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Websters 1913 Dictionary Content
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Websters 1913 Dictionary Content
Websters 1913 Dictionary Content

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Since the early 1800's, Webster's Dictionary has been a staple of definition for the English language. Though many revisions and additions have occurred since the first publishing, and several other dictionaries have come into existence, Webster's Dictionary is still thought by many to be the one and only true definition of the English Language.

download dictionary database Dictionary Convenience Right on Your Computer

When writing, speaking, or even learning the English Language, it is essential to have a good dictionary by your side. Now, with our Webster's 1913 Dictionary, you can have every definition you need right at the click of a mouse. Our Webster's 1913 Dictionary database can instantly be download straight to you computer, and is immediately ready for use. Browse away through endless definitions, or search easily through the database to find the exact definition you are looking for. Instead of losing time looking through page by page of a hardcopy dictionary, you'll be able to search by letter, word, speech part, or definition in our database to save time. Not only is our database easy to search, it's simple to update as well. Thus, you'll be able to keep track of the ever changing English language, and even make notes on new slang, or words that come along with our technologically advanced society.

dictionary definitions databasee Perfect for Website Content

Any Webmaster looking to increase traffic or content on their Website will surely enjoy the usability of our databases. Our databases allow you to build a niche directory almost instantly. Simply download the database and post the content to your website. Building such a website database will increase traffic to you site, and keep visitors coming back for more. With our Webster's 1913 Dictionary database you can build a definition site that will give visitors to your site an easy reference for their every day dictionary needs.

download definitions database Valuable Asset

Here at Oddity our goal is to provide you with databases that are useful and easy to use. Not only will a database save you time by having direct reference right on the convenience of your computer, but it will save you money as well. No longer will you be flipping through pages of dictionaries. Instead, you'll quickly search and find what you need.

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