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Illinois White Pages Database Content
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Illinois White Pages Database Content
Illinois White Pages Database Content
Illinois White Pages Database List

Illinois White Pages Database v.1.0.3

4,434,425 Illinois Consumers

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Our Illinois White Pages Database provides a comprehensive listing of 4 Million+ consumers living in the state of Illinois. Not only does this type of database offer an exceptional opportunity for business individuals looking to include such data on their website, but it also provides a potentially profitable situation for those business owners looking to conduct a direct marketing campaign targeted at the residents of Illinois. This opportunity to gain access to more than four million potential leads should not be glossed over too quickly. The benefits of old-fashioned marketing methods include affordability, convenience, and wide-reaching access to the population. Add to that mix, a ready-made database filled with residential contact information, including physical address and phone numbers, and you have the perfect set up for an affordable full-scale advertising campaign.

The affordability of marketing via cold calling is readily evident in a society where free local calling is a basic feature on many land lines as well as through many Internet-based phone calling setups including Skype. Who wouldn't want to take advantage of virtually free marketing? With the phone numbers you gain, and that's more than four million of them, you can conduct a cold-calling campaign that is sure to generate new leads for you within days. After all, some of the contacts that you make are going to be in your local residential area, while others are simply going to be new consumers that you have never been able to reach out to before now.

Postal mail is another way to go with your direct marketing efforts. The cost of one postal stamp is relatively inexpensive. Even if you add four million of these together, the expense is less cost prohibitive than advertising in a specialized print publication or trade magazine. Since the information is printed, it is possible that residents will either save it for future use or pass it on to someone else. Using a current list of residential consumers simplifies the process, since you don't need to search for contact information on your own.

Traditional strategies for marketing your business offer the convenience of a pre-composed script that simplifies each communication. For a postal marketing campaign, you can use the same script over and over again. Once you compose your letter, you never need to revise it until you add new products or services to your existing line. For a phone calling campaign, you simply create a single dialogue of questions and comments and go from there. Of course, some of your phone contacts are going to have questions, but a simple prep list of ready responses simplifies this method of reaching out to potential leads.

With Oddity's Illinois White Pages Database, your business gains wide-reaching access to virtually the entire population living in the state of Illinois. Since these residential listings are updated every 90 days, the data is current and up to date. You never need to worry about contacting someone who is no longer living at the address or phone number you are using. As you can see, the benefits of database marketing can save you money. One cautionary suggestion that you should heed is the need to compose your phone script and letter in such a way that neither appears pushy or strictly advertorial in nature. Each of your marketing efforts should highlight the potential benefits of using your services or purchasing your product. You need to offer a reason for people to consider opening their wallet to buy what you are selling. If you market your product correctly, the number of prospective leads that you generate through your use of Oddity's Illinois White Pages Database will be even higher in number.

4,434,425 Illinois Consumers Records
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Table Schema Database Field Statistics

id4,434,425100%int(11)Unique Identifier
con_first_name4,434,424100%varchar(30)Contact Person - First Name
con_last_name4,434,282100%varchar(40)Contact Person - Last Name
con_full_name4,434,425100%varchar(100)Contact Person - Full Name
con_gender4,434,425100%enum('U','M','F')Gender - Unknown, Male, Female
con_age4,197,01195%varchar(50)Age Bracket
con_res_type4,434,425100%varchar(100)Residence Type
con_home_age2,387,92154%varchar(100)Age of Home
con_res_length4,434,425100%varchar(100)Length of Residence
con_interests1,656,59137%varchar(100)Flags - Internet, Dogs, Cats, Stocks, Pools
e_address4,230,50895%varchar(100)Physical Address
e_city4,434,425100%varchar(50)Physical Address City
e_state4,434,425100%varchar(20)Physical Address State / Province
e_postal4,230,50895%varchar(7)Physical Address Postal Code
e_zip_full4,230,50895%varchar(10)Zip +4 for US Physical Addresses
e_carrier4,297,09997%varchar(20)Address Carrier Route
biz_phone3,021,57868%varchar(20)Home Phone Number
e_country4,434,425100%varchar(20)Physical Address Country
loc_county4,230,50895%varchar(40)Physical Address County
loc_area_code4,230,50095%varchar(3)Physical Address Area Code
loc_FIPS4,230,50095%varchar(5)Federal Information Processing Standard -
loc_MSA775,42517%varchar(5)Metropolitan Statistical Area -
loc_PMSA2,837,90564%varchar(5)Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area -
loc_TZ4,230,50095%varchar(6)Location Time Zone
loc_DST4,434,425100%enum('Y','N','U')Daylight Savings Time (Yes, No, Unknown)
loc_LAT_centroid4,230,50095%varchar(15)Latitude (Centroid Based)
loc_LONG_centroid4,230,50095%varchar(15)Longitude (Centroid Based)
est_home_value2,388,94354%varchar(100)Estimated Home Value
est_income4,434,425100%varchar(20)Estimated Household Income
flag_owned4,434,425100%varchar(20)Home Ownership - Owner, Renter, Unknown
mtg_age1,634,75937%varchar(100)Mortgage Age
mtg_count1,634,75937%varchar(50)Mortgage Count
mtg_fin_type1,634,75937%varchar(100)Mortgage Finance Type
mtg_ltv1,634,75937%varchar(100)Mortgage Loan to Value
mtg_loan_tp3,998,39290%varchar(100)Mortgage Loan Type
Illinois Consumers Records Information
Adams County 23,398 Illinois Consumers
Alexander County 1,765 Illinois Consumers
Bond County 5,478 Illinois Consumers
Boone County 13,751 Illinois Consumers
Brown County 1,874 Illinois Consumers
Bureau County 11,182 Illinois Consumers
Calhoun County 1,174 Illinois Consumers
Carroll County 6,437 Illinois Consumers
Cass County 4,748 Illinois Consumers
Champaign County 66,332 Illinois Consumers
Christian County 12,075 Illinois Consumers
Clark County 6,239 Illinois Consumers
Clay County 4,778 Illinois Consumers
Clinton County 9,733 Illinois Consumers
Coles County 16,633 Illinois Consumers
Cook County 1,697,642 Illinois Consumers
Crawford County 6,716 Illinois Consumers
Cumberland County 3,212 Illinois Consumers
DE Kalb County 34,118 Illinois Consumers
DE Witt County 4,793 Illinois Consumers
Douglas County 6,732 Illinois Consumers
Du Page County 341,818 Illinois Consumers
Edgar County 6,337 Illinois Consumers
Edwards County 2,154 Illinois Consumers
Effingham County 12,026 Illinois Consumers
Fayette County 6,083 Illinois Consumers
Ford County 4,507 Illinois Consumers
Franklin County 13,220 Illinois Consumers
Fulton County 12,535 Illinois Consumers
Gallatin County 2,281 Illinois Consumers
Greene County 4,886 Illinois Consumers
Grundy County 14,767 Illinois Consumers
Hamilton County 3,173 Illinois Consumers
Hancock County 7,555 Illinois Consumers
Hardin County 951 Illinois Consumers
Henderson County 2,007 Illinois Consumers
Henry County 18,487 Illinois Consumers
Iroquois County 8,976 Illinois Consumers
Jackson County 20,404 Illinois Consumers
Jasper County 3,070 Illinois Consumers
Jefferson County 12,144 Illinois Consumers
Jersey County 6,132 Illinois Consumers
Jo Daviess County 9,662 Illinois Consumers
Johnson County 3,757 Illinois Consumers
Kane County 146,165 Illinois Consumers
Kankakee County 32,660 Illinois Consumers
Kendall County 23,763 Illinois Consumers
Knox County 19,426 Illinois Consumers
LA Salle County 40,416 Illinois Consumers
Lake County 254,782 Illinois Consumers
Lawrence County 5,644 Illinois Consumers
Lee County 11,822 Illinois Consumers
Livingston County 11,410 Illinois Consumers
Logan County 9,169 Illinois Consumers
Macon County 37,620 Illinois Consumers
Macoupin County 17,791 Illinois Consumers
Madison County 97,898 Illinois Consumers
Marion County 15,944 Illinois Consumers
Marshall County 4,612 Illinois Consumers
Mason County 6,024 Illinois Consumers
Massac County 5,427 Illinois Consumers
Mc Donough County 11,215 Illinois Consumers
Mc Henry County 111,490 Illinois Consumers
Mc Lean County 51,233 Illinois Consumers
Menard County 4,340 Illinois Consumers
Mercer County 5,729 Illinois Consumers
Monroe County 9,750 Illinois Consumers
Montgomery County 9,130 Illinois Consumers
Morgan County 11,544 Illinois Consumers
Moultrie County 4,525 Illinois Consumers
Ogle County 16,560 Illinois Consumers
Peoria County 66,329 Illinois Consumers
Perry County 6,494 Illinois Consumers
Piatt County 4,973 Illinois Consumers
Pike County 5,115 Illinois Consumers
Pope County 999 Illinois Consumers
Pulaski County 1,966 Illinois Consumers
Putnam County 1,648 Illinois Consumers
Randolph County 11,107 Illinois Consumers
Richland County 5,829 Illinois Consumers
Rock Island County 56,116 Illinois Consumers
Saline County 8,964 Illinois Consumers
Sangamon County 70,588 Illinois Consumers
Schuyler County 2,597 Illinois Consumers
Scott County 1,619 Illinois Consumers
Shelby County 6,082 Illinois Consumers
St Clair County 86,886 Illinois Consumers
Stark County 1,845 Illinois Consumers
Stephenson County 17,901 Illinois Consumers
Tazewell County 49,044 Illinois Consumers
Union County 5,624 Illinois Consumers
Vermilion County 26,946 Illinois Consumers
Wabash County 4,156 Illinois Consumers
Warren County 5,758 Illinois Consumers
Washington County 4,488 Illinois Consumers
Wayne County 5,260 Illinois Consumers
White County 6,099 Illinois Consumers
Whiteside County 21,231 Illinois Consumers
Will County 179,930 Illinois Consumers
Williamson County 21,611 Illinois Consumers
Winnebago County 101,369 Illinois Consumers
Woodford County 10,103 Illinois Consumers
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