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Legal Glossary Database Content
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Legal Glossary Database Content
Legal Glossary Database Content

Legal Glossary Database v.1.0.0

1,117 Database Records

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This database contains legal terms and definitions. A dictionary specific to legal terminology, such as legal terms you would find in BlackĀ“s Law Dictionary.

A glossary is an alphabetical list of terms designed or fitted for one particular field of knowledge. Ordinary individuals or those that are not familiar with the legal world usually have a hard time understanding the simplest kind of legal terms. Sometimes, this kind of situation may lead to them being easy preys to abusive and opportunistic lawyers or those who are claiming to be lawyers, even if they are not. A legal glossary is created to provide plain and specific English definition or meaning to a complex legal terminology. It pays to enrich our knowledge; aside from researching through legal books, an interested individual can identify a legal term by using the online legal glossary.

Before establishing a physical company, business owners must first set a project study; the company's purpose, goal and the company's governing policy. The legal glossary can serve as guide to complex legal terminologies; so that ordinary employees not familiar with legal terminologies can have a clear understanding of the company's rules that involve legal terminologies. This is one reason why a company should download a legal glossary database; for the use of those who are not completely equipped with the knowledge about complex legal terms.

A legal glossary is also important for those who are studying law or have the intention to study law. Downloaded legal glossaries are easily accessible rather than opening and searching for legal terms in a book. In this way, study materials are not scattered and causes less strain on the student or researcher. If anyone is interested to acquire knowledge about legal terms it is a better option to download a legal glossary rather than search them through books. If you are very particular with the time you will spend on researching, it is better that you download a legal glossary.

Not only lawyers or those that are involved in the field of law are entitled to broaden their understanding skill. Being able to understand legal terms is one way of enriching one's knowledge and acquiring legal term recognition is easily attained by simply browsing through the glossary of legal terms. Modern technology made learning easy and easily accessible. If you have the eagerness and you know how to motivate yourself, you will learn a lot of important things in any field of study. The internet is a vast resource of learning tools and the legal glossary is a perfect example.

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  • Letter
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Sample Data 1,117 Total Records

An Excel Spreadsheet has been created with some sample data from this database. You can download this sample spreadsheet here: Legal Glossary Database

Records Information

# - Legal Terms - 1
A - Legal Terms - 105
B - Legal Terms - 40
C - Legal Terms - 134
D - Legal Terms - 86
E - Legal Terms - 49
F - Legal Terms - 59
G - Legal Terms - 33
H - Legal Terms - 30
I - Legal Terms - 68
J - Legal Terms - 14
K - Legal Terms - 1
L - Legal Terms - 51
M - Legal Terms - 46
N - Legal Terms - 38
O - Legal Terms - 22
P - Legal Terms - 91
Q - Legal Terms - 10
R - Legal Terms - 43
S - Legal Terms - 95
T - Legal Terms - 41
U - Legal Terms - 26
V - Legal Terms - 10
W - Legal Terms - 22
Y - Legal Terms - 1
Z - Legal Terms - 1    
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