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Quebec Canada White Pages Database Content
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Quebec Canada White Pages Database Content
Quebec Canada White Pages Database Content
Quebec Canada White Pages Database List

Quebec Canada White Pages Database v.1.0.1

3,091,519 Quebec Residents

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Our Quebec Canada White Pages Database features an all-inclusive listing of 3,000,000+ residential records of individuals living in the Quebec area, providing a comprehensive catalog of potential consumer leads. In addition to proper names, physical addresses, and phone contact information, this comprehensive listing also provides specific statistical profile data such as age, language, income level, profession, number of children, and related facts.

Businesses looking to expand their consumer database can readily benefit from the comprehensiveness of our Quebec Canada White Pages Database when beginning a new advertising campaign with a focus on cultivating new consumer leads within the residential sector of the population. Since the records contained within this specific white pages database, as well as those in all of our other versions, are updated once every ninety days, you can remain relatively sure that you have the most recent residential listings available for Quebec.

Quebec Residential Leads

An opportunity such as this one that provides more than 3 million residential contacts in a centralized location should not be overlooked. The potential to generate thousands of viable leads is just too great. Just imagine what you can do with so much information! From cold-calling campaigns to emailing strategies to snail-mail programs, your company can conduct a full scale marketing plan to bring in new customers for very little financial output.

Quebec Marketing List

Depending on the phone technology that you use, your cold-calling campaign should be moderately inexpensive. The same can be said about a full-scale emailing or postal-mailing campaign. Once you compose your script for each strategy, your expenses are minimal. Moreover, once you have obtained Oddity's Quebec Canada White Pages Database and composed your introductory and follow-up scripts, you are ready to begin your search for new leads with little effort.

Quebec Leads and Locations

One of the drip-marketing strategies that you should remember to incorporate into your advertising/marketing campaign is to reissue your mailings or begin your calling campaign anew. It's important to realize that consumers may not be in a position to make a purchase from you during the initial contact session. In some cases, you will not see any results until the third contact session. Therefore, it is essential that you finish what you have started. Successful marketing campaigns typically include some measure of persistence whether it be a combination of cold-calling, snail mail, and emailing strategies or a simply follow through using the initial method of contact for a second or third time.

Quebec Phone Book Database

Since the records contained within Oddity's Quebec white pages database are the most comprehensive listing that you will ever come across, it offers a worthwhile investment. Once you purchase this database, it is yours to use over and over again, generating new leads on a continual basis, while fortifying your company's position in the market. Growing your company isn't a "sit back and wait" kind of task, but rather, it is a "take charge and strategize" effort that you must actively initiate in order to see any results. Through your acquisition of the phone, address, and email listings gathered into our Quebec Canada White Pages Database, you gain a streamlined method of promoting your business with a minimal expense. Why does this matter? Well, if you have been putting off the initiation of a new marketing campaign due to limited funds, this is the opportunity that you have been waiting for all year.

Quebec Consumer Profiles

Not only is the Quebec Canada White Pages Database full of potential leads, but it provides essential statistical information that can assist you in narrowing down your most promising contacts. Purchase it today and discover for yourself just how rewarding traditional methods of marketing can be for your business.

3,091,519 Quebec Residents Records
Florida Consumers California Consumers Virginia Residents Utah Consumers Kentucky Consumers Indiana Consumers

Table Schema Database Field Statistics

id3,091,519100%int(11)Unique Identifier
con_first_name3,091,248100%varchar(75)Individuals First Name
con_last_name3,091,386100%varchar(75)Individuals Last Name
e_address3,015,10998%varchar(100)Physical Address
e_address227,9791%varchar(100)Address Continued (line 2)
e_city3,091,275100%varchar(50)Physical Address City
e_country3,091,519100%varchar(20)Physical Address Country
e_postal2,893,27994%varchar(7)Physical Address Postal Code
e_state3,091,519100%varchar(20)Physical Address State / Province
loc_LAT_centroid2,875,06993%varchar(15)Latitude (Centroid Based)
loc_LONG_centroid2,875,06993%varchar(15)Longitude (Centroid Based)
loc_TZ2,875,06993%varchar(6)Location Time Zone
biz_phone3,091,519100%varchar(20)Individuals Phone Number
res_income2,838,71792%int(11)Individuals Reported Income
res_age2,838,71792%varchar(20)Individuals Age
res_sex3,091,519100%enum('M','F','U')(Male, Female, Unknown)
res_ownership3,091,519100%enum('O','R','U')Ownership Type (Owner, Renter, Unknown)
res_language2,867,90193%varchar(50)Primary Language Spoken
res_family2,867,90193%varchar(50)Family Type - Setting
res_education2,867,90193%varchar(50)Education Level
res_job2,867,90193%varchar(100)Job - Career Type
res_childage2,867,90193%varchar(50)Age Of Children
res_household2,867,90193%varchar(50)Household Size
res_homeage2,867,90193%varchar(50)Household - Dwelling Age
res_hometype2,867,90193%varchar(75)Household - Dwelling Type

Quebec Residents Records Information

Quebec Cities Covered
Abbotsford, Aber, Abercorn, Act Vl, Acton Vale, Actonvale, Adstock, Adstockstmethf, Aero Bagvle, Aerobagvle, Aguanish, Akulivik, Akwesasne, Albanel, Albertville, Alcove, Alexandria, Alleyn Et Cawood, Alleyn-et-cawood, Alleynetcawwod, Alma, Alma Alma, Alouette, Amherst, Amos, Amosqc, Amqui, Anc-lorette, Ang-gar-rouvl, Ange Gard, Ange Gardien, Ange-gardien, Angers, Anglier, Angliers, Anjou, Annonciation, Anse St Jean, Anse St Jn, Anse-saint-jean, Anse-st-jean, Anse-st-jn, Armagh, Arntfield, Arthabaska, Arundel, Asbestos, Ascot, Ascot Corner, Ascot Cornr, Aston-jct, Aston-jonction, Athelstan, Aubert-gallion, Auclair, Audet, Aumond, Aupaluk, Austin, Authier, Authiern, Ay Cl, Ayer's Cliff, Aylmer, B D'urfe, B-james, Bagotville, Baie D'urfe, Baie St Paul, Baie St-paul, Baie Ste Cath, Baie-comeau, Baie-d'urfe, Baie-des-sables, Baie-du-febvre, Baie-dufebvre, Baie-johan-beetz, Baie-saint-paul, Baie-sainte-catherin, Baie-st-paul, Baie-ste-catherine, Baie-trinite, Baiedeschaloupes, Baiedufebvre, Baiestecath, Bainsville, Baldwin's Mills, Barachois, Barber Lake, Barford, Barkmere, Barnstn O, Barnston, Barnston-ouest, Barraute, Base Vlcr, Basemilitaire Stjnri, Bassin, Batiscan, Baue Sea Lake, Bd'urfe, Bdurfe, Beac, Beaconsfield, Bearn, Beaucanton, Beauceville, Beaudry, Beauharnois, Beaulac, Beaulac Chertsey, Beaulac Garthby, Beaulac-garthby, Beaulacgarthby, Beaumont, Beauport, Beaupre, Beaux-rivages, Becan, Becancour, Bedford, Begin, Belcourt, Belecombe, Bell Falls, Bellecombe, Bellefeuille, Belleterre, Belleville, Beloeil, Bergeronnes, Bernierville, Berry, Berthier Sur Mer, Berthier-sur-mer, Berthierville, Bethanie, Betsiamites, Biencourt, Bishopton, Bjames, Black Lake, Black Lk, Black-lake, Blainville, Blanc-sablon, Blandford, Bleu Sea Lake, Blue Sea, Blue Sea Lake, Boileau, Bois Des Filion, Bois Franc, Bois-des-filion, Bois-filion, Bois-franc, Boisbriand, Boischatel, Boisdes F, Bolton E, Bolton East, Bolton O, Bolton-est, Bolton-ouest, Bon-conseil, Bonaventure, Bondville, Bondville L Brome, Bondville Lacbrome, Bondville Lbrome, Bondvillelbrome, Bonsecours, Boucher, Boucherville, Bouchette, Boulanger, Bowan, Bowman, Bpre, Brador, Breakeyville, Brebeuf, Breckenridge, Breckenridge Pontiac, Breckenridgepontiac, Brigham, Bristol, Brome, Bromont, Bromp Gore, Bromptonville, Brossard, Brownsburg, Brownsburg Chatham, Brownsburg-chatham, Brsbchatham, Brsbg, Brsbg Chatham, Brsbgchatham, Bryson, Buckingham, Buckland, Burlington, Bury, C St L, Cabano, Cacouna, Cadillac, Cali Laval, Calixa-laval, Calixa-lavallee, Calumet, Campbell's Bay, Campbells Bay, Campell's Bay, Campement-rupert, Campement-sarcelle, Can-stanstead, Candiac, Cant Tremblay, Cantley, Canton Bedford, Canton D'orford, Canton De Barnstn, Canton De Dudswl, Canton De Gmby, Canton De Gnby, Canton De Gny, Canton De Granby, Canton De Hatley, Canton De Hatly, Canton De Melbrn, Canton De Newprt, Canton De Sut, Canton Magog, Canton Orford, Canton Stanstead, Canton Tremblay, Canton-begin, Canton-de-granby, Canton-de-hatley, Cantondemelbourne, Cantond`orfrd, Cap A L'aigle, Cap R, Cap Rouge, Cap Sante, Cap-a-l'aigle, Cap-au-renard, Cap-aux-meules, Cap-chat, Cap-chat-est, Cap-d'espoir, Cap-saint-ignace, Cap-sante, Capal'aigle, Capauxmeules, Caplan, Capucins, Carignan, Carleton, Carletonplace, Carlt Pl, Carrieres Mtlaur, Casc-st-jules, Cascapedia-saint-jul, Castleford, Causapscal, Cayamant, Cazaville, Cent Lasarre, Ch St-phil, Ch V-sennev, Ch-st-phil, Chagnon Cadillac, Chambly, Chambord, Champlain, Champneuf, Chandler, Chapais, Chapeau, Charette, Charlemagne, Charlesbourg, Charny, Chartierville, Chateau Richer, Chateau-riche, Chateau-richer, Chateauguay, Chateauricher, Chatham, Chatr, Chazel, Chdulacmurray Aumond, Chelsea, Chenev, Cheneville, Chertsey, Chester Est, Chester-est, Chesterville, Chevery, Chibougamau, Chic, Chichester, Chicoutimi, Chisasibi, Chischester, Chlsa, Chomedey, Chst-pl, Chstvl, Chu-st-philip, Chute Des Passes, Chute-aux-outardes, Chute-saint-philippe, Chutes Passes, Chutest-philippe, Claredon, Clarenceville, Clarendon, Clarke City, Clarkson, Clericy, Clermont, Clermt, Clerval, Cleveland, Clifton Est, Cloridorme, Cloutier, Clova, Coaticook, Col Fourn, Coleraine Stn, Coleraine-stn, Colombier, Colombourg, Comp Stn, Compton, Contrecoeur, Cookshire, Cookshire Eaton, Cookshire-eaton, Cornwall, Cote Saint Luc, Cote Saint-luc, Cote St Luc, Cote-st-luc, Coteau Du Lac, Coteau Landing, Coteau Lasarre, Coteau-du-lac, Coteau-landing, Coteaudu Lac, Cotesaintluc, Courcelette, Courcelles, Cowansville, Crabtree, Crane Lake, Cressman, Ct St Geo De Wind, Ct St-geo De Wind, Cumberland, Cushing, D'alembert, D'argenteuil Lrap, Dalesville, Dalhousie, Dalhousie Station, Dalhousie-stn, Dalmas, Danford Lake, Danville, Daveluyville, Davidson, Deauville, Deepriver, Degelis, Deleage, Delisle, Delson, Denholm, Des Ruisseaux, Des Saules Stprime, Desbiens, Desch Sur St Laur, Desch-s-st-l, Deschaillons, Deschaillons-sur-sai, Deschambault, Desmaraisvlle, Desmontagnes Lacorne, Despinassy, Destor, Deux Montagnes, Deux-montagnes, Developpementflaming, Dewittville, Didyme, Disraeli, Dixville, Dol-des-ormea, Dolb Mistsn, Dolbeau, Dolbeau Mistassini, Dolbeau-mistassini, Dolbmstsn, Dollard Des Ormeaux, Dollard-des-ormeaux, Domaineasselinnotre-, Domaineclo-clo Entre, Domainecloclo Entrel, Domainedunordst-come, Domainegravelste-bea, Domainelacfrancest-c, Domainelacvalleeo St, Domainelajeunessenot, Domvertn Mirabel, Domvertnmirabel, Domvertsmirabel, Don Lake, Donnacona, Dorval, Dosquet, Drml, Drsli, Drummondville, Dryson, Ds Ruiss, Du Parc Lasarre, Dubuis, Dubuisson, Dubuisss, Duclos, Dudswell, Duhamel, Duhamel-ouest, Dundee, Dunham, Dunkin Potton, Duparquet, Dupuy, Durham-sud, Durhm S, Duvernay, E Amos, E Ang, E Brotn, E Farn, E Hrfd, E Lasarre, E-broughton, East Aldfield, East Angus, East Broughton, East Farnham, East Hereford, East Hill L Brome, Easthill L Brome, Easthill Lbrome, Easthill//l Brome, Eastm-1, Eastmain, Eastmain-1, Eastman, Eatn Corner, Eaton, Ebolton, Eboulements, Egan, Egan Sud, Egan-sud, Eganville, Elgin, Em-1-a-sarcelle-rupe, Ent110, Entrelacs, Entry Island, Escoumins, Escuminac, Esprit-saint, Esterel, Etang-du-nor, Etang-du-nord, Etangdunord, Evain, Fabre, Fabreville, Falardeau, Farnham, Farrellton, Fassett, Fatima, Ferland, Ferland Boilleau, Ferland-boill, Ferland-et-boilleau, Ferlandboileau, Ferme-neuve, Fermont, Feversham, Flesherton, Fleurimont, Fneuve, Fontainebleau, Forestville, Fort Coulonge, Fort-coulogne, Fort-coulonge, Fortierville, Foss-s-l-lac, Fossambault-sur-le-l, Foster, Foster Lbrome, Fosterl Brome, Fosterlbrome, Frampton, Franklin, Franklin Centre, Franquelin, Frelighsburg, Frontenac, Fsmblt Sur Le Lac, Fugerev, Fugereville, Fugerv, Fulford, Fulford Lbrome, G Mere, G Pk, G-mere, Gabriel St Pacome, Gallichan, Gallix, Gananoque, Garthby, Gascons, Gaspe, Gatineau, Gd St Esprit, Gedeon, Gentilly, Georgeville, Gethsemani, Girardville, Girardvl, Glen Sut, Glen Sutton, Glenburnie, Gmere, Godbout, Godmanchester, Golden Lake, Gooderham, Gore, Gould, Gracefield, Gracepark Gore, Granada, Granby, Grand Mere, Grand Valley, Grand'mere, Grand-mere, Grand-remous, Grand-saint-esprit, Grande Ile, Grande-anse, Grande-entree, Grande-ile, Grande-riviere, Grande-riviere-ouest, Grande-vallee, Grandeanse, Grandeentree, Grandes-bergeronnes, Grandes-piles, Grantham, Grd-st-esprit, Greenfield Park, Greenfield Pk, Gren, Grenlrouge, Grenville, Grenville Bay, Grenville Qc, Grenville Quebec, Grenville Sur La Rou, Grenville-sur-la-rou, Grenvlrouge, Grenvlrouge Domaineh, Grondines, Gros-morne, Grosse-ile, Grosses-roches, Guerin, Guigues, Guyenne, H Fafard Ste-helene, Halfx-s, Halifax-sud, Ham N, Ham-n, Ham-nord, Ham-sud, Hamnord, Hampdn, Hampstead, Harringtn Hbr, Harrington, Harrington Harbour, Hatley, Haute-mauricie, Havelock, Havre Aubert, Havre-aubert, Havre-auberthavre-au, Havre-aux-maison, Havre-aux-maisons, Havre-maisons, Havre-saint-pierre, Hawk, Hawkesbury, Hebertville, Hebertville Station, Hebertville-station, Hebervl Stn, Hebervl-stn, Hebervlstn, Hebrtvlle-stn, Hemmingford, Henryville, Henryvl, Herouxville, Hervl, Highwtr Potton, Highwtrpotton, Hinchinbrook, Hinchinbrooke, Hivon Amos, Honfleur, Hope, Howick, Huberdeau, Hudson, Hudson Heights, Hudson Hgts, Hull, Huntingdon, I'isleauxallumettes, Iberville, Ile Biz, Ile D'entree, Ile Des Soeurs, Ile Du Grand-calumet, Ile Dupas, Ile Per, Ile Perrot, Ile St Ignace, Ile St-amour, Ile St-ignace, Ile-aux-coudres, Ile-aux-noix, Ile-grd-calum, Ile-perrot, Ile-perrot-sud, Ilebiz, Iled'entree, Iledessoeurs, Iledrvl, Iledupas, Ilegcalmt, Ilegoyer Vlcarn, Ilelacsouris Stmathi, Ileper, Inukjuak, Inverness, Irlande, Iron Hill L Brome, Ironhill Brome, Ironhill L Brome, Ironhill Lbrome, Ironhilll Brome, Ironhilllbrome, Isle Verte, Isle-aux-coudres, Isle-coudres, Issoudun, Ivry Sur Le Lac, Ivry-sur-lac, Ivry-sur-le-lac, Ivrysur Le Lac, Ivujivik, Jacques-cartier, Jawbone, Joliette, Joly, Jonquiere, K1pawa, Kahnawake, Kamouraska, Kanata-stittsville, Kangiqsualujjuaq, Kangiqsujuaq, Kangirsuk, Katevale, Kazabazua, Kegaska, Kemptville, Keyano, Kiamika, Kingsbury, Kingsey Falls, Kingston, Kingsy Falls, Kinnear's Mills, Kinnears Mls, Kinnr' S Mlls, Kinnr's Mills, Kinnr's Mlls, Kipawa, Kirkland, Know L Brome, Know Lbrome, Knowland Potton, Knowlton, Kuujjuaq, Kuujjuaraapik, Kuujjuarapik, L A 1, L Boucht, L Brome, L G 1, L G 3, L G 4, L Meg, L Mourier, L Rap, L Simon, L'ancienne Lorette, L'ancienne-lorette, L'ange Gardien, L'ange-gardien, L'annonciation, L'anse St Jean, L'anse-pleureuse, L'anse-saint-jean, L'asc-pataped, L'ascension, L'ascension-de-notre, L'ascension-de-patap, L'assomption, L'avenir, L'epiphanie, L'epiphanie - L'asso, L'epiphanie-l'assomp, L'etang-du-nord, L'etangsugarloaf, L'etangsugarloaf Pot, L'etangsugarloafpott, L'ile Bizard, L'ile Perrot, L'ile Verte, L'ile-bizard, L'ile-cadieux, L'ile-d'entree, L'ile-du-grand-calum, L'ile-michon, L'ile-perrot, L'isle Aux Allumette, L'isle Verte, L'isle-aux-coudres, L'isle-aux-grues, L'isle-verte, L'isle-verte-ouest, L'isleauxallmettes, L'isleauxallumenttes, L'isleauxallumettes, L'isleauxallumettese, L'islesauxallumettes, L'islet, L'islet Sur Mer, L'isletville, La Baie, La Baleine, La Boiteuse, La Bostonnais, La Conception, La Corne, La Croche, La Dore, La Durantaye, La Ferme, La Grande 1, La Guadeloupe, La Macaza, La Malbaie, La Martre, La Minerve, La Minrv, La Morand, La Morandiere, La Motte, La Pat, La Patrie, La Peche, La Plaine, La Poc, La Pocatiere, La Pocatiere-station, La Pr, La Prairie, La Presentation, La Redemption, La Reine, La Salle, La Sarre, La Tabatiere, La Trinite-des-monts, La Tuque, La V-i-dupas, La Visit, La Visit-de-y, La Visitation, Labelle, Labrecque, Lac A La Croix, Lac A La Tortue, Lac Ashuapmushauan, Lac Ashuapmushuan, Lac Aux Sables, Lac Beauport, Lac Berthier, Lac Bibeau St Jn De, Lac Bouchette, Lac Bprt, Lac Breeches, Lac Brennan, Lac Brome, Lac Corbeau, Lac Delage, Lac Des Fourches Ste, Lac Des Loups, Lac Des Plages, Lac Des Seize Iles, Lac Drt, Lac Edouard, Lac Jasper Chertsey, Lac Kenogami, Lac Megantic, Lac Noir St Jn De M, Lac Nomin, Lac Rose, Lac Saguay, Lac Saint-paul, Lac Sainte Marie, Lac Sgt, Lac Simon, Lac Sourisst Mathieu, Lac St Jos, Lac Ste Marie, Lac Superieur, Lac Vert, Lac-a- La-tortue, Lac-a-la-croix, Lac-a-la-tortue, Lac-au-saumon, Lac-aux-sables, Lac-beauport, Lac-bouchette, Lac-brome, Lac-cayamant, Lac-delage, Lac-des-aigles, Lac-des-ecorces, Lac-des-iles, Lac-des-plages, Lac-des-seize-iles, Lac-drolet, Lac-du-cerf, Lac-dufault, Lac-ecorces, Lac-edouard, Lac-etchemin, Lac-frontiere, Lac-guindon, Lac-humqui, Lac-kenogami, Lac-la-tortue, Lac-masson, Lac-megantic, Lac-plages, Lac-rapide, Lac-saguay, Lac-saint-joseph, Lac-saint-paul, Lac-sainte-marie, Lac-seize-ile, Lac-sergent, Lac-simon, Lac-st-joseph, Lac-st-paul, Lac-ste-marie, Lac-superieur, Lacalacroix, Lacalatortue, Lacbastien Stalphrod, Lacberthier St Jn De, Lacberthier Stjndem, Lacbibeau St-jn-de-m, Lacbibeau Stjndem, Lacbluesea, Lacbreeches, Lacbrennen Rawdon, Lacbreton St-sauv, Lacbrule Chertsey, Laccache, Laccaribou Laccaribo, Laccaribou Stfaustla, Laccaron Gmere, Laccarre, Laccharland Stemelan, Lacchevreuil Lakefie, Laccloutier Stalphro, Laccloutier Stebeatx, Laccloutiers Stebeat, Laccloutierste Beatx, Laccome Stcome, Laccorbeau St Damn D, Laccorbeau Stdamndeb, Laccorbeaust Damn De, Lacdeschats St-sauv, Lacdesfourches Ste-j, Lacdesfourches Steju, Lacdesfrancais Stema, Lacdesiles, Lacdesplaines Steade, Lacdesseize-iles, Lacdesseizeiles, Lacdupuis Chertsey, Lacedja Bouchette, Lacforeststzen, Lacgervais St Jn De, Lacgrenier Chertsey, Lachenaie, Lachine, Lachute, Lacindien Pinehill, Lacjasper Chertsey, Lacjaune Chertsey, Lacjaune Sttheodec, Lacjohn, Lackenogami, Lacl'orignal Chertse, Laclafond Chertsey, Laclamarre Stgabdeb, Laclamoureux Stejul, Laclegoff Ste-julien, Laclegoff Stejulnne, Laclemenn Stejulnne, Laclemenn Stejulnn, Laclong, Laclong Stalphrodr, Laclouisa Wenworth, Laclouise Stalphrodr, Lacloyer Stalphrodr, Lacmanseau Stejulnn, Lacmassie Mille-isle, Lacmassie Milleisles, Lacmatambin Stdamnde, Lacmatha Stjndem, Lacmaurice St-paul-d, Lacmaurice Stejuln, Lacmaurice Stejulnne, Lacmaurice Stpauldej, Lacmauricie Stejulnn, Lacmiro Stebeatx, Lacmooney Chertsey, Lacmorin Stemarclne, Lacnapoleon Chertsey, Lacnoir St-jn-de-m, Lacnoir Stdamndeb, Lacnoir Stjndem, Lacolle, Lacorne, Lacpierre Stalphder, Lacpierre Stalphrodr, Lacpoisson Stzen, Lacquinn Stejulnne, Lacquinnste Julnne, Lacregent, Lacrobert Stzen, Lacrocher Stemelanie, Lacsarrazin Stelucie, Lacsolargore, Lacsouris St Mathieu, Lacsouris Stmathieu, Lacsouris Stmathieud, Lacsourisstmathieudu, Lacste-marie, Lacstevens Stalphrod, Lacsuperieur, Lacvert St-calx, Lacvert St-jn-de-m, Lacvert Stjndem, Ladore, Ladriere, Ladysmith, Lafontaine, Laforce, Laforge, Laforge 1, Lakeclear, Lakefield, Lamalbaie, Lamarche, Lamartine, Lambton, Lamnrv, Lancaster, Landrienne, Laniel, Lanoraie, Lantier, Lapeche, Laperriere Gmere, Laprairie, Lapresenbtation, Lapresentation, Larouche, Lasalle, Laterriere, Latulipe, Latulipe O Rouyn, Latuq, Latuque, Launay, Laurel, Laurier Station, Laurier-station, Laurierville, Lauzon, Laval, Laval Des Rap, Laval Est, Laval O, Laval-est, Laval-ouest, Lavaltrie, Laverlochere, Lavoie L'ange-gar, Lavtr, Lawrenceville, Lc Ds Iles, Lc St-pl, Lc-st-pl, Lcdesiles, Lcdsiles, Le Bic, Le Gardeur, Leadville Mnvl, Leadville Potton, Leadvillepotton, Leb-su-quev, Leb-sur-quev, Lebel-quevill, Lebel-sur-quev, Lebel-sur-quevillon, Lebsur-quev, Lebsurquev, Leclercville, Lecor, Leeds, Leeds Village, Lefebvre, Lejeune, Lemieux, Lemoyne, Lennoxville, Lepeche, Lery, Les Berg, Les Buissons, Les Cedres, Les Coteaux, Les Eboulement, Les Eboulements, Les Escoumins, Les Hauteurs, Les Mechins, Lesage, Lesberg, Lescedres, Leslie, Letang, Levis, Lg, Lingwick, Listuguj, Litchfield, Lmeg, Lochaber, Lochaber O, Lochaber Partie O, Lombrette Sttitecap, Long-p-de-min, Longue Rive, Longue-pointe-de-min, Longue-rive, Longuerive, Longueuil, Loretteville, Lorraine, Lorrainville, Lorrrainv, Lotbiniere, Lots Renv, Lots-renverses, Lotsrenv, Louiseville, Lourdes, Lourdes-b-sab, Lourdes-de-joliette, Louvic, Louvicourt, Low, Luskville, Luskville Pontiac, Luskvillepontiac, Lyster, Macamic, Macmic, Maddington, Maddington Falls, Madeleine-centre, Magog, Magpie, Mainsfieldetpontefra, Malarctic, Malartic, Maliotenam, Mancebourg, Manche-d'epee, Mandeville, Mandvl, Maniwaki, Manouane, Mans, Manseau, Mansfield Et Pontefr, Mansfield Pontefract, Mansfieldetpontefrac, Mansonville, Maple Grove, Maple-grove, Marbleton, Marchand, Maria, Maricourt, Marieville, Marsoui, Marston, Martin Valin, Martinville, Mascouche, Masfield Et Pontefra, Mashteuiatsh, Maskinonge, Masseuville, Masson-angers, Massueville, Matagami, Matane, Matapedia, Maynooth, Mayo, Mc Mstrvl, Mc Watters, Mcmasterville, Mcneill Lake, Mcneilllake, Mcwaters, Mcwatters, Melbourne, Melocheville, Mercier, Messines, Met-l-a-la-cr, Metabetchouan, Metabetchouan-lac-a-, Metis-sur-mer, Michaudville, Middle Bay, Milan, Mille Isles, Mille-isles, Milot, Miquelon, Mirabel, Mirabel St Canut, Mirabel Stantoine, Mirabel Stbenoit, Mirabel Stcanut, Mirabel Sthermas, Mirabel-st-augustin, Mirabel-ste-scholast, Mirabelst Canut, Mirabelstaug, Mistassini, Mistiss, Mistissini, Mlaur, Mntk, Mnvl Mnvl, Mnvl Potton, Mnvlpotton, Moffet, Moisie, Mont Carmel, Mont Elie, Mont Laurier, Mont Rolland, Mont Royal, Mont St Greg, Mont St Gregoire, Mont St Hilaire, Mont St-greg, Mont St-hilaire, Mont Tremblant, Mont Valin, Mont-apica, Mont-brun, Mont-carmel, Mont-habitant St-sau, Mont-joli, Mont-laurier, Mont-louis, Mont-rolland, Mont-royal, Mont-saint-gregoire, Mont-saint-hilaire, Mont-saint-michel, Mont-saint-pierre, Mont-st-gregoire, Mont-suisse St-sauv, Mont-tremblant, Montbeillard, Montbeille, Montcalm, Montcastor Steagan, Montcerf, Montcerf Lytton, Montcerf-lytton, Montcerflytton, Montebello, Montelie, Montfort, Montlaurier, Montmagny, Montpellier, Montreal, Montreal Est, Montreal N, Montreal Nord, Montreal Ouest, Montreal-est, Montreal-nord, Montreal-o, Montreal-ouest, Montrealn, Montrealo, Montrealouest, Montroyal, Montst-greg, Montstgreg, Mor Hts, Morin Heights, Morin-heights, Mount-royal, Mt Carmel, Mt St Gregoire, Mt St Hilr, Mt St-mich, Mt-st-grgoire, Mt-st-michel, Mt-tremblant, Mtl E, Mtl N, Mtl Nord, Mtl O, Mtstgregoire, Mtstmichel, Mulgrave Et Derry, Mulgrave-et-derry, Mulgraveet Derry, Murdochville, Mutton Bay, N Amos, N D Bonsecours, N D De Lrdes, N D Des Bois, N D Des Monts, N D Des Neige, N D Des Neiges, N D Des Sept Douleur, N D Du Lac, N D Du Mont Carmel, N D Du S Coeur Issou, N D Ile Per, N D Ile-perrot, N D P, N D Portage, N Hat, N Lasarre, N Lorrainv, N Reneault, N Ville-marie, N-d Du-nord, N-d Pontm, N-d-de-stanbrigde, N-d-de-standbridge, N-d-destanbridge, N-d-i-perrot, N-d-montauban, N-dame-de-lor, N-ddu-nord, N.-d.-sept-douleurs, Namur, Nantes, Napierville, Natashquan, Nd Ile Per, Nd Pont, Nd-bonsecours, Nd-d-la-merci, Nd-d-pontmain, Nd-d-prairies, Nd-de-ham, Nd-de-la Paix, Nd-des-bois, Nd-des-monts, Nd-du-lac, Nd-du-laus, Nd-du-nord, Nd-du-portage, Nd-du-rosaire, Nd-ile-perrot, Nd-la-merci, Nd-la-paix, Nd-la-salette, Nd-mont-crmel, Nd-mt-carmel, Nd-pontmain, Nd-prairies, Nd-stanbridge, Nddesneiges, Nddstanbridge, Nddunord, Ndeduelaus, Ndileper, Ndlaus, Ndpaix, Ndpontm, Ndstan, Nedelec, Nemask, Nemaska, Nemisc, Nemiscau, Neuville, New Carlisle, New Richmond, Newport, Nialk, Nicolet, Nominingue, Norbertville, Normandin, Normetal, North Hatley, Northfield, Norway, Norway Bay, Notre Dame De Bonsec, Notre Dame De L'ile, Notre Dame De La Mer, Notre Dame De La Pai, Notre Dame De Lorett, Notre Dame De Lourde, Notre Dame De Portne, Notre Dame Des Prair, Notre Dame Du Lac, Notre Dame Du Portag, Notre-dame De La Mer, Notre-dame- De-loret, Notre-dame-de-ham, Notre-dame-de-l'ile-, Notre-dame-de-la-mer, Notre-dame-de-la-pai, Notre-dame-de-la-sal, Notre-dame-de-lorett, Notre-dame-de-lourde, Notre-dame-de-montau, Notre-dame-de-pontma, Notre-dame-de-stanbr, Notre-dame-des-bois, Notre-dame-des-laure, Notre-dame-des-monts, Notre-dame-des-pins, Notre-dame-des-prair, Notre-dame-du-lac, Notre-dame-du-laus, Notre-dame-du-mont-c, Notre-dame-du-mt-car, Notre-dame-du-nord, Notre-dame-du-portag, Notre-dame-du-rosair, Notre-dame-lr, Notre-damede-ham, Nouvelle, Nouvelle-ouest, Noyan, Ntre-dame-de-ham, O Amos, O Barraute, O L'isleauxallumette, O Lasarre, O Palmar, O Rouyn, O Rouyn-nor, O Sennet, O Stambrdek, Oak Ridges, Obedjiwan, Obedjn, Odanak, Ogden, Oka, Old Fort Bay, Omerville, Onatchiway, Orford, Ormstown, Otrbrn Pk, Ottawa-hull, Otter Lake, Otterburn Park, Otterburn Pk, Otterburn-pk, Otwa, Ouje-boug, Ouje-bougoumou, Oujeboug, Outremont, P Oka, P Rig, P St Aug, P St Charles Rich, P St Edouard, P St Eust, P St Laz, P Verch, P Vrns, Pabos, Pabos Mills, Packington, Padoue, Palmarolle, Palmer, Papineauville, Parc De La Verendrye, Parc Lasarre, Parc-de-la-verendrye, Parent, Parisville, Parnd Sthya, Paspebiac, Pembroke, Perce, Peribk, Peribonka, Perkins, Pet-riv-st-fr, Pet-saguenay, Peterborough, Petit Saguenay, Petit-matane, Petit-saguenay, Petite Riviere St-fr, Petite-riviere-saint, Petite-riviere-st-fr, Petite-vallee, Petitsaguenay, Philipsburg, Pieddelamontagne St-, Piedmont, Pierrefonds, Pierreville, Pike River, Pincourt, Pine Hill, Pintendre, Piopolis, Plaisance, Plessisville, Pohenegamook, Point-au-chene, Pointe Au Chen, Pointe Au Chene, Pointe Au-chene, Pointe Calumet, Pointe Claire, Pointe Des Cascades, Pointe Du Chen, Pointe- Au-chene, Pointe-a-la-croix, Pointe-a-la-garde, Pointe-au-ch Ne, Pointe-au-chene, Pointe-au-chne, Pointe-aux-loups, Pointe-aux-outardes, Pointe-aux-trembles, Pointe-bleue, Pointe-calumet, Pointe-claire, Pointe-des-cascades, Pointe-du-lac, Pointe-fortune, Pointe-lebel, Pointeauxloups, Pointedulacnoir Lacn, Pointedulacnoir St-d, Poltimore, Pond Road, Ponsonby, Pont-rouge, Pont-viau, Pontbriand, Pontiac, Port-alfred, Port-cartier, Port-daniel, Port-menier, Portage-du-fort, Portage-dufort, Portneuf, Portneuf Sur Mer, Portneuf-station, Portneuf-sur-mer, Poulaires, Poularies, Precieux-sang, Precieuxsang, Preissac, Presentation, Presieux-sang, Prevost, Price, Princeville, Princl, Proulxville, Prtge-du-fort, Pt Cal, Pt Clr, Pt Des Casc, Pt Fort, Pt V, Pt-au-chene, Pt-calumet, Pt-cascades, Pt-fortune, Pt-trembles, Pte Des Casc, Pte Du Lac, Pte Riv St Francois, Pteauchene, Pterivstfrancois, Ptetrembles, Puvirnituk, Puvirnituq, Quaqtaq, Que, Quebec, Quebec Qc, Quyon, Quyon Pontiac, Quyonpontiac, R Pond, R-heva, R-pond, Racine, Radisson, Ragueneau, Rainville, Rap-danseur, Rap-des-cedres, Rapid Lake, Rapide-danseur, Rapides-des-joachims, Ravignan, Rawcliffe, Rawdon, Rchmnd, Remigny, Remmigny, Reneault, Repentigny, Res Faun Des Laurent, Resindchisas, Rgnord-ouest, Rheva, Richardson Lake, Richardsonlake, Richelieu, Richmond, Rigaud, Rimouski, Ripon, Riv Bleue, Riv Du Loup, Riv Ouelle, Riv Trois Pist, Riv-beaudette, Riv-du-loup, Riv-malbaie, Riv-matawin, Riv-mekinac, Riv-ouelle, Riv-trois-pis, Rivduloupe, Riviere Beaudette, Riviere Du Loup, Riviere Eternite, Riviere Ouelle, Riviere Rouge, Riviere-a-claude, Riviere-a-pierre, Riviere-au-tonnerre, Riviere-beaudette, Riviere-bleue, Riviere-du-loup, Riviere-du-moulin, Riviere-eternite, Riviere-heva, Riviere-madeleine, Riviere-matawin, Riviere-mekinac, Riviere-ouelle, Riviere-paspebiac, Riviere-pentecote, Riviere-rouge, Riviere-saint-jean, Riviere-saint-paul, Riviere-trois-pistol, Rivierebeaudet, Rivierebeaudette, Riviereduloup, Riviereeternite, Rivrouge, Rivtroispist, Rk Forest, Robertsonvlle, Roberval, Rochebaucourt, Rock Forest, Rock Island, Rockland, Rockway Valley, Rollet, Roquemaure, Rosemere, Rosemont, Rougemont, Roun-nor, Roundlake, Rouyn Nor, Rouyn-noranda, Rouyn-nord, Rouynenoranda, Rouynnor, Rouynnoranda, Roxboro, Roxton, Roxton Falls, Roxton Pond, Royale, Rte219 Stcypnpvl, Rte220 Steanneroch, Ruisseau-a-rebours, Rxtn Falls, S Amos, S C B, S C De Jesus, S Jean Sur Rich, S Jn De M, S Lasarre, S M B L, S Namur, S-a-argnteuil, S-c De Jesus, S-cdejesus, S-clotil-chat, S-gregoire, S-jos-mekinac, Sabrevois, Sacre Coeur, Sacre Coeur De Jesus, Sacre-coeur, Sacre-coeur-de-jesus, Sacre-coeur-demarie, Sacre-coeur-saguenay, Sacrecoeur, Saint Adele, Saint Barnabe, Saint Come, Saint Felix De Kings, Saint Hubert, Saint Jean Sur Rich, Saint Joachim, Saint Lambert, Saint Laurent, Saint Leonard, Saint Prime, Saint Redempteur, Saint-adalbert, Saint-adelme, Saint-adelphe, Saint-adelphe-de-cha, Saint-adolphe-d'howa, Saint-adolphe-de-dud, Saint-agapit, Saint-aime, Saint-aime-des-lacs, Saint-alban, Saint-albert, Saint-alexandre, Saint-alexandre-d'ib, Saint-alexandre-de-k, Saint-alexandre-des-, Saint-alexis-de-mata, Saint-alexis-de-mont, Saint-alexis-des-mon, Saint-alfred, Saint-alphonse-de-ca, Saint-alphonse-de-gr, Saint-alphonse-de-ro, Saint-amable, Saint-ambroise, Saint-ambroise-de-ch, Saint-ambroise-de-ki, Saint-anaclet, Saint-andre-avellin, Saint-andre-d'argent, Saint-andre-de-kamou, Saint-andre-de-resti, Saint-anicet, Saint-anselme, Saint-antoine-abbe, Saint-antoine-de-til, Saint-antoine-sur-ri, Saint-antonin, Saint-apollinaire, Saint-armand, Saint-arsene, Saint-aubert, Saint-augustin-de-de, Saint-augustin-sague, Saint-barnabe-sud, Saint-barthelemy, Saint-basile, Saint-basile-le-gran, Saint-benjamin, Saint-benoit-labre, Saint-bernard, Saint-bernard-de-lac, Saint-bernard-de-mic, Saint-blaise, Saint-blaise-sur-ric, Saint-bonaventure, Saint-boniface-de-sh, Saint-bruno, Saint-bruno-de-guigu, Saint-bruno-lac-sain, Saint-calixte, Saint-calixte-de-kil, Saint-camille, Saint-camille-de-bel, Saint-casimir, Saint-celestin, Saint-cesaire, Saint-charles Sur Ri, Saint-charles-borrom, Saint-charles-de-bel, Saint-charles-de-bou, Saint-charles-de-dru, Saint-charles-garnie, Saint-charles-sur-ri, Saint-christophe-d'a, Saint-chrysostome, Saint-claude, Saint-clement, Saint-cleophas, Saint-clet, Saint-colomban, Saint-come, Saint-come-liniere, Saint-constant, Saint-cuthbert, Saint-cyprien, Saint-cyprien-des-et, Saint-cyrille-de-l'i, Saint-cyrille-de-wen, Saint-damase, Saint-damase-de-mata, Saint-damase-des-aul, Saint-damien, Saint-damien-de-buck, Saint-david, Saint-denis - Saint-, Saint-denis-de-bromp, Saint-denis-de-la-bo, Saint-denis-sur-rich, Saint-didace, Saint-dominique, Saint-donat, Saint-donat-de-montc, Saint-edouard-de-lot, Saint-edouard-de-mas, Saint-edouard-de-nap, Saint-elie, Saint-elie-de-caxton, Saint-elphege, Saint-elzear, Saint-elzear-de-bona, Saint-emile-de-suffo, Saint-ephrem-de-beau, Saint-epiphane, Saint-esprit, Saint-etienne-de-bea, Saint-etienne-de-bol, Saint-etienne-de-lau, Saint-etienne-des-gr, Saint-eugene-d'argen, Saint-eugene-de-gran, Saint-eugene-de-guig, Saint-eusebe, Saint-eustache, Saint-evariste-de-fo, Saint-fabien, Saint-fabien-de-pane, Saint-faustin, Saint-faustin-lac-ca, Saint-felicien, Saint-felix-d'otis, Saint-felix-de-dalqu, Saint-felix-de-kings, Saint-felix-de-valoi, Saint-ferdinand, Saint-ferreol, Saint-ferreol-les-ne, Saint-flavien, Saint-fortunat, Saint-francois-d'ass, Saint-francois-d'orl, Saint-francois-de-sa, Saint-francois-du-la, Saint-frederic, Saint-fulgence, Saint-gabriel-de-bra, Saint-gabriel-de-rim, Saint-gabriel-de-val, Saint-gedeon, Saint-gedeon-de-beau, Saint-georges, Saint-georges-de-cha, Saint-georges-est, Saint-gerard-des-lau, Saint-germain, Saint-germain-de-gra, Saint-gervais, Saint-gilbert, Saint-gilles, Saint-godefroi, Saint-guillaume, Saint-henri-de-levis, Saint-hermenegilde, Saint-hilarion, Saint-hippolyte, Saint-honore, Saint-honore-de-chic, Saint-honore-de-shen, Saint-honore-de-temi, Saint-hubert, Saint-hubert-riviere, Saint-hugues, Saint-hugues-saint-m, Saint-hyacinthe, Saint-ignace-de-stan, Saint-irenee, Saint-isidore, Saint-isidore-de-cli, Saint-isidore-de-lap, Saint-jacques, Saint-jacques-de-lee, Saint-jacques-le-min, Saint-jean Ile-d'or, Saint-jean-baptiste, Saint-jean-chrysosto, Saint-jean-d'orleans, Saint-jean-de-brebeu, Saint-jean-de-cherbo, Saint-jean-de-dieu, Saint-jean-de-la-lan, Saint-jean-de-matape, Saint-jean-de-matha, Saint-jean-des-piles, Saint-jean-iberville, Saint-jean-port-joli, Saint-jean-sur-riche, Saint-jerome, Saint-joachim-de-cou, Saint-joachim-de-she, Saint-jogues, Saint-joseph-de-beau, Saint-joseph-de-cole, Saint-joseph-de-kamo, Saint-joseph-de-la-r, Saint-joseph-de-lepa, Saint-joseph-de-sore, Saint-joseph-du-lac, Saint-joseph-ham, Saint-jovite, Saint-jude, Saint-jules, Saint-julien, Saint-just-de-breten, Saint-justin, Saint-lambert, Saint-lambert-de-lau, Saint-laurent, Saint-laurent-ile-d', Saint-lazare, Saint-lazare-de-bell, Saint-leandre, Saint-leon, Saint-leon-le-grand, Saint-leonard, Saint-leonard-d'asto, Saint-leonard-de-por, Saint-liboire, Saint-liguori, Saint-lin, Saint-lin-laurentide, Saint-louis, Saint-louis-de-bland, Saint-louis-de-gonza, Saint-louis-du-ha-ha, Saint-luc-de-bellech, Saint-luc-de-matane, Saint-luc-de-vincenn, Saint-lucien, Saint-ludger, Saint-ludger-de-milo, Saint-magloire, Saint-majorique, Saint-malachie, Saint-malo, Saint-marc-des-carri, Saint-marc-sur-riche, Saint-marcel-de-rich, Saint-marcellin, Saint-martin, Saint-mathias-sur-ri, Saint-mathieu, Saint-mathieu-d'harr, Saint-mathieu-de-bel, Saint-mathieu-de-lap, Saint-mathieu-de-rio, Saint-mathieu-du-par, Saint-maurice, Saint-medard, Saint-methode-de-fro, Saint-michel, Saint-michel-de-bell, Saint-michel-des-sai, Saint-modeste, Saint-moise, Saint-narcisse, Saint-narcisse-de-be, Saint-narcisse-de-ri, Saint-nazaire-de-dor, Saint-neree, Saint-nicephore, Saint-nicolas, Saint-noel, Saint-norbert, Saint-norbert-d'arth, Saint-odilon, Saint-omer, Saint-omer-l'islet, Saint-ours, Saint-pacome, Saint-pamphile, Saint-pascal, Saint-patrice-de-bea, Saint-paul, Saint-paul D'industr, Saint-paul-d'abbotsf, Saint-paul-de-la-cro, Saint-paul-de-montmi, Saint-paulin, Saint-philemon, Saint-philibert, Saint-philippe, Saint-philippe-de-ne, Saint-pie, Saint-pie-de-guire, Saint-pierre-baptist, Saint-pierre-de-brou, Saint-pierre-de-lamy, Saint-pierre-ile-d'o, Saint-pierre-les-bec, Saint-placide, Saint-polycarpe, Saint-prime, Saint-prosper, Saint-prosper-de-dor, Saint-raphael, Saint-raymond, Saint-redempteur, Saint-remi, Saint-remi-d'amherst, Saint-remi-de-tingwi, Saint-rene, Saint-rene-de-matane, Saint-robert, Saint-robert-bellarm, Saint-roch-de-l'achi, Saint-roch-de-mekina, Saint-roch-de-richel, Saint-roch-des-aulna, Saint-romain, Saint-romuald, Saint-rosaire, Saint-samuel, Saint-sauveur, Saint-sebastien, Saint-sebastien-de-f, Saint-severe, Saint-severin-de-bea, Saint-simeon, Saint-simeon-de-bona, Saint-simon, Saint-simon-de-bagot, Saint-simon-de-rimou, Saint-simon-les-mine, Saint-stanislas, Saint-stanislas-de-c, Saint-stanislas-de-k, Saint-sulpice, Saint-sylvere, Saint-sylvestre, Saint-telesphore, Saint-tharcisius, Saint-theodore-d'act, Saint-theophile, Saint-thomas, Saint-thomas-d'aquin, Saint-thomas-didyme, Saint-thuribe, Saint-tite, Saint-tite-des-caps, Saint-ubalde, Saint-ulric, Saint-urbain, Saint-urbain-premier, Saint-valentin, Saint-valere, Saint-valerien-de-ri, Saint-vallier, Saint-vianney, Saint-victor, Saint-vital-de-clerm, Saint-wenceslas, Saint-zacharie, Saint-zenon, Saint-zephirin, Saint-zephirin-de-co, Saint-zotique, Sainte Rose Du Nord, Sainte-adele, Sainte-agathe, Sainte-agathe-de-lot, Sainte-agathe-des-mo, Sainte-agathe-nord, Sainte-agnes-de-dund, Sainte-ambroise, Sainte-angele-de-mer, Sainte-angele-de-mon, Sainte-angele-de-pre, Sainte-anne-de-beaup, Sainte-anne-de-belle, Sainte-anne-de-la-pe, Sainte-anne-de-la-ro, Sainte-anne-de-portn, Sainte-anne-de-sorel, Sainte-anne-des-lacs, Sainte-anne-des-mont, Sainte-anne-des-plai, Sainte-anne-du-lac, Sainte-anne-du-sault, Sainte-apolline-de-p, Sainte-aurelie, Sainte-barbe, Sainte-beatrix, Sainte-brigide-d'ibe, Sainte-brigitte-de-l, Sainte-brigitte-des-, Sainte-catherine, Sainte-catherine-de-, Sainte-cecile-de-lev, Sainte-cecile-de-mil, Sainte-christine, Sainte-christine-d'a, Sainte-claire, Sainte-clotilde-de-c, Sainte-clotilde-de-h, Sainte-croix, Sainte-dorothee, Sainte-edwidge, Sainte-elisabeth, Sainte-elizabeth-de-, Sainte-emelie-de-l'e, Sainte-eulalie, Sainte-euphemie, Sainte-famille, Sainte-felicite, Sainte-felicite-de-l, Sainte-flavie, Sainte-florence, Sainte-foy, Sainte-francoise, Sainte-francoise-de-, Sainte-genevieve, Sainte-genevieve-de-, Sainte-germaine-boul, Sainte-hedwidge-de-r, Sainte-helene-de-bag, Sainte-helene-de-bre, Sainte-helene-de-che, Sainte-helene-de-kam, Sainte-henedine, Sainte-julie, Sainte-julienne, Sainte-justine, Sainte-justine-de-ne, Sainte-louise, Sainte-luce, Sainte-lucie-de-beau, Sainte-lucie-des-lau, Sainte-madeleine, Sainte-marcelline-de, Sainte-marguerite, Sainte-marguerite-es, Sainte-marguerite-ma, Sainte-marie, Sainte-marie-de-blan, Sainte-marie-salome, Sainte-marthe, Sainte-marthe-sur-le, Sainte-martine, Sainte-melanie, Sainte-monique, Sainte-monique-de-ni, Sainte-monique-lac-s, Sainte-paule, Sainte-perpetue, Sainte-perpetue-de-l, Sainte-petronille, Sainte-rita, Sainte-rosalie, Sainte-rose, Sainte-rose-de-watfo, Sainte-rose-du-nord, Sainte-sabine, Sainte-sabine-de-bel, Sainte-sophie, Sainte-sophie-de-lev, Sainte-thecle, Sainte-therese, Sainte-therese-de-ga, Sainte-therese-de-la, Sainte-ursule, Sainte-victoire, Sainte-victoire-de-s, Saintevictoiredesore, Saintremidetingwick, Saintromuald, Saints-anges, Saints-martyrs-canad, Sal-valleyfld, Salab-de-vall, Salaber-de-valleyf, Salaberry De Valleyf, Salaberry-de-valleyf, Salaberrydevalleyfie, Salluit, Sand Bay, Sandybay, Sanglaval, Sanmaur, Sault-au-mouton, Sawyerville, Sayabec, Scdejesus, Scotstown, Scott, Secteur Gmere, Senneterre, Senneville, Sept-iles, Shannon, Shawbridge, Shawinigan, Shawinigan Sud, Shawinigan-s, Shawinigan-sud, Shawv, Shawville, Sheenboro, Shefford, Sheldrake, Sher N, Sherbrooke, Sherrington, Shigawake, Shipshaw, Shipton, Siisd, Sillery, Smb1, Smrieblan, Snye, Sombra, Sorel, Sorel Tracy, Sorel-tracy, South Durham, South Stukely, Squatec, Sr Bno, Sr-christophe-d'arth, Sre-gertr-manneville, Srhl, Ssimbagot, St Ferdinand, St A D'how, St Adelphe, St Adolph De Dudswl, St Adr, St Adr D'irl, St Agapit, St Aime, St Aime Des Lacs, St Albert, St Alex, St Alexandre, St Alexandre De Kamo, St Alexis, St Alexis Des Monts, St Alph Gnby, St Alph Rodr, St Alphonse, St Alxis De M, St Amable, St Amb Chtmi, St Amble, St Ambr De K, St Ambroise, St Andre, St Andre A, St Andre Avellin, St Andre D Argntl, St Andre D'argenteui, St Andre D'argntl, St Andred'argntl, St Anicet, St Anselme, St Antoine, St Antoine Abbe, St Antoine De Lavltr, St Antoine De Tilly, St Antoine Richelieu, St Antoine Sur Riche, St Antonin, St Apoll, St Apollinaire, St Arm, St Arsene, St Athanase, St Aubert, St Aug, St Aug Desmaures, St Augustin, St Augustin De Desma, St Barnabe, St Barth, St Bas L G, St Basile, St Basile Le Grand, St Benoit, St Bern Lacl, St Blaise, St Bno, St Bon, St Bonav, St Bruno, St Bruno De Kamouras, St Bruno De Montarvi, St C, St Calixte, St Calixte De Kilken, St Calx, St Camille, St Caml, St Canut, St Canut Mirabel, St Cass Caps, St Ces, St Cesaire, St Charles Borromee, St Charles De Bellec, St Charles De Bourge, St Charles De Drmd, St Charles De Drummo, St Charles Rich, St Charles Sur Riche, St Christophe D'arth, St Chrysostome, St Chs De Mandvl, St Claude, St Clement, St Cleo De B, St Clet, St Colombam, St Colomban, St Come, St Constant, St Cuth, St Cuthbert, St Cyprien, St Cyr W, St Cyrille, St D De Falardeau, St D De Falardeau, St Dam, St Damien De Bucklan, St Damn -de B, St Damn De B, St David De Falardea, St David Y, St Dde Falardeau, St Denis, St Denis De Bromp, St Denis De Brompton, St Denis Sur Rich, St Denis Sur Richeli, St Denisde Bromp, St Didace, St Dom, St Dominique De Bago, St Donat, St Edm Gr, St Edmond, St Edmond Les Plaine, St Edouard, St Edouard De Lotbin, St Edouard De Mask, St Elie D'orfrd, St Elie De Cxtn, St Eloi, St Elph, St Elzear Temisc, St Emile, St Epiphane, St Esprit, St Et Bolton, St Etienne De Beauha, St Etienne De Lauzon, St Etienne De Lzn, St Etienne Des Gres, St Etienne Des-gres, St Eug D'argentenay, St Eug Gr, St Eugene, St Eugene De Guigues, St Eusebe, St Eust, St Eustache, St Faust, St Faust Lac Carre, St Faustin, St Faustin Lac Carre, St Felc, St Felicien, St Felix D'otis, St Felix De Kingsey, St Felix De Kinsey, St Felix-d'otis, St Ferdinand, St Ferreol Les Neige, St Fidele, St Flavien, St Flx De Kingsy, St Flx De V, St Fran X De Bromp, St Francois De La Ri, St Francois De Sale, St Francois De Sales, St Francois Du Lac, St Fred, St Frederic, St Frs, St Frs I O, St Frs X Viger, St Fulg, St Fulgence, St G Champ, St Gab, St Gab De B, St Gabriel De Brando, St Gabriel De Vlcr, St Gabriel Lal, St Gedn, St Geo Clrvl, St Geo De Wind, St Georges De Windso, St Ger Des L, St Gerard, St Gerard D'yamaska, St Germ Gr, St Germain, St Gervais, St Gilles, St Gregoire, St Guill, St Guillaume, St Guillaume N, St Guy, St H L, St Henri, St Henri De Levis, St Henri De Taillon, St Hermas, St Hermengld, St Hermngld, St Hilaire, St Hilarion, St Hip, St Hon, St Hon S, St Hon Temisc, St Honore, St Honore De Temisco, St Hub, St Hubert, St Hya, St Hyacinthe, St Ign Stan, St Isidore, St Isidr De Cliftn, St J Bapt, St J Bapt De L'isle, St J Chrys, St J De Dieu, St J De M, St J La Lande, St Jac De Leeds, St Jac Min, St Jacq, St Jacques, St Janv, St Janvier, St Janvier De Joly, St Jchm, St Jean Baptiste, St Jean Chrysostome, St Jean De Brebf, St Jean De L'ile D'o, St Jean Des Piles, St Jean I O, St Jean Port Joli, St Jean Sur Rich, St Jean Sur Richelie, St Jer, St Jerome, St Jn De M, St Jn Sur Rich, St Joach Shef, St Joachim, St Joachim De Courva, St Jos De Col, St Jos De Ham, St Jos De Ham S, St Jos De La Rive, St Jos Kam, St Jos Lac, St Jos Levis, St Joseph, St Joseph De Ham S, St Joseph De Kamoura, St Joseph De La Pte, St Joseph De Sorel, St Joseph Du Lac, St Jov, St Jules, St Julien, St Juste Du L, St Justin, St Lam, St Lambert, St Lambert De Lauzon, St Laurent, St Laurent L'ile D'o, St Laz, St Lazare, St Lazare De Bellech, St Leon, St Leon Le Grand, St Leonard, St Leonard D'aston, St Leonard De Portne, St Liboire, St Liguori, St Lin, St Lin Laurentides, St Ljean Sur Rich, St Lnt, St Louis De Blandfor, St Louis De Gonzague, St Louis Du Ha Ha, St Lrap, St Lrent D'orleans, St Lrent I O, St Lrentd'orleans, St Ls Ha Ha, St Luc, St Luc De Vincennes, St Lucien, St M Bel, St Major Gr, St Majorgr, St Malo, St Marc, St Marc Du Lac Long, St Marc Sur Richelie, St Mathias Rich, St Mathias Sur Riche, St Mathieu, St Mathieu De Beloei, St Mathieu De Rioux, St Mathieu Du Parc, St Maurice, St Mch Des S, St Mchl, St Medard, St Mich De Roug, St Michel, St Michel De Bellech, St Michel De Wentwor, St Michel Des Saints, St Modeste, St Narcisse, St Nazaire, St Nclas, St Nice Ph, St Niceph, St Nicolas, St Nor, St Norbert, St Norbert D'arthab, St Norbert D'arthaba, St Nrbrt, St Onesime, St Onesime D'ixworth, St Ours, St P Croix, St P D' A, St P D'a, St P Ver P Riv, St Pacome, St Pascal, St Patrice, St Patrice De Sherri, St Paul, St Paul D'abbotsford, St Paul De J, St Paul I N, St Paul L'ile Aux No, St Phil, St Phil Neri, St Philippe, St Philippe D'argent, St Philippe De Neri, St Philippe E, St Pie, St Pie De Guire, St Pie Deguire, St Pierre, St Pierre Bapt, St Pierre Baptiste, St Pierre De Brotn, St Pierre De L'ile D, St Pierre I O, St Pierre Ile D'orle, St Pierre Riv Du Sud, St Placide, St Polycarpe, St Prime, St Raphael, St Raymond, St Redem, St Redempteur, St Regis, St Remi, St Remi D'amherst, St Remi De Tingwick, St Rmi De Tingwck, St Robert, St Roch De L, St Roch De L'achigan, St Roch De Mekinac, St Roch De Richelieu, St Roch Des Aulnaies, St Roch O, St Roch Richelieu, St Rom, St Romuald, St Rosaire, St Sauv, St Sauveur, St Seb, St Sebastien, St Severin, St Sevr, St Sevrn, St Sim Bagot, St Simeon, St Sixte, St Stanislas, St Stanislas De Kost, St Sulp, St Sulpice, St Telesphore, St Theo D'act, St Ther, St Thimothee, St Thomas, St Thomas Didyme, St Thomsdejol, St Timothee, St Tite, St Tite Caps, St Tite Des Caps, St Urbain Premier, St V P, St Val, St Valere, St Vallier, St Ven De Paquette, St Victor, St Wen, St Wenceslas, St Zen, St Zeph, St Zotique, St-adelphe-ch, St-adolp-d'ho, St-adolphe-d'howard, St-adolphe-de-dudswe, St-adr-d'irl, St-adrien, St-adrien D'irlande, St-adrien-d'irlande, St-agapit, St-agathe, St-aime, St-aime-des-lacs, St-alexan-d-l, St-alexand-ib, St-alexandre, St-alexandre D'iberv, St-alexandre-d'iberv, St-alexandre-de-kamo, St-alexis-de-montcal, St-alexis-mat, St-alexis-mlm, St-alexis-mts, St-alph-d-cap, St-alph-d-gby, St-alph-rodr, St-alphonse, St-alphonse-de-granb, St-alphonse-de-rodri, St-amable, St-ambr-d-kil, St-ambroise- De-kild, St-ambroise-de-chico, St-ambroise-de-kilda, St-and-d-rest, St-and-de-kam, St-and-du-lsj, St-andre, St-andre Est, St-andre-a, St-andre-avellin, St-andre-de-kamouras, St-andre-du-lac-st-j, St-andre-est, St-andre/a, St-andrea, St-andree-a, St-angeledelaval, St-anicet, St-anne-bpre, St-anselme, St-ant-de-til, St-ant-s-rich, St-antoine-abbe, St-antoine-de-tilly, St-antoine-sur-riche, St-antonin, St-apollinaire, St-arm, St-armand, St-arsene, St-athanase, St-aug-d-desm, St-aug-saguen, St-augustin, St-augustin-de-desma, St-b De Mich, St-barn, St-barnabe, St-barnabe-nord, St-barnabe-s, St-barnabe-s., St-barnabe-sud, St-barnabes, St-barnabesud, St-barthelemy, St-basile, St-basile-l-g, St-basile-le-grand, St-bdemch, St-benoit, St-bern Lacl, St-bern-lacol, St-bern-mich, St-bern-s-mer, St-bernabe-s, St-bernard-de-lacoll, St-bernarddemichaudv, St-bernardin, St-blaise, St-blaise-ric, St-bonaventure, St-bonif-shaw, St-boniface, St-boniface-de-shawi, St-br De-guig, St-br-de-giug, St-brdeguig, St-bruno, St-bruno-de-guigues, St-bruno-kam, St-bruno-lsj, St-calixte, St-calixte-de-kilken, St-cam-d-bell, St-camille, St-canut, St-celestin, St-ces, St-cesaire, St-ch-d-bourg, St-charl-bell, St-charl-borr, St-charl-drum, St-charl-s-ri, St-charles, St-charles-borromee, St-charles-bourget, St-charles-de-bellec, St-charles-de-drummo, St-charles-de-mandev, St-charles-sur-riche, St-chistophe-d'artha, St-chris-arth, St-christophe- D'art, St-christophe-d Arth, St-christophe-d'arth, St-christophe-d'atha, St-christophe-d`arth, St-christophed'artha, St-christph-d'arthab, St-chrysostome, St-claude, St-clement, St-cleop-bran, St-clet, St-colomban, St-come, St-constant, St-cry-w, St-cuthbert, St-cyp-d-etch, St-cyprien, St-cyr-d-l'is, St-cyr-d-wend, St-cyrille, St-cyrille-de-wendov, St-d De Falardeau, St-dama-d-aul, St-dama-matap, St-damase, St-damien, St-damien-de-brandon, St-damien-de-bucklan, St-david-d'yamaska, St-david-de-lauberiv, St-denis, St-denis De Bromp, St-denis Sur Rich, St-denis-brom, St-denis-de-brompton, St-denis-de-kamouras, St-denis-de-la-boute, St-denis-rich, St-denis-sur-richeli, St-denissurrich, St-denissurrichelieu, St-didace, St-dmien-buck, St-dominique-de-bago, St-dominique-du-rosa, St-donat, St-donat-de-montcalm, St-donat-mtlm, St-ed-de-fabre, St-ed-lotbin, St-edm-l-pnes, St-edmon-de-g, St-edmond-de-berthie, St-edmond-grantham, St-edmond-les-plaine, St-edou-d-nap, St-edou-mask, St-edouard-de-lotbin, St-edouard-de-maskin, St-edouard-de-napier, St-eleuthere, St-elie, St-elie Orford, St-elie-d'orford, St-elisb-prlx, St-eloi, St-elphege, St-elz-de-bon, St-elz-de-tem, St-emile-de-suffolk, St-eng-de-guig, St-ephr-d-bce, St-ephrem-de-beauce, St-epiphane, St-esprit, St-et-d-beauh, St-et-de-bolt, St-et-de-lauz, St-et-ds-gres, St-etienne-de-bolton, St-etienne-de-lauzon, St-etienne-de-lzn, St-etienne-des-gres, St-etiennedebeauharn, St-etiennedelauzon, St-eug D'argentenay, St-eug-d'arg, St-eug-d-gran, St-eugd Argentenay, St-eugd'argentenay, St-eugene, St-eugene-de-grantha, St-eugene-de-gui, St-eugene-de-guigues, St-eugenedeguigues, St-eusebe, St-eustache, St-evar-d-for, St-evariste-de-forsy, St-fab-panet, St-faus-l-car, St-faustin, St-faustinlaccarre, St-faustlaccarre, St-fel De-dalq, St-fel-de-dalq, St-felc, St-felicien, St-felix, St-felix D'otis, St-felix- D'otis, St-felix-d'otis, St-felix-dalq, St-felix-de-dalquier, St-felix-de-kingsey, St-felix-de-valois, St-felix-king, St-felix-valo, St-felixd'otis, St-felixdekingsey, St-felixdekingsy, St-ferdinand, St-ferdinand-d'halif, St-fereol, St-ferr-l-nei, St-ferreol Les Neige, St-ferreol-les-neige, St-fidele, St-flavien, St-fortunat, St-fr-d-sales, St-fr-r-d-sud, St-fr-x-bromp, St-fran-d'ass, St-fran-d'orl, St-fran-d-lac, St-fran-x De Bromp, St-francois, St-francois-d'orlean, St-francois-de-la-ri, St-francois-de-sales, St-francois-du-lac, St-francois-xavier-d, St-francois-xavierde, St-francoisdulac, St-frederic, St-fredericvillage, St-frs I O, St-fulgence, St-gab-d-bran, St-gab-de-kam, St-gab-de-rim, St-gab-valcar, St-gabriel-de-brando, St-gabriel-de-kamour, St-ged-de-bce, St-gedeon, St-gedn, St-geo Clrvl, St-geo De Wind, St-geo-d-cham, St-geo-d-malb, St-geo-d-wind, St-georges-de-champl, St-georges-de-claren, St-georges-de-windso, St-ger-d-laur, St-ger-des-l, St-gerard D'yamaska, St-gerard-d'yamaska, St-gerard-des-lauren, St-gerardd'yamaska, St-germ-gran, St-germain-de-granth, St-germain-de-kamour, St-gertr-manneville, St-gertrude, St-gervais, St-greg, St-greggd, St-gregoire, St-guillaume, St-guy, St-helene, St-helene-de-chester, St-henri, St-henri-de-levis, St-henri-de-taillon, St-henridetaillon, St-hermenegilde, St-hilaire, St-hilaire-de-dorset, St-hilarion, St-hippolyte, St-hon-d-chic, St-hon-d-shen, St-hon-temisc, St-honore, St-honore-de-chicout, St-honore-de-temisco, St-hub-r-du-l, St-hubert, St-hugbagot, St-hugues, St-hyacinthe, St-ign-d-stan, St-ign-de-loy, St-ignace, St-ignace De Stanbri, St-ignace Destanbrid, St-ignace-de-loyola, St-ignace-de-stab, St-ignace-de-stanbri, St-ignacedestanbridg, St-irenee, St-isid-clift, St-isid-lapr, St-isidore, St-isidore-de-dorche, St-isidore-de-laprai, St-j-de-dieu, St-jac-le-min, St-jacques, St-jacques-le-majeur, St-jacques-le-mineur, St-jacquesdespiles, St-jean, St-jean Sur Rich, St-jean De Matha, St-jean I O, St-jean Sur Richelie, St-jean-baptiste, St-jean-chrysostome, St-jean-d'orleans, St-jean-de-dieu, St-jean-de-la-lande, St-jean-de-la-lande-, St-jean-de-matha, St-jean-des-piles, St-jean-ile-d'orlean, St-jean-port-joli, St-jean-s-ric, St-jean-sur-richel, St-jean-sur-richelie, St-jeandematha, St-jer, St-jerome, St-jn-bapt-ro, St-jn-brebeuf, St-jn-chrysos, St-jn-d-l-lan, St-jn-d-matap, St-jn-de-m, St-jn-lan-bce, St-joach-mtcy, St-joach-shef, St-joachim, St-joachim De-courva, St-joachim-cr, St-joachim-de-courva, St-joachim-de-montmo, St-joachim-de-sheffo, St-joachin-de-courva, St-jos De Col, St-jos-coler, St-jos-d-lepa, St-jos-de-bce, St-jos-de-sor, St-jos-levis, St-jos-pte-le, St-joseph De Colerai, St-joseph De Mekinac, St-joseph-de-beauce, St-joseph-de-ham-sud, St-joseph-de-kamoura, St-joseph-de-la-poin, St-joseph-de-la-rive, St-joseph-de-sorel, St-joseph-demekinac, St-joseph-du-lac, St-josephdemekinac, St-josephdemekinao, St-jovite, St-jude, St-jules-de-beauce, St-julien, St-just-d-bre, St-juste Du L, St-juste-du-lac, St-justin, St-lamb-lauz, St-lambert, St-lambert-de-lauzon, St-lambert-de-levis, St-laur-i-orl, St-laurent, St-laurent D'orleans, St-laurent-d'orleans, St-laz-d-bell, St-lazare-de-vaudreu, St-leon, St-leon-a, St-leon-ast, St-leon-le-grand, St-leonard, St-leonard-as, St-leonard-d'aston, St-leonard-po, St-liguori, St-lin, St-lin-des-laurentid, St-lin-laurentides, St-louis, St-louis De Blandfor, St-louis De Gonzague, St-louis-blan, St-louis-de-blandfor, St-louis-de-france, St-louis-de-gonzague, St-louis-de-terrebon, St-louis-deblandford, St-louis-du-ha Ha, St-louis-du-ha Ha, St-louis-du-ha-ha, St-louis-gonz, St-lrent D'orleans, St-lrentd'orleanns, St-lrentd'orleans, St-lrentdorleans, St-ls Richelieu, St-lsrichelieu, St-luc, St-luc-d-bell, St-lucien, St-ludger, St-majorique-grantha, St-malo, St-marc, St-marc De-fig, St-marc-d-car, St-marc-de-figuery, St-marc-du-lac-long, St-marc-l-lon, St-marc-s-ric, St-marc-sur-richelie, St-marcdulaclong, St-marcel, St-marcel Rich, St-marcel-de-l'islet, St-marcel-ric, St-marcel-rich, St-marcelrich, St-mart-canad, St-mat-harric, St-math-d-bel, St-math-d-lap, St-math-d-prc, St-math-rioux, St-mathias-bonneterr, St-mathias-ri, St-mathias-sur-riche, St-mathieu, St-mathieu Du Parc, St-mathieu-de-beloei, St-mathieu-du-parc, St-mathieuduparc, St-maurice, St-medard, St-methode-de-fronte, St-mich-d-bel, St-mich-d-sts, St-michel, St-michel-d'yamaska, St-michel-de-bellech, St-michel-de-napierv, St-michel-de-wentwor, St-michel-des-saints, St-modeste, St-n-beauriva, St-narc-d-rim, St-narcisse, St-naz-acton, St-naz-du-lsj, St-nazaire, St-nazaire-de-buckla, St-nazaire-du-lac-st, St-niceph, St-nicephore, St-nicolas, St-norb-d'art, St-norbert D'arthaba, St-norbert-berthier, St-norbert-d'arthaba, St-norbertd'arthabas, St-octave, St-onesime, St-ours, St-p-d' A, St-pacome, St-pamphile, St-pascal, St-patr-beaur, St-patrice, St-patrice-de-sherri, St-paul, St-paul De L'ile Au, St-paul-d'abbotsford, St-paul-d'abbottsfor, St-paul-d'industrie, St-paul-d-mny, St-paul-de-l'ile-aux, St-paul-de-la-croix, St-paul-la-cr, St-paulin, St-petronille, St-phil-d-ner, St-phil-neri, St-philippe, St-philippe De Lapra, St-philippe-de-neri, St-philipped'argente, St-pie, St-pie-de-guire, St-pier-d-bro, St-pier-i-orl, St-pier-l-bec, St-pier-r-d-s, St-pierre De Brotn, St-pierre De Brought, St-pierre-bap, St-pierre-baptiste, St-pierre-d'orleans, St-pierre-de-brought, St-pierre-de-la-rivi, St-pierre-de-lamy, St-pierre-de-verone, St-pierre-de-wakefie, St-pierre-les-becque, St-pierrede Broughto, St-pierredebroughton, St-placide, St-polycarpe, St-pr-veronne-a-pk-r, St-pr-veronne-a-pkri, St-praxede, St-prime, St-pros-d-dor, St-raphael, St-raymond, St-redem, St-redempteur, St-regis, St-remdetingwick, St-remi, St-remi D'amherst, St-remi De Tingwick, St-remi-d'amherst, St-remi-d-tin, St-remi-de-tingwick, St-remid'amherst, St-remidetingwick, St-rene-de-matane, St-robert, St-robert-bel, St-rocdemekinac, St-roch, St-roch De Mekinac, St-roch Demekinac, St-roch Rich, St-roch-d-aul, St-roch-d-ric, St-roch-de-d'achigan, St-roch-de-l'achigan, St-roch-de-mekinac, St-roch-de-richelieu, St-roch-des-aulnaies, St-roch-l'ach, St-roch-rich, St-roch-sur-richelie, St-rochdemekin, St-rochdemekinac, St-rochrich, St-romain, St-romuald-et, St-rosaire, St-sabine, St-samuel, St-samuel-de-horton, St-sauveur, St-sauveur-des-monts, St-scholastique, St-seb, St-seb-d-fron, St-sebastien, St-seraph, St-sev-de-bce, St-sevrn, St-simbagot, St-simeon, St-simeon-bon, St-simon, St-simon-d-ri, St-simon-de-bagot, St-simon-mine, St-sixte, St-sophie-hal, St-stan-d-cha, St-stan-d-kos, St-stanislas De Kost, St-stanislas-de-kost, St-sulpice, St-sylvere, St-telesphore, St-theo-d'act, St-theod'act, St-theod-act, St-theodore-d'acton, St-thomas, St-thomas Didyme, St-thomas-d'aquin, St-thomas-didyme, St-timothee, St-tite-des-caps, St-urb-d-char, St-urbain, St-urbain Premier, St-urbain-de-charlev, St-urbain-de-chateau, St-urbain-premier, St-urbainpremier, St-valentin, St-valer-d-ri, St-valere, St-valerien, St-vallier, St-viateur, St-vincent-de-paul, St-vit-clerm, St-vit-d-cler, St-vital-de-clermont, St-vitde-clerm, St-wencelas, St-wenceslas, St-zen, St-zenon, St-zeph, St-zeph-courv, St-zephirin, St-zotique, St.jerome, St.regis, Stade, Staime, Staimedeslacs, Stalexandre, Stalphonserdr, Stan E, Stan Stn, Stanbrdge Stn, Stanbridge E, Stanbridge East, Stanbridge Station, Standon, Standre, Standre-a, Standrea, Standreavellin, Standred'argentl, Standred'argntl, Stanhope, Stanstd E, Stanstead, Stantoine Mirabel, Stantoineabbe, Stantoinemirabel, Starm, Starsene, Staug Mirabel, Staug Pstaug, Staugdedesmaures, Staugmirabel, Stbarnabe, Stbarnabes, Stbasil, Stbenoit, Stbenoit Mirabel, Stbenoitmirabel, Stbrdeguig, Stcanut Mirabel, Stcel, Stcelestin, Stces, Stcharlesborromee, Stcharlessurrichelie, Stchristophe-d'artha, Stchristophedarthab, Stchrysostome, Stchssurr, Stclement, Stcleodeb, Stclotildedechateaug, Stcome, Stcuthh, Stcypriendenapiervil, Stdamiendebrandon, Stdawndeb, Stddefalrdeau, Stdenis-sur-richelie, Stdenissurrich, Stdenissurrichelieu, Stdombagot, Stdomduros, Ste A Bpre, Ste A De Bel, Ste A Des P, Ste Ade, Ste Aga, Ste Aga Des Monts, Ste Aga N, Ste Agat De Lotbnr, Ste Agathe Des Monts, Ste Agnes, Ste Ang Mon, Ste Angele De Monnoi, Ste Anne De Beaupre, Ste Anne De Bellevue, Ste Anne De La Perad, Ste Anne De La Poc, Ste Anne De La Pocat, Ste Anne De Sabrevoi, Ste Anne De Sorel, Ste Anne Des Lacs, Ste Anne Des Plaines, Ste Anne Du Lac, Ste Anne Du Sault, Ste Anne Roch, Ste Anne Sab, Ste Barbe, Ste Beatx, Ste Brig Iber, Ste Brigide D'ibervi, Ste Brigide Iber, Ste Brigitte De Lava, Ste Brigitte Des Sau, Ste Cat De Hatly, Ste Cath De Hatly, Ste Cath De La J Car, Ste Catherine, Ste Catherine De Hat, Ste Cec Milton, Ste Cecile De Lev, Ste Cecile De Milton, Ste Cecl De Whitn, Ste Christn, Ste Chrstn, Ste Claire, Ste Clothilde, Ste Clotilde, Ste Clotld, Ste Croix, Ste D, Ste Dorothee, Ste Edwg De Cliftn, Ste Elisabeth De Pro, Ste Elisbth, Ste Elizabeth, Ste Emelie De L, Ste Fam I O, Ste Famille, Ste Foy, Ste Francoise, Ste Gen, Ste Geneviev De B, Ste Genevieve, Ste Genevieve De B, Ste Genviev De B, Ste Gertrude, Ste Hedwidge, Ste Helene, Ste Helene De Break, Ste Helene De Breake, Ste Helenede Breakey, Ste Jeanne D'arc, Ste Julie, Ste Julienne, Ste Julnne, Ste Justine De Newto, Ste Louise, Ste Lucie, Ste Lucie Des Lauren, Ste Mad, Ste Marcelline De Ki, Ste Marclne, Ste Marg, Ste Marg Estrl, Ste Marg Lac Mass, Ste Marg Lac Masson, Ste Marguerite, Ste Marie, Ste Marie Madeleine, Ste Marie Mon, Ste Marie Sal, Ste Mart Lac, Ste Marthe, Ste Marthe Sur Le La, Ste Martine, Ste Melanie, Ste Monique, Ste Petr I O, Ste Petronille, Ste Rita, Ste Rose, Ste Rose Nord, Ste Rse, Ste Schol, Ste Sophie, Ste Sophie D'halfx, Ste Sophie De Lev, Ste Sophie De Megant, Ste The, Ste Thecle, Ste Ther, Ste Therese, Ste Therese De Blain, Ste Therese De Gatin, Ste Therese De La Ga, Ste Therese J7e5s5, Ste Theresede La Gat, Ste Ursule, Ste Veronique, Ste Victoire De Sore, Ste-a-bpre, Ste-ade, Ste-adele, Ste-ag-d-mts, Ste-ag-de-lot, Ste-agadesmonts, Ste-agathe, Ste-agathe-de-lotbin, Ste-agathe-des-monts, Ste-agathe-nord, Ste-agathe-sud, Ste-ang-d-mer, Ste-ang-d-mon, Ste-ang-laval, Ste-ang-prem, Ste-angele, Ste-angele-de-laval, Ste-angele-de-monnoi, Ste-angeledelaval, Ste-angelique, Ste-anne-bell, Ste-anne-de-beaupre, Ste-anne-de-beaupri, Ste-anne-de-bellevue, Ste-anne-de-la-roche, Ste-anne-de-larochel, Ste-anne-de-portneuf, Ste-anne-de-sabrevoi, Ste-anne-de-sorel, Ste-anne-des-lacs, Ste-anne-des-plaines, Ste-anne-du-lac, Ste-anne-du-sault, Ste-anne-du-saut, Ste-anne-mts, Ste-anne-per, Ste-anne-plai, Ste-anne-roch, Ste-annedesabrevois, Ste-annedu Lac, Ste-apoll-pat, Ste-barbe, Ste-beatrix, Ste-beatx, Ste-brig-lav, Ste-brig-saul, Ste-brigide-d'ibervi, Ste-brigide-i, Ste-brigitte De Lava, Ste-brigitte-de- Lav, Ste-brigitte-de-lava, Ste-cat-j-car, Ste-cath-de-la J-car, Ste-cath-de-laj-cart, Ste-cath-hatl, Ste-catherine, Ste-catherine-de-la-, Ste-catherine-hatley, Ste-cec-d-mas, Ste-cec-d-mil, Ste-cec-d-whi, Ste-cecile-de-lev, Ste-cecile-de-levrar, Ste-cecile-de-masham, Ste-cecile-de-milton, Ste-cecile-de-whitto, Ste-cecilede-masham, Ste-ceciledefrontena, Ste-cecl De Whitn, Ste-cecldewhitn, Ste-cecmilton, Ste-chris-auv, Ste-christine, Ste-claire-de-dorche, Ste-clot, Ste-clot-d-be, Ste-clot-d-ho, Ste-clothide, Ste-clothilde, Ste-clothildede Beau, Ste-clothildedebeauc, Ste-clotilde-de-beau, Ste-croix, Ste-edwg De Cliftn, Ste-edwidge, Ste-elisabeth, Ste-eliz-de-w, Ste-elizabeth, Ste-em-d-l'en, Ste-emelie-de-d'ener, Ste-emelie-de-l, Ste-emelie-de-l'ener, Ste-eul, Ste-eulalie, Ste-famille, Ste-famille-daumond, Ste-fel-l'isl, Ste-franc-lot, Ste-francoise, Ste-gen-d-bat, Ste-genevievdeb, Ste-genevieve, Ste-genevieve-de-ber, Ste-genevievedeb, Ste-genvievdeb, Ste-germaine-boule, Ste-gert-mann, Ste-gert-manneville, Ste-gertr-de-mannevi, Ste-gertr-manneville, Ste-gertrude, Ste-gertrude-de-vill, Ste-h-d-break, Ste-hed-d-rob, Ste-hedwidge, Ste-hedwidge-de-robe, Ste-hel-d-bag, Ste-hel-d-kam, Ste-hel-de-manc, Ste-helene, Ste-helene De Breake, Ste-helene-de-bagot, Ste-helene-de-breake, Ste-helene-de-cheste, Ste-helenedebagot, Ste-helenedebreakeyv, Ste-ire-matap, Ste-irene-de-mataped, Ste-j-arc-mat, Ste-jeanne D'arc, Ste-jeanne- D'arc, Ste-jeanne-d'arc, Ste-jeanne-d'arc-de-, Ste-julie, Ste-julie-de-vercher, Ste-julienne, Ste-julnne, Ste-jus-d-new, Ste-justine De Newto, Ste-justine-de-newto, Ste-lucie, Ste-lucie-bgd, Ste-lucie-de-beaureg, Ste-lucie-lau, Ste-madeleine, Ste-marc-kild, Ste-marcelline-de-ki, Ste-marg-dorc, Ste-marg-marr, Ste-marguerite, Ste-marguerite-de-do, Ste-marguerite-de-li, Ste-marguerite-du-la, Ste-margueritedeling, Ste-marie-bl, Ste-marie-de-blandfo, Ste-marie-de-blanfor, Ste-marie-de-monnoir, Ste-marie-madeleine, Ste-marie-salome, Ste-marthe, Ste-marthe-du-cap, Ste-marthe-lc, Ste-marthe-sur-le-la, Ste-martine, Ste-martyrs Cnd, Ste-melanie, Ste-monique, Ste-monique-de-nicol, Ste-perp-l'is, Ste-petr I O, Ste-petrio, Ste-petronille, Ste-praxade, Ste-praxede, Ste-rita, Ste-rose, Ste-rose-d-wa, Ste-rose-du-nord, Ste-sab-d-bel, Ste-sabine, Ste-sabine-de-bellec, Ste-seraph, Ste-sophie, Ste-sophie-de-levrar, Ste-sophie-de-megant, Ste-ther-gasp, Ste-ther-gati, Ste-therese, Ste-therese De La Ga, Ste-therese-de-blain, Ste-therese-de-la-ga, Ste-theresede-gatine, Ste-theresedelagatin, Ste-ursule, Ste-veronique, Ste-vict-sor, Ste-victoire, Ste-victoire-de-sore, Steabpre, Steadele, Steagnes, Steandreea, Steanne De La Poc, Stebeatrix, Stebeatx, Stebrigittedessaults, Stebrigs, Stececdemilton, Stececiledelev, Stececldewhitn, Stececmilton, Steclot, Steclothld, Steddefabre, Stedefabre, Steemeliedel, Stefrancoise, Stegenevievdeb, Stegenevievedeb, Stegenevievedeberthi, Stegenvievdeb, Stegermboul, Stegertrmanneville, Stegud'argentenay, Stehelene, Stehelenedebrakeyvl, Stehelenedebreakeyvi, Stehelenedebreakeyvl, Stehelenedebrekeyvl, Stehelenedechester, Steigd'argentenay, Stejulne, Steloi, Stelouise, Stelzear, Stemelanie, Stemiles, Stemonique Mirabel, Stemoniquemirabel, Steniceph, Stepetrio, Stepraxede, Sterose, Stesabine, Stescho Mirabel, Steschol Mirabel, Stesophied'halfx, Stesophiedemegantic, Stether, Stetheresedegatineau, Stetheresedelagatine, Stetiennedebeauharno, Stetiennedesgres, Steu, Steugd'agentenay, Steugd'argentenay, Steugdeguig, Steugene, Steusebe, Stevariste, Stevic, Stfaustin, Stfaustlaccarre, Stfelc, Stfeldedalq, Stfelicien, Stfelix, Stfelixd'otis, Stferreollesneiges, Stfidele, Stflxdekingsy, Stfrancoisdesales, Stfrancoisdulac, Stfred, Stgedn, Stgenvievdeb, Stgerard, Stgerardd'yamaska, Stgerdesl, Stgert, Stgregdegrenly, Stgregoire, Stguillaume, Sthelenedebreakevyl, Sthelenedebreakeyvl, Sthenridelevis, Sthermasmirabel, Sthilarion, Sthonss, Sthontemisc, Sthubbagot, Sthug Bagot, Sthugbagot, Sthuguesbagot, Sthyp, Stignacedestanbridge, Stisid, Stisidr De Cliftn, Stittsvl, Stjbaptdel'isleverte, Stjbaptdelisleverte, Stjeanbaptdel'isleve, Stjeandem, Stjeansurrich, Stjer, Stjerusalem Mirabel, Stjnd-m, Stjosephdemekinac, Stjoslevis, Stjude, Stlaurent, Stlazare, Stleon, Stleona, Stleonard, Stleonlegrand, Stlinlaurentides, Stlrent D'orleans, Stlrentd'orleans, Stlrentdoorleans, Stlrentdorleans, Stlrnetd'orleans, Stmajogr, Stmarcdefig, Stmarcdefigury, Stmarcelderichelieu, Stmarcelrich, Stmarcrich, Stmartine, Stmathieu-de-beloeil, Stmathieuduparc, Stmatlapr, Stmedard, Stmetdefront, Stmethode, Stnazact, Stniceph, Stnorbertd'arthab, Stnorbertd'arthabask, Stnorbertdarthabaska, Stoke, Stoneham, Stoneham-et-tewkesbu, Stonesime, Stonham, Stornoway, Stornwy, Stours, Stpacome, Stpas, Stpd'abs, Stpetrio, Stphilipped'argenteu, Stphilneri, Stpierre, Stpr-veronne-a-pk-ri, Stpraxede, Stprevpriv, Stprveronneapkriver, Stpverpriv, Stratford, Stratford-ctr, Stredem, Streg, Stregis, Stremi, Stremid'amherst, Stremidetingwick, Strmidetingwck, Strochdemekinac, Strochrich, Strosenord, Sts Martyrs Cnd, Sts-martyrs Cdn, Sts-martyrs Cnd, Sts-martyrs-canadien, Stseb, Stsebastien, Stsevrn, Stsim Bagot, Stsimbagot, Stsimonbagot, Sttelesphore, Sttheo D'act, Sttheod'act, Sttheodoredechertsey, Stther, Sttimothee, Stuk S, Stukely-sud, Stvalentin, Stvalere, Stvitdeclerm, Stzen, Stzeph, Stzephirin, St_evariste, Sullivan, Sullivan Mine, Sutton, T M R, T Riv O, T-riv, Tacher, Tadoussac, Taillon, Taschereau, Tasiujaq, Tee Lake, Temiscaming, Terr-vaudreui, Terrasse Vaudreuil, Terrasse-vaudreuil, Terrebonne, Tete-a-la-baleine, Thet Mns, Thet S, Thetford Mines, Thetford-mine, Thetford-mines, Thore, Thornbury, Thorne, Thorne Lake, Thorne-lake, Thurso, Timiskaming, Tingwick, Tno Haut-st-maurice, Tno Mekinac, Tnohaut-st-maurice, Tnohautst-maurice, Toronto, Touchette Mtlaur, Tourville, Tracy, Trecesson, Tremblay, Tres St Rdmptr, Tres St Sacrement, Tres-st-redem, Tresstrdmptr, Tresstsacrement, Tring Jct, Tring Jonction, Tring St Fred, Tring-jctn, Tring-jonction, Triv, Trois Rives, Trois Rivieres, Trois-lacs, Trois-pistoles, Trois-pistols, Trois-riv-o, Trois-rives, Trois-riviere, Trois-riviere Qc, Trois-rivieres, Trois-rivieres Qc, Ulverton, Ulvrton, Umiujaq, Upton, V Dav, V Lem, V Lery, Val Alain, Val D'or, Val David, Val Des Lac, Val Des Lacs, Val Des Monts, Val Joli, Val Morin, Val Racine, Val Racn, Val Senneville, Val'd'or, Val-alain, Val-barrette, Val-brillant, Val-d'espoir, Val-d'or, Val-david, Val-des-bois, Val-des-lacs, Val-des-monts, Val-morin, Val-mts, Val-paradis, Val-racine, Val-saint-gilles, Val-sennev, Val-senneville, Val-sennevlle, Val-st-gilles, Valbois, Valcartier, Valcartier Bpm 210, Valcartier Vlg, Valcartier-village, Valcourt, Valcrtier-vlg, Vald Or, Valdes Monts, Valdor, Vallee-jonction, Valleyfield, Vankleek Hill, Varennes, Vassan, Vaud Dor, Vaud Lac, Vaudreuil, Vaudreuil Dorion, Vaudreuil Sur Le Lac, Vaudreuil-dorion, Vaudreuil-lac, Vaudreuil-sur-le-lac, Vaudrl-dorion, Vendee, Venise-en-quebec, Venise-quebec, Veniseenquebec, Vercheres, Verdun, Vianney, Victoriaville, Victrvl, Vil St Pierre, Vile-marie, Village St-tite-cap, Village Huron, Village St-pierre, Village Sttitecaps, Ville De Quebec, Ville Degelis, Ville St-pierre, Ville-marie, Villebois, Villemarie, Villemontel, Villeroy, Vimont, Vinoy, Vinton, Vl Barrt, Vlct, Vldor, Vlery, Vlge-hurons, Vlperk, Vlperk Potton, Vlperkpotton, Vsennev, Wakefield, Waltham Et Bryson, Waltham Stn, Waltham-stn, Wamotaci, Warden, Warwick, Waskaganish, Wasman, Waswanipi, Waterloo, Waterville, Weedon, Weir, Wemindg, Wemindji, Wemotaci, Wendake, Wenthworth-nord, Wentworth, Wentworth-nord, Wentworth-north, Wenworth-nord, West Brome, West Brome L Brome, Westbrome L Brome, Westbrome Lbrome, Westbury, Westmount, Weymontachie, Whitefish, Whitelake, Wickham, Wilson'scorners, Windsor, Winneway, Woburn, Wolinak, Wotton, Wright, Wstm, Yamachiche, Yamaska, Yamaska-est
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