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Electricians Database Content
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Electricians Database Content
Electricians Database Content

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22,985 Database Records

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This database contains listings for Electricians throughout the United States. An electrician is a tradesman specializing in electrical wiring of buildings and related equipment. Electricians may be employed in the construction of new buildings or maintenance of existing electrical infrastructure. In most countries, the job of an electrician is a regulated trade for safety reasons, requiring testing, registration, or licensing.

electrician database Trust in an Electricians Database to get your new marketing campaign started!

Electricians' ultimate job is to ensure you can use the electricity powering your home of office safely. Those listed in an electricians' database are active or retired from working with construction sites, as personal contractors, or are contracted by a company looking to update old wiring. They can be trusted. With the click of a button, this down loadable electrician database can be provided to you.

electricians marketing list Utilize the work of professionals

We recognize the trouble that goes into researching whether a business is reputable or not, however we did the dirty work for you. As a web master or even a marketing professional, we recognize the success of your business is directly affected by that of the services you promote and/or use to further your own business. We assure you that reputable electricians are listed within this downloadable electricians database. All individuals and/or companies must be licensed in the state and city in which they reside. In fact, just recently, electricians are required to renew their licenses, because they are handling “controlled fireflow.” This further extends the trust you can put within our list.

electricians contact database Downloadable Electricians Database guaranteed to add bulk to your search engine

Ultimately, using professionals that can be trusted is important. We recognize that as a web master adding bulk to your search engine is important, however we also realize that just adding anyone isn't good business. By working hard to guarantee honest electricians within this list, we hope to further extend your business successes. With just one click away, the comprehensive list of electricians can be yours!! What are you waiting for?

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  • Business Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Website
  • Country
  • Area Code Check
  • FIPS Code
  • County
  • Time Zone
  • Daylight Savings Time Flag
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • MSA Code
  • PMSA Code

Sample Data 22,985 Total Records

An Excel Spreadsheet has been created with some sample data from this database. You can download this sample spreadsheet here: Electricians Database

Records Information

Electricians in AK - 110
Electricians in AL - 668
Electricians in AR - 527
Electricians in AZ - 576
Electricians in CA - 317
Electricians in CO - 641
Electricians in CT - 652
Electricians in DC - 41
Electricians in DE - 141
Electricians in FL - 496
Electricians in GA - 672
Electricians in HI - 24
Electricians in IA - 747
Electricians in ID - 346
Electricians in IL - 602
Electricians in IN - 590
Electricians in KS - 643
Electricians in KY - 605
Electricians in LA - 657
Electricians in MA - 421
Electricians in MD - 416
Electricians in ME - 316
Electricians in MI - 678
Electricians in MN - 634
Electricians in MO - 634
Electricians in MS - 394
Electricians in MT - 226
Electricians in NC - 649
Electricians in ND - 256
Electricians in NE - 486
Electricians in NH - 296
Electricians in NJ - 369
Electricians in NM - 412
Electricians in NV - 276
Electricians in NY - 569
Electricians in OH - 631
Electricians in OK - 609
Electricians in OR - 527
Electricians in PA - 415
Electricians in RI - 151
Electricians in SC - 649
Electricians in SD - 264
Electricians in TN - 668
Electricians in TX - 568
Electricians in UT - 370
Electricians in VA - 412
Electricians in VT - 148
Electricians in WA - 423
Electricians in WI - 689
Electricians in WV - 162
Electricians in WY - 211
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