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Passport Locations and Services Database Content
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Passport Locations and Services Database Content
Passport Locations and Services Database Content

Passport Locations and Services Database v.1.0.1

8,812 Passport Offices

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Our Passport Locations and Services Database includes the listings of 8,800+ major passport offices located in each of the states within the entire United States. Along with the physical location and postal code, these comprehensive listings provide certain key information such as the hours of operation, photo capabilities for each location, and handicap accessibility. With all of the information that is contained within this database, you have a terrific opportunity to generate new website traffic via searches for specific directory content. Providing an easy method of amassing critical SEO content for your website, our Passport Locations and Services Database offers a good return on your minimal financial investment.

Passport Locations and Services Database

This all-inclusive collection of locations offering passport services is the most comprehensive database available for the United States. Since the information is updated on a regular basis every three months, you are guaranteed that this collection of passport locations is the most recent set obtainable at any given time. Plus, since the update is automatically generated, you never need to expend additional energy checking the occupant status of a given location.

Providing our Passport Locations and Services Database on your website enables you to offer improved data access for Internet users with very little effort on your behalf. Once you have this selection of passport locations in place on your website, retrieval of essential information such as locations and contact information is simplified for those users who are actively searching for it. Your inclusion of this passport location database enables you to provide your website visitors with important information.

Since Oddity's Passport Locations and Services Database provides accurate, up-to-date records for passport locations throughout the entire United States, your website visitors are never disappointed with the information that they find. As you already know, establishing your site with credibility is important if you want to generate repeat visitors. Including accurate information is one of the methods you can use to establish this credibility and sense of authority.

Providing Data on Passport Locations and Services

You might be wondering why people would search for a passport service location. Since people only need to get a passport when they are going out of the country, not every U.S. citizen needs one. Therefore, not everyone knows where their local passport service location is situated. Searching for passport locations and services is readily accomplished using today's locator apps, so providing that information listing the current locations of passport services directs Web traffic directly to your virtual doorstep.

Passport Locations and Services Database Content

Providing relevant, up-to-date content on your website generates attention from search spiders, moving your website up in terms of SERPS or search engine results pages. Since this type of result is exactly what you should be looking for in terms of promoting your website, obtaining Oddity's Passport Locations and Services Database could be quite beneficial for the growth of your company. The presence of relevant content attracts new visitors to your website, enhancing the possibility of obtaining repeat visitors or new visitors by word-of-mouth communication.

Database-driven websites need to provide current information if they are to remain ahead of their competitors in Web traffic, click-through transactions, and repeat sales. If your products or services are useful for those individuals who are searching for passport services and locations, then your acquisition of Oddity's Passport Locations and Services Database is an important step that can promote your company's growth and successful expansion. Once you download and install this comprehensive passport locations and services database, you can turn your business efforts to other areas of marketing that require your attention.

8,812 Passport Offices Records
Churches Police Departments Attractions Banks Post Offices Campgrounds

Table Schema Database Field Statistics

id8,812100%int(11)Unique Identifier
biz_name8,812100%varchar(150)Business Name
cat_primary8,811100%varchar(75)Business Primary Category
e_address8,812100%varchar(100)Physical Address
e_city8,812100%varchar(50)Physical Address City
e_state8,812100%varchar(20)Physical Address State / Province
e_postal8,812100%varchar(7)Physical Address Postal Code
e_zip_full7,86289%varchar(10)Zip +4 for US Physical Addresses
e_country8,812100%varchar(20)Physical Address Country
loc_county8,811100%varchar(40)Physical Address County
loc_area_code8,807100%varchar(3)Physical Address Area Code
loc_FIPS8,811100%varchar(5)Federal Information Processing Standard -
loc_MSA2,74231%varchar(5)Metropolitan Statistical Area -
loc_PMSA2,87733%varchar(5)Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area -
loc_TZ8,811100%varchar(6)Location Time Zone
loc_DST8,812100%enum('Y','N','U')Daylight Savings Time (Yes, No, Unknown)
loc_LAT_centroid8,811100%varchar(15)Latitude (Centroid Based)
loc_LAT_poly8,74299%varchar(15)Latitude (Precision Polygon Based)
loc_LONG_centroid8,811100%varchar(15)Longitude (Centroid Based)
loc_LONG_poly8,74299%varchar(15)Longitude (Precision Polygon Based)
biz_phone8,778100%varchar(20)Business Phone Number
biz_phone_ext1141%varchar(8)Business Phone Number Extension
f_handicap8,812100%enum('Y','N','U')Handicap Accessible Flag
f_photo8,812100%enum('Y','N','U')Photo Taken On Site Flag
f_photo_close8,812100%enum('Y','N','U')Photo Taken Nearby Flag
mon_open8,784100%varchar(50)Monday Business Hours: Open
mon_close7,48085%varchar(50)Monday Business Hours: Close
tue_open8,75599%varchar(50)Tuesday Business Hours: Open
tue_close7,46585%varchar(50)Tuesday Business Hours: Close
wed_open8,72099%varchar(50)Wednesday Business Hours: Open
wed_close7,44084%varchar(50)Wednesday Business Hours: Close
thu_open8,66298%varchar(50)Thursday Business Hours: Open
thu_close7,37384%varchar(50)Thursday Business Hours: Close
fri_open8,47096%varchar(50)Friday Business Hours: Open
fri_close7,26182%varchar(50)Friday Business Hours: Close
Passport Offices Records Information
USA Alaska 45 Passport Offices
USA Alabama 91 Passport Offices
USA Arkansas 68 Passport Offices
USA American Samoa 2 Passport Offices
USA Arizona 128 Passport Offices
USA California 802 Passport Offices
USA Colorado 145 Passport Offices
USA Connecticut 158 Passport Offices
USA District Of Columbia 15 Passport Offices
USA Delaware 18 Passport Offices
USA Florida 266 Passport Offices
USA Federated States Of Micronesia 1 Passport Offices
USA Georgia 212 Passport Offices
USA Guam 1 Passport Offices
USA Hawaii 59 Passport Offices
USA Iowa 107 Passport Offices
USA Idaho 62 Passport Offices
USA Illinois 399 Passport Offices
USA Indiana 167 Passport Offices
USA Kansas 120 Passport Offices
USA Kentucky 108 Passport Offices
USA Louisiana 93 Passport Offices
USA Massachusetts 277 Passport Offices
USA Maryland 212 Passport Offices
USA Maine 68 Passport Offices
USA Marshall Islands 1 Passport Offices
USA Michigan 442 Passport Offices
USA Minnesota 168 Passport Offices
USA Missouri 193 Passport Offices
USA Northern Mariana Islands 1 Passport Offices
USA Mississippi 107 Passport Offices
USA Montana 71 Passport Offices
USA North Carolina 141 Passport Offices
USA North Dakota 57 Passport Offices
USA Nebraska 106 Passport Offices
USA New Hampshire 55 Passport Offices
USA New Jersey 309 Passport Offices
USA New Mexico 62 Passport Offices
USA Nevada 64 Passport Offices
USA New York 802 Passport Offices
USA Ohio 450 Passport Offices
USA Oklahoma 92 Passport Offices
USA Oregon 91 Passport Offices
USA Pennsylvania 327 Passport Offices
USA Puerto Rico 23 Passport Offices
USA Palau 1 Passport Offices
USA Rhode Island 20 Passport Offices
USA South Carolina 88 Passport Offices
USA South Dakota 51 Passport Offices
USA Tennessee 147 Passport Offices
USA Texas 488 Passport Offices
USA Utah 54 Passport Offices
USA Virginia 191 Passport Offices
USA Virgin Islands 3 Passport Offices
USA Vermont 73 Passport Offices
USA Washington 167 Passport Offices
USA Wisconsin 235 Passport Offices
USA West Virginia 69 Passport Offices
USA Wyoming 39 Passport Offices
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