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Thesaurus Database Content
Thesaurus Database Content

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2,520,265 Database Records

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As more and more people turn to computers for work, school, and entertainment, computer databases are becoming more useful and practical. Oddity Software offers the most extensive download databases on the Web, and the Thesaurus Database is no exception. With over 2.5 million keyed words and phrases, the Thesaurus Database comes in quite handy. Writers, students, teachers, and anyone that spends any time writing at their computer can use the Thesaurus Database on a daily basis. You can easily search for a word or phrase that you need synonyms for. The Thesaurus Database is one of the most all-embracing download lists at Oddity Software, and we know you will find this information easy to use.

Download Thesaurus Database Increase Your Web Site’s Traffic Using the Thesaurus Database

There are many Internet marketers and Web developers searching for new ways to generate traffic to their site. Having a Thesaurus on your site can really increase your site’s visibility and popularity. Millions of people use Thesauruses everyday, so why not add this helpful tool to your site? The Thesaurus Database can be quickly downloaded and easily added to any MySQL database. This is ideal for Web developers that need a quick way to add quality content to their Web page without spending too much time or money. With 2,520,265 keyed words and phrases at your fingertips, imagine how many people can visit your site and take advantage of this wealth of information. Download lists are the easiest way to add content to your Web site, and Oddity Software has some of the best databases on the Web at the most affordable prices.

Download Synonyms Database Update Your Old Ways – Use a Computer Database

If you are still using that old clunky thesaurus from 1985, it’s time to update your system. The Thesaurus Database is your ticket to simplicity. You can easily search, update, and manage your new computer Thesaurus Database with a single click. Searching through the Thesaurus Database is far easier than skimming the pages of a physical book. Our databases are the most up-to-date lists on the Internet, and we continuously add new information as it becomes available. The Thesaurus Database will clean up your workspace and make your writing far more interesting. Get the most out of the English language by using the Thesaurus Database from Oddity Software. You will be astonished at how trouble-free this download list is and how quickly it downloads to your computer’s hard drive. The Thesaurus Database is great for everyone, from writers to Web developers, which makes it one of our most downloaded products at

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2,520,265 Keyed Thesaurus Words/Phrases.
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