C.: 3
Banks in D.C.: 339
Banquet Rooms in D.C.: 11
Bar Review Courses in D.C.: 2
Barbecue in D.C.: 3
Barbers in D.C.: 157
Bars in D.C.: 27
Barter & Trade Exchange in D.C.: 2
Basketball Clubs in D.C.: 2
Bathing Suits & Accessories in D.C.: 2
Bathroom Fixtures & Accessories-Retail in D.C.: 3
Baths-Bath Houses Spas & Saunas in D.C.: 1
Bathtubs & Sinks-Repairing & Refinishing in D.C.: 1
Batteries-Storage-Retail in D.C.: 2
Batteries-Storage-Wholesale in D.C.: 1
Beads (Wholesale) in D.C.: 5
Bearings (Wholesale) in D.C.: 1
Beauty Salons in D.C.: 610
Beauty Salons-Equipment & Supls (Whol) in D.C.: 26
Beauty Schools in D.C.: 4
Bed & Breakfast Accommodations in D.C.: 29
Bedding in D.C.: 2
Beds-Retail in D.C.: 2
Beekeepers in D.C.: 1
Beer & Ale-Retail in D.C.: 23
Beer & Ale-Wholesale in D.C.: 5
Beverages (Wholesale) in D.C.: 4
Bicycle Tours in D.C.: 2
Bicycles-Dealers in D.C.: 10
Bicycles-Renting in D.C.: 1
Billiard Equipment & Supplies (Whol) in D.C.: 2
Billiard Parlors in D.C.: 13
Billing Service in D.C.: 11
Biotechnology Products & Services in D.C.: 2
Birth Centers in D.C.: 5
Blinds-Venetian & Vertical-Manufacturers in D.C.: 1
Blood Banks & Centers in D.C.: 1
Blueprinting in D.C.: 8
Boarding Houses in D.C.: 6
Boat Clubs in D.C.: 1
Boat Covers Tops & Upholstery in D.C.: 1
Boat Dealers Sales & Service in D.C.: 3
Boat Repairing in D.C.: 7
Boat Storage in D.C.: 3
Boating Instruction in D.C.: 1
Boats-Excursions in D.C.: 1
Boats-Manufacturers in D.C.: 2
Boats-Rental & Charter in D.C.: 18
Body Piercing in D.C.: 3
Boilers-New & Used (Wholesale) in D.C.: 1
Boilers-Repairing & Cleaning in D.C.: 1
Bolts & Nuts (Wholesale) in D.C.: 1
Bonds-Bail in D.C.: 7
Bonds-Surety & Fidelity in D.C.: 2
Book Dealers-Retail in D.C.: 88
Book Dealers-Used & Rare in D.C.: 17
Book Dealers-Wholesale in D.C.: 2
Bookbinders in D.C.: 1
Books-Publishing & Printing in D.C.: 3
Boots in D.C.: 1
Bottlers in D.C.: 1
Boutique Items-Retail in D.C.: 25
Bowling Centers in D.C.: 3
Brake Service in D.C.: 5
Branches & Agencies Of Foreign Banks in D.C.: 2
Brassieres Girdles/Allied Grmnts (Mfrs) in D.C.: 1
Bread/Other Bakery Prod-Ex Cookies (Mfr) in D.C.: 3
Breastfeeding Supplies & Information in D.C.: 1
Brewers in D.C.: 3
Bridal Shops in D.C.: 9
Broaching (Manufacturers) in D.C.: 1
Broadcasting Companies in D.C.: 3
Brokers-Countertrade in D.C.: 2
Builders Hardware (Wholesale) in D.C.: 2
Building Cleaning-Exterior in D.C.: 1
Building Construction-Consultants in D.C.: 2
Building Contractors in D.C.: 72
Building Designers in D.C.: 4
Building Maintenance in D.C.: 18
Building Materials in D.C.: 12
Building Restoration & Preservation in D.C.: 5
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