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Montana White Pages Database Content
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Montana White Pages Database Content
Montana White Pages Database Content
Montana White Pages Database List

Montana White Pages Database v.1.0.2

400,248 Montana Consumers

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Montana is a U.S. state that is located in Northwest. It should also be noted that sizable portions of this state also comprise the Great Plains. There are a large number of mountains in Montana, and the geography is quite mountainous. Montana has one of the lowest populations in the U.S., despite the large size of the state by area. The three industries that make up the bulk of its economy are lumber, agriculture, and the extraction of minerals. It should also be noted that Montana is home to a number of famous national parks, and tourism also comprises an important part of its industry. Millions of people tour the state on an annual basis.

The total population for the state is just under a million people. This state is the 41st to be admitted to the Union, and it was added in November of 1889. While the geography of this state is quite diverse, the Rocky Mountains makes many parts of the state quite rugged. Montana has a sizable number of rivers, and hydropower is an important source of energy in the state. The GSP for Montana was $26 billion in 2003. It should be noted that the economy has grown rapidly in the last three years. A sizable percentage of the state's economy is based on agriculture. Some of the products which are produced here are cherries, honey, wheat, and oats. Mineral extraction is a crucial industry, and gold and silver are very important minerals. Tourism is also an important industry.

The Montana White Pages Phone Directory Database includes residential phone and address data for the state of Montana. These listings are updated on a 90 day basis to contain the freshest possible phone directory data.

400,248 Montana Consumers Records
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Table Schema Database Field Statistics

id400,248100%int(11)Unique Identifier
con_first_name400,248100%varchar(30)Contact Person - First Name
con_last_name400,243100%varchar(40)Contact Person - Last Name
con_full_name400,248100%varchar(100)Contact Person - Full Name
con_gender400,248100%enum('U','M','F')Gender - Unknown, Male, Female
con_age348,24287%varchar(50)Age Bracket
con_res_type400,248100%varchar(100)Residence Type
con_home_age123,34531%varchar(100)Age of Home
con_res_length400,248100%varchar(100)Length of Residence
con_interests67,10917%varchar(100)Flags - Internet, Dogs, Cats, Stocks, Pools
e_address304,24076%varchar(100)Physical Address
e_city400,248100%varchar(50)Physical Address City
e_state400,248100%varchar(20)Physical Address State / Province
e_postal304,24076%varchar(7)Physical Address Postal Code
e_zip_full304,24076%varchar(10)Zip +4 for US Physical Addresses
e_carrier310,86878%varchar(20)Address Carrier Route
biz_phone327,40282%varchar(20)Home Phone Number
e_country400,248100%varchar(20)Physical Address Country
loc_county304,24076%varchar(40)Physical Address County
loc_area_code304,19076%varchar(3)Physical Address Area Code
loc_FIPS304,19076%varchar(5)Federal Information Processing Standard -
loc_MSA113,74228%varchar(5)Metropolitan Statistical Area -
loc_PMSA00%varchar(5)Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area -
loc_TZ304,19076%varchar(6)Location Time Zone
loc_DST400,248100%enum('Y','N','U')Daylight Savings Time (Yes, No, Unknown)
loc_LAT_centroid304,19076%varchar(15)Latitude (Centroid Based)
loc_LONG_centroid304,19076%varchar(15)Longitude (Centroid Based)
est_home_value123,34631%varchar(100)Estimated Home Value
est_income400,248100%varchar(20)Estimated Household Income
flag_owned400,248100%varchar(20)Home Ownership - Owner, Renter, Unknown
mtg_age35,0839%varchar(100)Mortgage Age
mtg_count35,0839%varchar(50)Mortgage Count
mtg_fin_type35,0839%varchar(100)Mortgage Finance Type
mtg_ltv35,0839%varchar(100)Mortgage Loan to Value
mtg_loan_tp366,54092%varchar(100)Mortgage Loan Type

Sample Data 400,248 Total Records

Due to our respect for privacy issue concerns for the general public, sample data for this database is not available in an online format. If sample data is required before purchase is made, please contact us, and we will be happy to assist, and provide you with sample white pages data listings.
Montana Consumers Records Information
Beaverhead County 3,160 Montana Consumers
Big Horn County 1,922 Montana Consumers
Blaine County 881 Montana Consumers
Broadwater County 1,499 Montana Consumers
Carbon County 1,504 Montana Consumers
Carter County 277 Montana Consumers
Cascade County 28,211 Montana Consumers
Chouteau County 962 Montana Consumers
Custer County 4,607 Montana Consumers
Daniels County 410 Montana Consumers
Dawson County 3,463 Montana Consumers
Deer Lodge County 3,485 Montana Consumers
Fallon County 522 Montana Consumers
Fergus County 3,985 Montana Consumers
Flathead County 25,127 Montana Consumers
Gallatin County 27,550 Montana Consumers
Garfield County 349 Montana Consumers
Glacier County 2,416 Montana Consumers
Golden Valley County 262 Montana Consumers
Granite County 646 Montana Consumers
Hill County 5,614 Montana Consumers
Jefferson County 2,626 Montana Consumers
Judith Basin County 466 Montana Consumers
Lake County 6,842 Montana Consumers
Lewis Clark County 21,171 Montana Consumers
Liberty County 502 Montana Consumers
Lincoln County 6,123 Montana Consumers
Madison County 1,917 Montana Consumers
Mccone County 451 Montana Consumers
Meagher County 306 Montana Consumers
Mineral County 1,171 Montana Consumers
Missoula County 36,508 Montana Consumers
Musselshell County 1,804 Montana Consumers
Park County 5,833 Montana Consumers
Petroleum County 133 Montana Consumers
Phillips County 726 Montana Consumers
Pondera County 1,914 Montana Consumers
Powder River County 331 Montana Consumers
Powell County 2,089 Montana Consumers
Prairie County 236 Montana Consumers
Ravalli County 14,410 Montana Consumers
Richland County 3,365 Montana Consumers
Roosevelt County 2,004 Montana Consumers
Rosebud County 1,137 Montana Consumers
Sanders County 2,610 Montana Consumers
Sheridan County 1,562 Montana Consumers
Silver Bow County 12,852 Montana Consumers
Stillwater County 2,592 Montana Consumers
Sweet Grass County 684 Montana Consumers
Teton County 1,593 Montana Consumers
Toole County 1,756 Montana Consumers
Treasure County 212 Montana Consumers
Valley County 2,304 Montana Consumers
Wheatland County 311 Montana Consumers
Wibaux County 153 Montana Consumers
Yellowstone County 48,694 Montana Consumers
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